July 30th, 2014

Santa Fe Summer towels by Chris Hammel

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We’re smack-dab in the middle of Summer here at WEBS and thought that would be the perfect time to bring you The Santa Fe Summer dish towels from Chris Hammel as the 7th in our year-long series of special guest designer weaving drafts.

Sante Fe Summer Towels draft designed by Chris Hammel - available exclusively at yarn.com

Chris says, “Valley Yarns 8/2 unmercerized cotton is perfect for thirsty, washable, kitchen towels, and what could be better than a bright, cheery towel in lively colors that evoke a Santa Fe summer. This 4-shaft draft is easy to thread and weave and will result in an ample kitchen towel. If you would like to increase the length of your warp, you could try different treadling variations for each subsequent towel and create a set for yourself or gifts for family and friends.”

Sante Fe Summer Towels draft designed by Chris Hammel - available exclusively at yarn.com

Using sewing thread to weave 1″ of plain weave as the the under-hem for each end of the towel gives your hems a much less visible profile. Bonus: If you use a sewing thread like Gutermann you can pop the thread right onto your shuttle without needing to wind a separate bobbin!



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One Response to “Santa Fe Summer towels by Chris Hammel”

  1. Debra Says:

    Being a beginning weaver I was a little flustered with the directions. I used the threading guide as my warp guide 🙁
    I didn’t notice until I was counting how many heddles to use, that the threading said to repeat 5x where as the warping guide said 4x… This caused me to take off 2” each side of my pattern :(( I’m sure the towel will still look great and I’ll have to make another with my corrected pattern 🙂
    Please make a correction for this pattern. It may save other other newbies like myself some frustration :))

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