November 11th, 2012

Sebastian Gloves Knitalong – Week 1

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We loved Kristin Nicholas’s Sebastian Gloves the first time we saw them. But we were blown away by the incredible response they got when we featured them on the cover of our Fall 2012 Catalog. Their cheerful cuteness were hard to resist.

Last week, Kristin Nicholas kicked off a two-day Sebastian Gloves knitting class. But not everyone is fortunate enough to live close enough to WEBS to take our classes. So we’re starting a knitalong today for the Sebastian Gloves! If you’ve never heard of a knitalong (also known as KAL) or participated in one before, they’re a fun way for a group of knitters to virtually knit a pattern together. We’ll offer tips, answer your questions, provide tutorials on techniques used in the gloves. You’ll share your progress, ask questions when you get stuck, and definitely post photos of your finished gloves.

If you’ve never knit gloves before, a knitalong is a great excuse to try a new kind of project. You’ll find lots of help and encouraging words here.

This week of the knitalong you’ll be collecting the supplies you’ll need to get started.

Step 1 – Purchase the pattern. You have two options. The Sebastian Gloves can be found in the Classic Elite Yarns 9209 Color by Kristin Book 1 pattern book which we currently have in stock. Or if you prefer a digital version, you can purchase the Sebastian Gloves PDF pattern on our website too.

Step 2 – Purchase the yarn. The yarn used for the gloves is Classic Elite Yarns Color by Kristin, a 50% wool, 25% alpaca, 25% mohair worsted weight yarn. If you’re knitting the Ribbed Cuff version, you’ll need 1 skein each of 4 colors. If you’re knitting the Cabled Cuff version, you’ll need 1 skein each of 3 colors. In my Ribbed Cuff gloves, I’m using the 4 colors pictured at the right, with the Turquoise Sea color as my main color.

Step 3 – Decide which color will be your main color and contrast colors. Especially if you’re going to knit the Ribbed Cuff version, I recommend drawing a quick map of the glove and where each color will appear in the glove. This will save you time later to prevent you from knitting the wrong color. Believe me, it happens.

Step 4 – Check your gauge by knitting a swatch. Some people swatch, some people don’t. Sometimes it depends on the type of project you’re going to knit. Check out our blog post on Checking Your Gauge if you’re not sure if you think you need to swatch or not. If you do swatch, use the color that appears the least in the gloves you’re knitting.

Step 5 – Get together the other materials you’ll need. After you determine which size needles to use, you’ll need a set of double pointed needles in that size (larger needles) and then a set about two sizes down from there (smaller needles). The recommended sizes are US 5 & 7. You’ll also need a cable needle, stitch holders, and some waste yarn.

Note: if you prefer to knit gloves on two circulars or use one long circular needle for magic loop, go right ahead. I’m finding using two circular needles easier to use when knitting the cabled portion of the gloves since I don’t like it when a cable crosses between two double pointed needles.

Step 6 – Decide which size you’re going to make. This pattern is written in small, medium, and large sizes for women.

Step 7 – Share your color combination and questions. Please share your color choices in the comments below or in the Sebastian Glove KAL thread on Ravelry. And if you have any questions, ask away. That’s what we’re here for.

We’ll start knitting the gloves next Sunday. Then the knitalong will wrap up a week later, which leaves plenty of knitting time left if you’re making them as a gift for the holidays.

I can’t wait to see which color combinations people are going to come up with. This is a great project for trying a color you may not normally use. Have fun with your color selection.

Happy Knitting!
– Dena

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6 Responses to “Sebastian Gloves Knitalong – Week 1”

  1. Janelle Wertzberger Says:

    I’m in! I have Julia in stash from when you closed it out a while back. This will be my first time to knit gloves.

  2. WEBS Yarn Store Says:

    Julia will be perfect for these gloves. It’s exciting that they will be your first gloves. You’re not along.

  3. Patti Weeks Says:

    I don’t do well with mohair. Can you recommend an alternate yarn?

  4. WEBS Yarn Store Says:

    You could try Valley Yarns Stockbridge, a 50% wool/50% alpaca yarn.

    Also look at Tahki Yarns Cora Color.

  5. Dulce Says:

    Hi, how does the knitalong works? which days and times are you doing it? I love the idea to have a “support group” for my firts time to knitt gloves

  6. WEBS Yarn Store Says:

    Hi Dulce. This week for the knitalong, we’re just getting our supplies ready, deciding on color placement, and doing a gauge swatch if you’re not sure which size needles to use. Sunday, 11/18, we’ll start knitting. That blog post will cover the gloves up to the reverse stockinette ridge at the base of the fingers. We’ll include links to helpful videos, provide a few useful tips, and answer any questions that have come up so far. There are several people joining the KAL who have never knit gloves before. You’re not alone. We plan to finish up the KAL on Sunday, 11/25. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask them in the comments to one of the KAL posts, or in the Sebastian Gloves KAL thread on Ravelry.

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