December 25th, 2006

Santa Has Left the Building

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But did he sure ever take good care of us! What a day! Started nearly 12 hours ago. The boys were under orders “Not before 6:30”. Well, Jackson only arrived about 6 minutes early. Jonathan, the ever precise one, came in just on time. Not sure how long he had been sitting on his bed, watching his digital clock change, one minute at time, but as soon as the bright red numbers read 6:30 – he was down the hall to our room.

Here’s a snapshot of some of this morning’s mayhem.

The boys are now happily working on individual Lego projects, albeit Dad is helping J2. We’ve hosted family, eaten ’til we’ve nearly passed out, cleaned up and sent everyone on their merry way. Dishes done and put away, gifts somewhat organized – not bad. Now, onto THE SALE!!!

Being in retail does not allow for much down time and the week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of our busiest of the year. Steve spent a couple of hours yesterday putting the final sale signs up, making sure all 4 (yes, that’s FOUR) registers are ready to go and stocked with all of the necessary supplies (read: lots of trash bags and plenty of tape for the registers and credit card machines).

If you can’t visit the store over the next 7 days (well, 6, we’re closed on New Year’s Day), be sure to check out the on-line version at There are definitely additional steals and deals in the store, but I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with the on-line sale.

I finished a never ending knitting project just before Christmas, so now, I am off to start a crochet project. Probably just a scarf or small wrap. I have a skein of Brooks Farm Riata that has been burning a hole in my Lady B bag since Stitches East. It served as the “carrot” I needed to finish a shawl project that was needed for a photo shoot. I was under strict orders “no crochet until the darn shawl is done!”. So now, my reward will be flipping leisurely through my crochet books and deciding what to create with this luscious yarn.

Tomorrow – pictures of the sale and of my yummy Brooks Farm yarn and more info about them. If you can’t wait, be sure to visit

My family is telling me they are hungry! How can this be???


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