May 28th, 2011

Ready, Set, Knit #221: Interview with Melissa Morgan-Oakes

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Guest: Melissa Morgan-Oakes, friend of WEBS and author of Teach Yourself Visually Circular Knitting. Check our Melissa’s dog Yoshi’s blog!

This is Melissa’s third book, with a different twist. It focuses on circular knitting as a whole and not just on socks. It is jam-packed with information and worthy of a spot on your shelf. All four methods of circular knitting are covered (dpns, circular, magic loop, and two circulars).

Thursday, June 9th 6:30pm-7:30pm Join us as we celebrate Melissa’s book!

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History of WEBS

Art read an article in the early 1990s that said you needed to have a URL, so he went and tried to get webs first, but it was taken, so we have! The first website was very primitive. Our first email blast when Steve and Kathy took over was scanned images, and they would send them out 25 at a time. Orders were emailed back and then handwritten!

In 1996, WEBS became the US distributor for Toika looms, a Finnish company that has evolved into a company that makes one of the finest computer looms available on the market. Art and Barbara travel to help people set these looms up.

In 1998, Art and Barbara bought Norwood Looms and worked with Toika to continue the line. Unfortunately, the economics of the business lead to the need to end Norwood Looms.

As the 1990s started to wrap up, Art and Barbara looked to what was next. Over the years, they asked Steve and Kathy if they were interested in taking over the business. Art and Barbara found a buyer and came to Steve and Kathy one last time to see if they wanted it. Art gave them an entire presentation on the business and they finally agreed.

In March of 2002, Kathy started coming up a couple days a week and about a month later, Steve made the break from his job. There were three computers in the store at this point!

Next week, the last few years here at WEBS.

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2 Responses to “Ready, Set, Knit #221: Interview with Melissa Morgan-Oakes”

  1. sarah-marie Says:

    Just finished listening to this episode—and I must have missed something.  Kathy said she was going to reveal a huge lie that Barbara told.  What was the huge lie?  (Even my non-knitting partner who overheard the podcast wants to know!)

  2. Kathy Elkins Says:

    It will be revealed this week!  Promise!

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