August 3rd, 2013

Ready, Set, Knit! 321: Kathy talks with Andi Smith

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Guest: Kathy talks with first-time guest Andi Smith, designer and author of  Big Foot Knits. Originally from Yorkshire England, Andi has been knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember. 10 years ago she met Shannon Oakey of Cooperative Press and on a drive back from Rhinebeck they talked about socks,how they didn’t fit, what Andi had been doing to alter sock patterns so they would fit and the book idea was born.

The first section of the book is all about helping you to make socks that really fit you. There is some math involved with figuring out your specific measurements and your gauge but then you are ready to make all kinds of socks that fit you well!

Copies of the book are available through Cooperative Press and Ravelry. Comment on this post and tell us why you need Big Foot Knits to win your own copy! Comments must be posted by 11:59pm EDT on Monday, August 5, 2013. 2 Winners will be chosen and will be announced on the show next week. Please make sure to include your e-mail address in the comments so we can contact you if you’re one of our winners!

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Sara learned to knit and crochet as a child and added spinning and weaving to her skills after being hired at WEBS in 2006. While crochet is her #1 love, she is also very fond of her husband and their 2 daughters.

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179 Responses to “Ready, Set, Knit! 321: Kathy talks with Andi Smith”

  1. Anisa Says:

    This book would be great for me! I sometimes knit socks for myself (women’s size 5.5) but I more often knit socks for DH (men’s size 10.5.) When sock patterns provide only one size, it just doesn’t cut it!

  2. Charlene Says:

    I cannot rest until I own every sock book ever published . . . And this one looks fantastic!

  3. Dava Says:

    As a lover of knitting socks who wears a size 7D shoe, I find that often the most beautiful patterns are too narrow to fit me comfortably. So, I wind up knitting a lot of “plain vanilla” socks. I love them, but would love to knit something more adventurous and make it actually FIT me! This book sounds like the perfect answer to my problem. :-

  4. FiberFevered Says:

    Because everyone I knit sicks for likes tall cuffs (9 inches), I have been inventing ways to shape the cuff for years. I could really use this book to find a better method!

  5. FiberFevered Says:

    Oops: “socks for”

  6. TheAlarmedOtter Says:

    I have a lot of problems figuring out how to make socks that fit other people, specifically, my father. I think the book would help me get over my anxieties regarding knitting for other people.

  7. leanne Says:

    I knit for people with larger feet, so this would be perfect!

  8. Sara Denbo Says:

    My daughter’s boyfriend is 6’6″ and has a size 16 foot! I need this book!

  9. NoraB Says:

    We all have large feet….and WIDE! Most patterns do not accommodate for a wide foot! HELP!

  10. Janet Says:

    It would be helpful to know how to take measurements and adjust a sock pattern for legs, ankles, and feet that are not your average size. Just making the cuff and foot longer is not the answer. Help is needed!

  11. Jennxpt Says:

    Love my big-footed family! Would love this book :-) RavID = Jennxpt.

  12. Alison Mersin Says:

    I need help making socks for my cankles!!!!

  13. Peggy Kennedy Says:

    I just need help.

  14. Margot Schips Says:

    Big Foot Knits is a welcome treasure to those of us who don’t fit into the one-size sock patterns. Which, let’s be honest, is nearly all of them. My feet long to be snuggled in handknit goodness like the rest of my body, and this book would help their dreams come true!

  15. Stephanie Drafts Pellegrino Says:

    Size 12 with “Cankels”. “nuf” said.

  16. Connie Racine Says:

    MY family has many different foot types. One with a very narrow foot, one who is wide at the toe area, one with bunions, along with chubby and larger legs. If this book will help me make good fitting socks it will be well worth it, even if I have to purchase it.

  17. Britt Barnes Says:

    I am in the military, and I actually wear the same size boots as most the men. Whenever I find a “cute!!” womans sock pattern to knit, they are sized for US womans 6-8, and here I sit with woman’s size 11.

    This book would also make altering my other patterns easier!

