April 27th, 2010

Ready, Set, Knit Episode 173

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Hi Everyone

Sorry for the late posting about this week’s podcast.  It’s been a little crazier than usual with Steve being away at Stitches South and me holding down the fort here at home.  I also had a big fundraising event at the boys’ school this past Friday which dominated most of last week.

Steve talked about a bunch of yarns as usual.  I’m not going give you the list as the show featured two very important aspects that I want to highlight.

First, I had the great pleasure of speaking of the amazing Ann Budd.  I cannot even begin to count the books she has been a part of, nevermind the impact many of those books have had on our world of knitting.    Her latest effort is “Knitting Green:  Conversations and Planet-Friendly Projects“.  It’s a lovely book containing patterns and essays from some of the elite knitterati.

Secondly, but no less important, we bid a fond adieu to my partner in crime and KAL’s, Pixie.  Pixie has been part of the show for 173 episodes.  She leaves us to take on her next adventure – a move to France and her lovely country cottage.  I have so enjoyed sharing the second segment with Pixie for the past 2+ years – for the hardwork she has put into preparing for every show, her ideas for projects and topics and her sense of humor.  I’m also grateful that she put up with me and was always willing to go along for the ride when I suggested a project or topic that I KNOW she thought would fail.  A few along the way were less than stellar, but nobody hits a homerun everytime. 

Our absolute best to Pixie – she will be missed.  As for the show, with change comes opportunity.  We’ll be trying out a few ideas in the coming weeks to see what feels right.   Of course we’ll continue with KAL’s but I’d like to add a few fresh ideas as well.  Suggestions for the show?  Please – share in the comments!

Finally, as promised, here are pictures of Pixie in her Oriel Cardigan knit in Valley Yarns Greenfield:



4 Responses to “Ready, Set, Knit Episode 173”

  1. Patty Says:

    how about featuring the staff of WEBS? I think that having them discuss “a day in the life” would be eye opening.

    New designers who are just starting out like Lisa Knits. I really like her patterns and I am interested in where she goes as a designer.

    How about a Janet Szabo sweater KAl work with her on either a basic aran or brioche stitche sweater.

    What trends are you seeing for fall. I love this kind of stuff.

    Workhorse yarns and what people are making with them.

    Where is knitting going? What trends are people interested in, what patterns are particularly helpful for the beginning, intermediate and advanced knitter.

    How about doing a design contest. Have readers and listeners design something with your Valley yarns and do a knit along.

    find a designer who can explain how they work.

    Design your own sweater 101.

    Love this

  2. Karen Ratto-Whooley Says:

    How about doing a Ready, Set, CROCHET Series? Feature crochet designers who use your yarns!

  3. chppie Says:

    How about teaching pixie how to podcast from france and then maybe once a month you can rotate her in a “live from France” segment? It’d be great to hear her perspective on how her knitting changes, where she sources her yarn, her favorite places to knit, etc.

    I do like the idea already mentioned to have a day in the life of a webs-ter to get a better sense of what it’s like running a large shop and online business.

  4. Maryann Says:

    I also think interviews with different WEBS employees would be interesting. I’d love to see another CAL, or a KAL for a smaller project. I haven’t done a KAL yet because I’ve been concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep up one. It would be great if the person who joins you on the KAL would regularly post tips and tricks to this blog. It would make the steps of a KAL easier for me to follow, especially if lots of photos were included for us visual learners.

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