February 2nd, 2009

Rock Stars at WEBS!

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I realize that I have been a bit remiss in talking about some of the amazing guest teachers we are hosting this semester.  Pixie has done a great job of scheduling some true rock stars.  There are a few classes with very limited availability left in them, so if you see something that intrigues you or that special teacher you’ve just been dying to take a class with, I encourage you to register soon.

Let’s start things off with a big bang.  This weekend, we are absolutely tickled to be hosting Lily Chin.  Talk about rock stars!  Dare I say she’s the queen of knitting & crochet?  I don’t want an Aretha/Tina battle on my hands, so let’s she rocks.  This is the first time Lily has taught at WEBS – how can that be?  Well, it’s true.  She’s here this coming Saturday and Sunday and she’s teaching two classes on Saturday – Short-Rowing Your Lumps and Bumps and Tips, Tricks and Hints.  On Sunday she’s teaching an all day class on Sleeves of Care.  What’s great about Lily’s classes is that you can simply bring some yarn from your stash to use!  Plus (and most importantly) it’s Lily Chin!  I took a class from her at TNNA a year or so ago and she is really dynamic and high energy.  There are only a couple of seats left in her classes and since it’s this weekend, you’re going to want to jump in on these pretty quickly!

In February we are excited to welcome Kristen Nicholas back to WEBS.  She will be teaching two classes on February 28th – The Edge of Color and Creative Embroidery for Knits.  Last fall her classes sold out and we’re well on our way to selling these out as well.  If colorwork is something you are passionate about or interested in learning more about, you do not want to miss Kristin!

In March, we are privileged to be hosting two amazing teachers here at WEBS for the very first time.  On Saturday, March 7th, we’re hosting crochet author and designer Kristin Omdahl.  Kristin was on the podcast jsut a few weeks back to talk about her recently released book Wrapped in Crochet.  I had the chance to meet Kristin at TNNA and she’s even more lovely in person!  We spied each other in a crowd waiting to enter the show – we recognized each other from our photos on the web.  Kristin will be teaching Alternative Crochet.  In addition, she has designed a series of garments for Tahki/Stacy Charles this spring in their yarn Superior.  Our friends at TSC have been kind enough to provide us with a complete trunk show of the garments from the pattern booklet. 

Later in March, Gwen Bortner will take center stage at WEBS.  Gwen is another teacher I took a class with at TNNA and she was awesome.  I’m a pretty tough customer when it comes to teachers.  It’s not that my skill set is so superior, but I’ve taken a lot of classes on a variety of topics throughout my career.  Good teachers are hard to come by, so when I take a class and have teacher that completely and utterly engages me the entire time, that says a lot.  Gwen is one of those teachers.  She’s a designer with an extensive resume.  You may not know her name, but chances are you’ve knit one of her designs.  She’s actually going to be our guest on this week’s podcast so be sure to tune in to get to know her a bit more.  She’ll be teaching three classes on March 21-22.  Her classes include Making Money on Your Hobby, Flat to Circular and Back Again and Customizing A Published Pattern.

To wrap up March we are tickled to be welcoming Lucy Neatby.  What more needs to be said?  She’ll be here on March 31-April 1 which is a Tuesday/Wednesday.  Sometimes you just have to take what you can get on the tour schedules of these rock stars!  She’ll be teaching an all-day seminar on Ever-Increasing Circles and Steeks on Tuesday.  Wednesday will feature Brush Up Your Buttonholes and Hallelujah Grafting.

In April we welcome shop favorite Margaret Racliffe back to WEBS.  Margaret’s newest book, Essential Guide to Color Techniques has been recently published.  She’ll be with us On April 25-26 and will be teaching four classes all focused on color techniques.  Margaret’s classes are always sell-outs so be sure to make your plans.

Whew!  I know, it’s a lot to choose from!  Bringing in these guest teachers is not inexpensive and the tuitions reflect that.  Remember, we cover travel, hotel, food, and their fees to come and teach.  It adds up quickly. In most instances, we’re offering a discount for those of you who sign-up for more than one in the series of any given instructor. 

Full descriptions of the classes described above can be found on the website.

So what do you all think?  Do we have a good line-up this sememster?  Are you excited about the choices?  Someone you were hoping to see on the schedule that isn’t?  Your feedback is really important to us, so please let me know your thoughts!


6 Responses to “Rock Stars at WEBS!”

  1. Traci Frederick Says:

    I think the class offerings are incredible – wish I was in your area so I could take a few. Your local customers are very fortunate!
    I really enjoy your podcasts. They’re the next best thing to being there. In that regard, please pass this along to Pixie:
    I LOVE winter too! Admittedly, there aren’t many of us and most people think we’re nuts so we have to band together!:)

  2. kathy Says:

    Traci – Most folks think I’m the nutty one for loving summer heat so much 🙂 I’ll take 90 degrees over 20 anyday – even with humidity. Thanks for listening!


  3. Kristina Says:

    It’s a great line up. How about asking Franklin Habit if he’ll come and teach a EZ totem jacket class? I would drive out from Boston for that class!
    Thanks, Kristina

  4. Amanda Noel Says:

    I agree with Kristina. Heck I might even fly across the globe for that class!

    The choices sound amazing and would be worth every penny. You have covered a lot of ground and I am so envious. I just wish I could be there.

  5. kathy Says:

    Kristina – I think a Franklin event might just rival a Harlot one.

  6. kathy Says:

    Amanda – I’ll make the event happen so you better be serious about that flight!! I’m counting on you to be here!

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