December 31st, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

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We’ve asked our staff members what their fiber related resolutions are for 2013 and we’ve gotten a great range of ideas from more spinning and stash-busting to learning new techniques and planning projects.

What are your Fiber Resolutions for 2013?

My fiber resolution for 2013 is to knit at least one item for myself. – Jamie

I resolve to use up my stash! – Linda

I want to make a multi-colored felted rabbit without using a wool pets kit. – Kyle

I’m determined to learn how to use Photoshop Elements to develop fabulous weaving drafts! – Barbara

I resolve to spend a little time every day doing fiber art, I’d like to make art a daily, restorative habit. – Kirsten

My resolution is to get better at spinning on my wheel this year. – Jackie

I resolve to dust off my spinning wheel and put it back into action. – Tina


I now have a basket Full of handspun that I NEED to use up in 2013! – Sara

My resolution is to buy the yarn for, and start (and try to get significant progress on) my epic fingering weight fair isle sweater. – Kristin

Self publish a sweater design! – Emma

I plan to weave a blanket! – Karen

I resolve to finish the hat I started last February! – Kendra

I plan to spin down A LOT of my fiber stash. It’s out of control! – Mary

I resolve to knit from MY stash and use MY patterns. – Lise

This year I’m going to be a slightly selfish knitter and make sure I have a nice hand made hat and cowl.  – Grace

I want to use up many of my coned yarns to make room for new yarns. – Debbie

My only resolution right now is to finish the hexagon blanket. This WILL be the year I do it. I swear! – Dena

I will encourage Tina to have quicker project turn-around times. – Bryan

I plan to spin more, maybe with camel! – Heather



2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. chrisknitz Says:

    I resolved to knit from stash last year, but you guys blew that vow! LOL. I do so love your Valley Yarns!!!

  2. H Kennedy Says:

    Keeping my organization organized!

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