  18. Diana Says:

    I need this book to knit perfectly fitted socks every time!

  19. Addie Moe Says:

    As a plus sized lady, I find it difficult to find socks that fit around the leg appropriately. Compound that with the fact that I’m recovering from knee replacement surgery, which causes swelling that doesn’t go down completely for up to a year. I’d love to find patterns that would allow me to knit socks that fit my situation.

  20. Yarn MInded Knitter Says:

    I love knitting knee high socks, but hate having my socks slid down my calves.

  21. KoalaGirl Says:

    I have BIG FEET! ;-)

  22. Stephanie Drafts Pellegrino Says:

    Clementine has nothing on me. Size 12 with “Cankles”. ‘Nuf said.

  23. Judith Stuck Says:

    My feet are long and narrow. so many of my socks I have made are too loose.

  24. Jennifer Says:

    I would love this book because I am a sock knitting fanatic who knits for people with foot sizes from 6-15. They usually fit, but only after hunting down the owner of those feet for awkward “fittings” and readjusting patterns as needed. This would be a great resource to have on hand as I continue to warm the feet of those I love with knitted goodness.

  25. peggy connolly Says:

    wow; this book and its patterns would be perfect for me and my chubby legs and feet.

  26. Mgo1999 Says:

    Because I am a new sock knitter and love socks. I also love the cool shoes on the models.

  27. Ali Says:

    This book would be perfect for me — everyone in my family has either big feet or big calves, making knitting socks a challenge!

  28. Kirsten Says:

    Because I have 1 size 12 foot and 1 that is just over a size 11. Would love to be able to make socks that fit each foot.

  29. Alison Z Says:

    I am always trying to figure out ways to get socks to fit better, especially because I knit for many people, all with different issues, ie. wide/narrow feet, heavy/thin calves, short/long feet & high/normal insteps!

  30. Lisa Davis Says:

    I am new to sock knitting and I am HOOKED! I would love to win Andi Smith’s book!

  31. Kwizgiver Says:

    I am a big girl, with big feet, and I struggle to find not only cute shoes but cute sock patterns. This will help me be a more accomplished knitter!

  32. Donna Says:

    I have made 2 pairs if socks; cuff down and toe up. Neither fits well. Maybe this book could be the answer.

  33. Angela Fitz Says:

    I need this book! My feet and legs are hard to fit and I’d love to learn how to change patterns to fit me :-)

  34. Wendy Smith Says:

    Love the title of this book. I wear a size 11 and socks never quite fit me. Would love to win a copy of this book and be able to make socks that really fit! :)

  35. Tam Says:

    I have “duck feet”, size 10D with narrow heels and skinny ankles! Getting socks to fit me is a real trick. I also have a friend with size 11 narrow feet who would love to have a pair of socks that fit.

  36. Angi Baum Says:

    My favorite knitting project is socks! My partner has size 16 feet, and I’d really like to hone my skills at knitting better fitting socks for him before the holidays. Seems like this book would definitely help, and one can never have too many sock books!

  37. Starr Says:

    size 10w foot, 9 1/2 in ankle, and just from the floor to the top of the knee sock is 18″, with calves being 17 1/2″ around. *sigh* Like another knitter, I end up making very plain socks.

  38. Eljay2 Says:

    Big feet run in my family, and I LOVE to knit socks. Would love to knit some size 12 AAAAA socks for my elderly mother.

  39. C Hamby Says:

    I need this book so my knitting teacher can keep her sanity. My knitting teacher and the knitting store owner have invested so much time in fitting my feet. I have completed one sock and I am working on a second. I hope you feel my pain and allow me to have this book. Thank you!!!

  40. Alaina Says:

    I re-taught myself to knit after many many yrs. Just so I can make socks. But alas, 2 different size flat feet, does not fall into a regular pattern size. I’d love to make some to fit myself and once mastered, for the whole family. This book looks beautiful.

