February 13th, 2009


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Each week the team at Berroco publishes their free e-newsletter KnitBits.  It’s usually chock full of info about new yarns, designs, free patterns, tips, etc.

As I was scrolling through this week’s edition which focuses on Booklet #285, Linen Picnic (Norah & Cirilia do a great audio slideshow about the designs in the booklet btw), I came upon this:

This is Remember and it’s knit in Berroco Pure Merino Heathers.  Remember is a winterized version of the Moska tank from Booklet #285 Linen Picnic (see how it all ties together)  To winterize the garment, Pure Merino Heather was substituted for Linen Jeans, sleeves were added and the tank design was reinvented as a cardigan.  Smocking was incorporated into the stitch pattern on the front and back and is done as you knit.  Remember is offered in 6 sizes from XS-2X (finished chest measurement of 30″-48″)  which is awesome.

We stock 12 colors of Pure Merino Heathers including the Cinnabar Lacquer shown.  Keep in mind that with WEBS Yarn Discounts, you’ll save approximately $20.00 to $50.00 (depending on size & # balls of yarn) when you buy the yarn for this project from us.

Do you think this is a project you’ll be adding to your queue?


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18 Responses to “Remember”

  1. GlacierGirl Says:

    This one is DEFINITELY going in my queue! I got my KnitBits today and immediately printed off the pattern. My sensible side is telling me to look through my stash first, but the Knitter in me is remembering the last sweater I made out of Pure Merino Heather . . . it’s a great yarn to work with, and I’d love to use it again. So, off to browse your color selection :).
    And by the way, I really, really appreciate those generous discounts you offer! That, along with your fabulous selection, is the reason you’re my No. 1 knitting shop!

  2. KathyElkins Says:

    Well isn’t that the nicest thing i’ve heard all day today! Thank you! Whatever you decide on the yarn I’m sure it will be lovely. Be sure to send me picture/link whenever it makes it’s way onto/off of your needles!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Love this!!!! The yarn, while beautiful, is way beyond my price range for a garment. *sad*
    I wonder if something like Cascade 220 would be a good substitute??

  4. DonnaB Says:

    I bet you’ve decided to knit this as my birthday/Christmas present for 2009. You can use the Cinnabar, as shown, and a size small would probably be best! Thanks, looking forward to the holidays 🙂

  5. Reluctant Housewife Says:

    I love the sweater. I really like that colour, too… Sadly I crochet and I’m sure my knitting skills are not at all up to this.

  6. Celeste Says:

    I am a follower of Knit Purl Gurl’s blog and I saw that you have teamed up for a giveaway. Her blog is great and I have shopped at webs before but never knew you had a blog. I will be sure to check it out.

  7. evonafide Says:

    I am also a follower of Knit Purl Gurl’s blog. I am so happy she sent me here, cus this sweater is awesome. On my queue it goes for sure :^)

  8. KathyElkins Says:

    Well, now that surprise is spoiled, I’ll have to figure out something else.

  9. KathyElkins Says:

    Well, the yarn will crochet beautifully – lots of great crochet projects out there!

  10. KathyElkins Says:

    Welcome Celeste! I guess I’m not doing my job very well if existing customers don’t know I’m blogging! Thanks for visting and good luck with the giveaway!

  11. KathyElkins Says:

    Evonafide -welcome! Glad you came to visit and that you like the sweater!

  12. Lisa B Says:

    Love this sweater!!

  13. KathyElkins Says:

    Pure Merino knits at 4.5 sts – you could probably get Cascade to do it. The drape would be different and the sweater might have a more rustic/casual look but I think it could work (or Valley Yarns Northampton).

  14. danielle Says:

    am i a geek for being OBSESSED with the skirt in that photograph? i know it’s SOOOO not the point of the photo, but i LOVE that skirt.

  15. Chia Says:

    I really like the smocking type detail on the cardigan and the yarn has a nice drape to it.

  16. KathyElkins Says:

    That does not make you a geek – just a fashionista!

  17. Sarah Says:

    That is really pretty cardigan. 🙂

  18. Mindy Says:

    I love the look of this sweater. I’m a new knitter, so it scares me a little, but I may just have to try it anyway. 🙂

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