August 20th, 2011

Ready, Set, Knit #232: Fall Classes and more Valley Cowl CAL

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Tina our Education Manager talks with Kathy about our fall classes.

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Doris Chan Valley Cowl Crochet-A-Long

So, today we’re joining this cowl in the round!

Some tips I found useful: When you’re making the foundation chain, don’t omit the stitch marker at the beginning. It’s very, very useful. Work on a flat surface – it’s a lot easier to see when there’s a twist and to tell up from down

Here are the joining directions in my words: When chain’s the right length, lay it flat, then bring the beginning together with the end that’s on the hook without twisting – the marked stitch is at the bottom (closer to you) and the hook is at the top (further from you) Put one twist in it by bringing the marked stitch up to the hook and work a slip stitch in the marked stitch

Now the top of the foundation is connected, but the bottom is still split. So let’s join that together: Rotate your work on the table 180 degrees, so the marked stitch and the hook are at the bottom and the split ends are at the top.
Work 3 slip sts in the chain above the marked stitch Slip stitch into the base of the last FDC Now you’re ready to go!

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