  41. Barbara Schuster Gibbs Says:

    I make socks for everyone but me. I have very large calves (22″) and larger than average ankles and it is frustrating to knit socks only to have to give them away. Store bought socks are hard to find, so if I would love to knit socks that really fit!

  42. Pyrlady Says:

    Have knitted several pairs of socks and none seem to fit right. I obviously need some help with my method. :-) I love knitting socks and would like to be much better at it.

  43. Alchemy Says:

    Speaking up as a size 12 here. It would be a nice change to have feminine socks without lots of mods. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Suzanne Says:

    would love to win the book to try some of these new sock patterns.

  45. Sheila Says:

    I love making socks. I’ve got a toe-up gusset and heel flap recipe that works, but I’ve never been happy with the fit of any other construction. I’d love to change that.

  46. knit sanctuary Says:

    I just listened to the show and I neeeed this book! I wear a size 12, and I like knitting socks. Thanks for a great interview!

  47. SaraK Says:

    I need this book so that all of my fluevogs can look as fabulous as the ones on the cover! ;)

  48. Kelyn Robson Muñoz Says:

    I love knitting with sock yarn, especially when it’s wool free. Unfortunately I have made many socks that have turned out to be too small. I’m a size 6 and always knit with the recommended needle size and manage to end up with really tight socks! Winning this book would really help remedy these problems for me!

  49. Kris Says:

    I think this book was written for me and my size 11 feet! regular socks don’t fit me. part of the reason I knit socks (aside from it being fun!) is to have socks that fit my big feet perfectly.

  50. Janet Brown Aist Says:

    No person has a foot like all the rest of the world. If I could find one sock pattern that works no matter who I’m making it for, that would be wonderful.

  51. fairknit Says:

    because my calf is 50% bigger than my foot so I have to look for patterns that will let me inc or dec to compensate

  52. UK Knitter Says:

    I’ve knit many pairs of socks for gifts, except for my daughter. She would like a pair of knee high socks and even chose the yarn for them. I started a pair for her 4 years ago, but they are not finished since she has large calves and I was not able to adapt a pattern. I would love to be able to finish the socks for her.

  53. hiramteach Says:

    I wear a size 11M, my daughter wears a 12WW, and during the 35 years that I taught, I invited many of my female students and their mothers to join my “Big Footed Women’s Club”! Not really a club at all, just a way to let other big gals whether younger or older, that having large feet was not a problem! Most sock patterns only come in one size, which makes for a lot of modification; it would be lovely to just choose a yarn and a pattern and knit. I’d love a copy of your book…

  54. Hala Says:

    I have never managed to knit socks because all of the designs are made for skinny narrow calves ….so this one would be great for me ….:)

  55. Jodi Keller Says:

    I’ve never tried knitting socks before, and this book looks like it has super cute patterns! I love the cover & why not start to learn with a awesome new book!

  56. Judy11 Says:

    I have wide feet, narrow ankles, and a hefty calf. Socks I have made fall down because they are too large in calf or scrunch down because they don’t make fit over the calf. So I gave up knitting socks (and I l-o-v-e knitting socks.) i now just admire my rather large collection of sock yarn ;( I love math and would love to see Andi’s math to resolve my sock fit issue. Needles and yarn are ready!!!!!!!!

  57. Emmiere Says:

    I would absolutely love a copy of Big Foot Knits. I wear a size 11 in women’s, as does my sister-in-law. I also prefer long cuffs on my socks and I can never manage to modify a sock pattern to fit me well. It would be nice to finally be able to make socks that actually fit my feet, as well as others in my family.

  58. Cindy Antonuk Says:

    I have know idea how to get socks to fit me right, be as long as I want them, and then figure out how much yarn to buy. I NEED this book!

  59. Iris Says:

    I need this book because it would be great to knit such great patterns for my big feet.

  60. Kasia Wilson Says:

    My size 11 feet and not small calves just don’t fit into the many beautiful socks in other pattern books. I would love to have a book that could help me adapt patterns to really fit!

  61. Ember Says:

    Because I have honking size 11 feet!!

    They have to be big feet, to keep allll of this awesomeness stable ;)

  62. Sarah Says:

    I’ve always been afraid to make socks for myself because i want them to fit!

  63. Pam S. Says:

    I need this book because the only socks I’ve ever made that fit were for my 2 year old. The ones I’ve tried making for myself have been ill fitting disasters. And I want to drool at the shoes on the models!

  64. Frankie Says:

    I’m the only one in my family with small feet, but they all want hand-knit socks! I need all the help I can get :-)

  65. Marybeth P Says:

    I have a very high instep so knitting socks is the best way for me to get the best fitting socks. This book looks intriguing!

  66. Kim Barron Says:

    I need this book because my legs are very full, and at size 9, my feet are on the larger end of the spectrum.

  67. Pat Tahan Says:

    I have yet to make a perfect pair of socks for me!! Perhaps I will be able to with the instructions in this great book!!..

  68. Jennifer Donna Landry Says:

    I need this book because everyone in my family has markedly different sized feet and I need help figuring out how to make sure that their socks will fit them!

  69. Andrea Says:

    My shoe size is 10 1/2 double wide, I think that says it all!

  70. Kim Says:

    Two daughters who where 10 wides. It’s hard enough to find pretty shoes let alone gorgeous socks!

  71. NatalieKnits Says:

    I have been asked by a friend to knit her some fun socks. I didn’t realize she was a sock fanatic. So your book would be outstanding help for me.! I hope i win!

  72. Mandy McElrath Says:

    I would love to have this book! I have wide feet, and so does everyone else in my family.

  73. Theresa DiBlanca Says:

    I have 9 brothers and sisters asking me to make socks for them. We are the 10 King Kids and most have “King-sized feet”! Maybe with this book I can figure how to make socks for size 12 women and size 16 men that truly fit well.

  74. freekeygeek Says:

    This book would be extremely handy as I would LOVE to make socks for my mother and sister, however when I’ve tried to make them larger, my calculations are not correct and they don’t turn out right. Plus I LOVE the cover and would enjoy thumbing through the rest of it.

  75. LittleGlinda Says:

    While knitting for almost 10 years, I am just getting into sock knitting. It would be great to have this fantastic book to put all my new sock yarn to use!

  76. Anne Says:

    Because I want to spoil my family and friends for Xmas with gorgeous socks !

  77. Lacy Menchen Says:

    Well the 4th is my birthday, and my hubby just got done his job so I don’t expect a gift. But with this book I can knit gifts for others which would make me one happy girl!! :0)

  78. Chris T Says:

    Since I have large, wide feet, it would be wonderful to have patterns available that I KNOW would fit my feet. Looks like a great book I would sure like to win!

  79. Joanne Says:

    I’m not sure if my previous message actualy posted so i’m posting again…not trying to put in a comment twice for a better chance at winning. :-(

    I taught myself to knit a few months ago in order to make myself some unmatched socks. But I havent quite caught on to how to knit with 4 dp needles 8-(. Maybe this book would help me? I’m hoping I win.

  80. Shazza Says:

    I need Bigfoot Knits because I wear a size 11 shoe and have, ahem, curvy foot proportions!

  81. jogoer Says:

    I live in Northern Ontario and taught myself to knit socks left handed out of necessity. I now knit them for my whole family and would love to have a new repertoire to work from. The books looks great!!!!

  82. griffgirls Says:

    My nephew has size 16 feet…enough said!

  83. Janet Killips Says:

    I have very long, but narrow feet (12 4A) and a high instep which means some sock patterns work, but many don’t. I love that I can knit socks that actually fit, but I am sick of knitting the same plain vanilla pattern all of the time. I need some variety that doesn’t cut off the circulation at the ankle and stays up over my heels. Thanks for letting me vent. This book idea looks like one I need to investigate!

  84. clembo Says:

    The girls and women in our family are wearing up to size 12 shoes. Just knitting a longer foot doesn’t always work! Would love to learn to make socks that FIT these gals!

  85. Jennifer Ainge Says:

    My husband wears size 14 shoes and I can’t figure out how to make socks to fit him! I’d love to learn how to shape them better.

  86. Renee Says:

    I have very wide and long feet (10 extra, extra wide). Store-bought socks are too short, with the heel angle occurring under the heel instead of the back corner. All the patterns are for medium width feet. Also, I have a very wide calf, so I have been stuck making and buying ankle socks. (rcordrey at earthlink dot com)

  87. Renee Says:

    Oops– .net (not .com)

  88. Cheryl Carlson Says:

    Awesome, what a great theme for a new book Very high in step…

  89. Andrea Says:

    Because I’ve taken a couple of classes and still can’t seem to get it right….

  90. Barb Says:

    I am constantly wearing holes just in the area of my second toe and I need some expert advice on how to get a perfect fit. You see, I am one of those odd persons whose second toes are longer than their big toe. Socks just don’t work well for me! Help me make a pair that will last!

  91. Stephanie Says:

    It would be great to knit socks for myself and others who have feet that are wider (than average), longer or narrower than most sock patterns I read.

  92. hevtumb Says:

    Let me see here, I am a plus sized girl that likes long socks, I have big feet, my father (whom I make socks for) has bigfoot feet & I love the book.

  93. Jenn M. Says:

    I’d like to win this book for a friend of mine; she’s in the ICU right now and so can’t enter to win herself. Terri loves knitting socks but always has to modify patterns to fit her narrow size 11 feet. She has limited knitting time, so having ready-made patterns already geared for larger feet would be a big help. I think she’d also appreciate learning more techniques to achieve better fitting socks.

  94. Veronica Webb Says:

    I have trouble modifying sock patterns to fit my size 11.5 feet!

  95. Laura Nixon Says:

    I need this book because my feet are not equal-bunions on one not repaired-and skinny heels. Not to mention I am petite and most patterns don’t fit my calf.

  96. A. Clark Says:

    I need Big Foots Knits because I have big feet and cannot lie. :) Plus I love knitting awesome socks for my fabulously large feet.

  97. Moniczka Poznanska Says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book. Not only do I have big feet & ankles, but I have a friend with lymphodemia, and I would love to be able to knit socks for her that really fit.

  98. Terri Hamilton Says:

    Because even commercial socks give me fits! I want to know how to knit perfectly-fitting socks for my size 10 narrow feet.

  99. Bree Driver Says:

    I believe this book would help me hone my sock knitting skills. I’ve actually knitted only one pair and with second sock syndrome and trying to modify a pattern, well, ya know. I believe it would be a ‘big’ :) help!

  100. Susi Says:

    I never knitted socks before because I don’t think I have the confidence to make them, but with this book I think I will get confidence and a pair of knitted socks too!

  101. Danielle K. Says:

    I am new to knitting socks but absolutely love them!! Would love a new source for how to make socks fit my big ol’ feet :)

  102. alex dudkin Says:

    I need “Big Foot Knits” because I have big feet (size 11 shoes), and the men in my life wear size 12 shoes, size 15 shoes and size 17 shoes. Impossible to find socks for giant feet and knitting patterns rarely are for socks for my feet, much less my sons’ enormous feet. We are a family of Big Feet!

  103. Gloria Patterson Says:

    I need Big Foot Knits because I have a big foot!! I wear 10WWW and have a high instep and thick ankles and calves! I could use some guidance to making a sock that will actually fit! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of Big Foot Knits!

  104. Jo Says:

    My boyfriend wears a men’s US 14 shoe, but he loves the socks I have knitted for him! I am always on the lookout for new patterns that are designed for larger feet, because it seems that often just making them bigger doesn’t work.

  105. Kate Says:

    My mom has size 11 feet, and I mostly knit socks for her. (She loves to wear Birkenstocks year-round, and then she can show off what I make for her!) I’d love to make socks customized to her feet, since making the foot a bit longer doesn’t always cut it.

  106. Betty McCane Says:

    I love to knit socks! Her interview and book sounds like this kind of math would make it easier to knit socks for me and all those other people that think they are hand-knit sock worthy!

  107. Nancy Hannah Says:

    HI, I am addicted to sock knitting. Need I say more? 8)

  108. freres Says:

    I have ‘duck feet;’ 4A heel, 2E toe; if the toes are wide enough, the heel swims and the ankle is generally baggy. So, learning how to properly shape a sock would really help.

  109. kobuu Says:

    Size 12 men’s feet. Enough said, lol. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  110. Donna Says:

    I don’t have big feet but I DO have very narrow heels @ am tired of socks slipping down into shoes & bunching up.

  111. Yvonne Mimms Says:

    Me and my best friends wear 10 1/2 and up.

  112. Lauri Slaybaugh Says:

    Love knitting socks for family and friends! Would love to add this book to my collection!

  113. Medtech55 Says:

    Because I am a beginner sock knitter (already hooked on it) and need good basic instructions for adjusting sizing.

  114. Joy Hanes Says:

    Because I NEVER win anything, so maybe this time I will.

  115. Sally Vourlojianis Says:

    I can knit a generic sock. Knitting a sock that fits is a different story. Thanks for writing this book.

  116. Maggy Says:

    I would love to win this book because I have rather large feet, not to mention larger lower legs and most sock patterns are for folks who have average legs and feet. I have yet to find a pattern that would fit my lower legs, I am stuck knitting ankle socks.

  117. Sandie Russo Says:

    I have a family of people with big feet! Hubby is size 15, Daughter wears 11, I wear 10, grandson wears 12. I need this book!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

    Sandie at KnitzyBlonde dot com

  118. Ann Says:

    I love knitting socks because I love wearing hand-knit socks! Hubby also loves wearing hand-knit socks. Therefore, I need this book. It’s just logic.

  119. Trina Says:

    Why do I need this book? Because I have so much sock yarn sitting around that I bought from the wonderful WEBS! Thanks for the chance.

  120. Aerie703 Says:

    Would like to learn how to make socks fit better,

  121. Sharry Gregory Says:

    I need this book so I can actually knit sock that fit me!

  122. Mother Mare Says:

    I love to knit socks but need some new ideas

  123. Regina Cariello Says:

    I haven’t knit socks because I’ve been afraid that they wouldn’t fit properly. This book sounds like the solution.

  124. BlooSoxx Says:

    I want the book because one can never have Too Many Hand-knit Socks – or patterns for them!

  125. Woolheaded Says:

    Because I have trouble making socks that fit well and I have made several pairs

  126. Sarah W. Says:

    Sock knitting is the next knitting frontier for me!

  127. Maria Williams Says:

    I’m getting this book because it will be really great to be able to make a sock with a cuff that fits and not just anklets. Or a sock cuff that fits and the foot is so loose I have to fold it under. And since it has lessons for toe up and top down well that is just fantastic. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the possibility of winning the book. So, I hope you pick me.

  128. Nancy S Says:

    Everyone’s comment is great! I have been desperate to find a pattern book for my feet. No problem making them for everyone else. I envy anyone who can wear handmade socks. I am excited to make my first pair soon.

  129. Linda Rumsey Says:

    Any book that helps me knit socks that fit perfectly is a must! I wear hand knit socks most of the year and am always looking for fun new designs!

  130. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    Because I’m getting annoyed with making socks for Dh and finding they don’t fit him! The last pair were supposed to be large sized and fit me perfectly.

  131. joyce Says:

    I would love to have this book because I am just starting to learn about sock knitting and I would love to do it right. I have many people to knit socks for all with different size feet.

  132. Molly Says:

    I would love a copy because my brother wears a 16EEEEE and everyone in my husband’s family is over 6″ tall with feet to match.

  133. Laurie Kulig Says:

    I can follow a sock pattern but I would love to understand what I’m doing!

  134. Nancy Says:

    I would love to own it because I am addicted to collecting knitting books.

  135. Martha Beyersdorf Says:

    I absolutely LOVE knitting socks. Something about pointy sticks and colored string that go from just that into wearable works of art. I must have a few dozen pair in my drawer, not including bunches i have given away, and they either feel too tight on the leg or become saggy baggy. I could really benefit from this book!

  136. KnitWitSister Says:

    I would love to have this book because I have a family with a wide range of foot sizes, I love knitting socks, and personally my feet are two different sizes so I’d like to learn how to make socks that fit both my feet!

  137. MtnMona Says:

    I would love this book because I too have large calves and I need to learn how to cover them .

  138. Dianna Says:

    I would love to learn how to custom fit my own socks.

  139. Donna Gerber Says:

    I need this book so I can more easily knit for my size 10W feet! They need something to make them look prettier.

  140. Penny Tschantz Says:

    I need the book because I knit socks for several family members and am never quite confident that they’ll fit properly.

  141. Mary Ellen Carter Gilson Says:

    I need this because I have gigantic feet! Size 11 womens, and wide.

  142. AriesKnitWit Says:

    Some of the socks are soooooooooo cute. I’d love to knit them all and know that they’ll all fit perfectly!

  143. Sage Says:

    I’d love to win this book because I really don’t seem to be able to make socks that truly fit … and I haven’t been able to figure out WHY????

  144. Tonya Cockrell Says:

    I need this book because standard sock patterns don’t seem to fit me very well, even though I have “normal” sized feet – size 8. Thanks!!!

  145. Karen O Connor Says:

    I have never knitted socks and have bee eager to
    Earn. I need a goo book to show me how.

  146. Michele Costigan Says:

    I need Big Foot Knits to figure out how to customize socks to fit my wide calves and normal ankles. I also have wideish feet and even regular socks make marks on my legs. If I were shorter I would think that I am a hobbit and go barefoot!

  147. SooziLovestoKnit Says:

    I could become a Sock Expert and be able to manage all the different size feet and styles they like using this resource!

  148. Ruth Says:

    I’ve knitted socks that are too big for me, too skinny for me, and too slouchy for me. I’ve given away my knitted socks to people who they’d fit better. I really do need help! For some mysterious reason, I do still love to knit socks, though!

  149. sara lawson Says:

    With my size 11 womens feet, This book would be perfect for me:)

  150. Deborah VonBrutt Says:

    My son-in-law stands 6′ 11” and wears a size 16-17 shoe. I need help knitting him socks as no patterns go this large.

  151. Lisa Says:

    I have a big (size 11) foot and it has a very high arch – socks never seem to fit unless I knit a plain ribbed sock (that still isn’t quite perfect). I would love to knit something more fun!

  152. Diana Thomas Says:

    I’ve been fudging sock patterns to accommodate my size 12 tootsies (and less than slender ankles and calves) for a while now, not always successfully and could use some help. :)

  153. Robin Barnett Says:

    I would love to have this book because I am trying to knit some pairs of “stump” socks for a friend who is an partial foot amputee. The problem is that most socks, no matter what he does to them, end up with him walking out of them till they are scrunched up at the end of his special shoes. I am hoping a hand made sock, to his specific measurements and with a turned heel will eliminate this problem for him. I think the lessons in this book about fit could be very helpful since his feet are size 17. Those are big feet!

    faenster on

  154. Bonnie Says:

    My feet are as wide as long and though new to sock knitting, I would love to read this!
    Bonnie at

  155. Kara Says:

    I could really use a copy of Big Foot Knits because my husband, daughters, and I all have abnormally long toes. It would be great to know how to modify socks to fit more comfortably!

  156. Lisa I Says:

    I have super high arches so that limits the number of sock patterns I can use. and it’s always frustrating to find out (after I’ve knit one sock) that they aren’t going to fit. It would be really nice to be able to make socks that fit right the first time!

  157. Kathy Conrad Says:

    I really want to be able to make socks that actually fit my feet. I get close, but I’d like to get better.

  158. Stringaholic Says:

    I have short little duck feet: size 5 wide, with a narrow heel. I also have short, wide calves, so I need quite a bit of shaping to get socks that don’t pinch or fall down. Then I need to knit 10 wides for the hubby. I’d love to get the stats figured out, so every sock isn’t trial and error.

  159. linda - aka Kettle Yarn Co. Says:

    I have hybrid duck feet with monkey toes and need to learn how to makes socks that actually fit me… ;-)

  160. STT Says:

    I have long, long feet, and wide ankles – so I could really use a copy of this book!

  161. Tina the Socker Says:

    I love knitting socks and I have just worked out how to make a sock fit myself… ish. Now I am knitting socks for 5 people (to be given at christmas)! They have all different sized feet and some have pretty wacky (unusual) foot measurements. I really want this book because I could use some help with sock fitting!

  162. hotknitter Says:

    I’d love to win the book so I can learn how to come up with own vanilla sock that fits me to a tee, and how to modify top downs to toe ups, and how to switch out heels without changing the fit.
    hotknitter on rav

  163. Andrea Says:

    Because I collect GOOD sock books. ;-)

  164. Cary Says:

    I would love to win a copy of Big Foot Knits because like Andi Smith I get the annoying red line on my thick calves when I wear conventional socks. I also have a wonderful friend with similar dimensions who I can gift these handknitted socks.

  165. christy d. Says:

    I have a teen daughter with size 12 feet. I love to knit socks, and so far haven’t knit any pretty ones for her because most “girlie” sock patterns srent sized for her. I would love a copy of this book !

  166. Melissa Savoy Says:

    I haven’t been able to knit a sock that fits yet. It’s so frustrating to follow the pattern and hit gauge and STILL the sock doesn’t fit! Big Foot Knits would help me be a better so k knitter in SO many ways!

  167. Danielle Baines Says:

    I’m gearing up to learn how to knit socks but they’ll have to be quite customized. I have fairly long feet (ladies size 9) but they are narrow (only four toes per foot) which means my the ball of my foot and ankle are not the same (9″ foot and 10″ ankle). Adding to the challenge, my non-standard feet are attached to sturdy German calves that are about 13″ around by the time you get about 4″ above the ankle. Sounds like this book would be perfect for me. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. My fingers are crossed.

  168. Kelley Kizer Says:

    I have 7 kids (11-25) who are all requesting I knit them a pair of socks….needless to say I need lots of inspiration & instruction to fill these requests! : )

  169. Andria Schwortz Says:

    I’ve recently started to learn how to knit socks for babies. I’d love to learn for myself now.

  170. justmichelle on rav Says:

    I love knitting socks and would like to know more of the math behind the design.

  171. Teresa Fussell Says:

    iI would love to have aa copy of the ebook. Learning to size feet correctly would make sock knitting much more fun! I have knit a few I couldn’t get on my feet!

  172. Carol Says:

    I have heard Andi speak a few times regarding this book now, and I am more excited than ever to try her method. I would love to have a copy!mthanks for the opportunity!

  173. Heather HS Says:

    I’ve never made socks before… but with Size 10 feet, I want those socks to fit!!

  174. pmack17 on rav Says:

    I would love this book: hubby has huge feet and fitting tips would be helpful.

  175. Totsie Rodgers Says:

    Although they are average-sized, I have Fred Flintstone feet… wide, slightly flat, and rectangular. And my ankles are thin and beautiful (I love my ankles).

  176. Tina Gauger Says:

    Because my husband loves the socks I make for him. At 6″2 with diabetic feet it not easy to keep his feet as snug as he keeps my heart! I would love to have a copy of the book.

  177. Vicki Lynch Says:

    This would be a great book to have since socks need to fit well. With the measuring instructions that have been discussed in interviews, I think there would be a better chance of them fitting.

  178. Deb Says:

    I love trying new sock patterns and it would be fun to use some creativity to modify some of my favorite patterns or even try designing new ones. The book sounds amazing.

  179. Erin Says:

    I am a constant tinker type knitter so this will expand my horizons and fix my heel issues

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