September 22nd, 2010

September della Q Contest

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Hi Everyone

It’s that time again – time to give things away!  This month is just for the crocheters!  Woohoo!

The della Q Crochet Roll is constructed with same beautiful fabrics as her knitting cases:

The Crochet Roll has individual pockets that are numbered and lettered sizes A-N (2mm-10mm).   My hooks end up all over the place and I always have such a hard time reading the number or letter marking on the shafts.  I will admit, I love the classic Susan Bates Silvalume hooks.  These are the hooks I used as a child when I was first taught to crochet.  In fact, the picture on this page of our website is a collection of some of my hooks and cup that my grandfather made.  I have become a fan of the Skacel Hooks as of late.  The color coded shafts makes it so much easier to know which hook is which size.  I realize the Susan Bates are different colors, but they are very close and much harder for me to remember.  As much as I love bamboo needles, I don’t totally love bamboo hooks.

The della Q Crochet Roll retails for $36.00 and if you are the winner, you can choose your color!

To enter the contest, please leave a post here on my blog and over on Della’s.  Tell us about your love for crochet, what types of hooks you prefer, etc.

I also want to point out that the comments on here on my blog are run via a software called Disqus.  I use this plug-in because it allows me to interactively reply to posts, rather than just adding my post to the list.  If you register for Disqus (which is super easy and no cost) it then makes it much easier for me to reach you in the event you are a winner.  It’s certainly not a requirement, but if you’d consider registering with Disqus, I’d appreciate it!



49 Responses to “September della Q Contest”

  1. JoAnn Says:

    I love any kind of crochet ~ you can make all sorts of beautiful things for anybody! How awesome to be able to give someone special something created by you especially for them~ what a gift!

  2. brea Says:


  3. Ginny-b Says:

    I keep digging around for the right size of hook and love that this roll is labeled! That’s so ingenious.

  4. Michelle F-C Says:

    Lovely crochet roll! I’m forever losing my hooks–in fact I’m trying to find my favorite crochet hook that I lost somewhere in my house (Boye, ). I use it all the time for crocheting and weaving in loose ends. I’d love to finally organize myself and my crochet hooks.

  5. Sgeorge24 Says:

    I use crochet for the finishing touch on the edges of knitted sweaters. I need a better system for organizing my hooks, and Delia’s Crochet Roll is perfect!

  6. JessicaSki Says:

    I am a fairly new crocheter, but I have knitted for years. i think my favorite thing about crochet is that I can crochet things that I couldn’t even begin to fathom with knitting… the lace, the complicated shapes, it’s so much fun to explore. My husband just bought me a full set of crochet hooks, and sadly I’m still keeping them in the plastic they came in… I would love to have a better and more beautiful way to store them!

  7. cnuland Says:

    I don’t see where we can leave a post on Della’s blog…

    Crocheting is my favorite hobby. I don’t really have favorite hooks, but I am discovering a love of thread crocheting – especially doilies.

  8. KathyElkins Says:

    Here’s the link to her blog. Sorry about that!

  9. Pmlcre8tive Says:

    Considering my hooks are scattered all over my house, this might be a good thing to win….

  10. PassionateMind Says:

    My hooks live in a zipper pouch, jumbled together. And, while I love uber-high-end knitting needles, I must confess to really just loving the regular old Boye aluminum crochet hooks. For some reason, they don’t bother me the way the Boye aluminum knitting needles do. Go figure. ;o)

  11. Rainmomma Says:

    I love crochet and the community it brings when doing fun projects during crochet-alongs. I strictly use Boye hooks.

  12. Megan Says:

    PICK ME! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Kristi Says:

    I learned to crochet from my great-grandmother when I was 8. I didn’t know it at the time, but it taught me a lot about patience, sticking to it, and trouble shooting. I put crocheting away for years, but recently picked back up both knitting and crochet. Now I am using all the skills she taught me to make beautiful things for my family and friends. Though she recently passed away, I feel like she would be proud! I, sadly, just have a ziploc baggie for storage for my crochet hooks. It would be wonderful to have organized storage for them!

  14. MimiD Says:

    I’ve been mostly a thread crocheter, but my stash of hooks for yarn has been growing too. I would love to have a Della Q organizer for those (more room for the steel hooks in the overflowing generic roll). My aluminum hooks are mostly Boyes and Clovers. Steel hooks, who knows?!

  15. Yumi Says:

    My father taught me how to crochet when I was about 7 or 8 years old. He made me a crochet hook from a twig in our front yard. I made a “nest” out of brown yarn and made 3 faux eggs to put in it and I gave it to my 3rd grade teacher as a gift. I don’t know what happened to that crochet hook, I probably lost it after the yarn ran out, but I never lost my love of crochet or crafts. Unfortunately this year, I did lose my father, but I think of him every time that I pick up a crochet hook.

  16. Marshalav Says:

    I’ve crocheted since age 17, taught by my maternal grandmother. She started me off with a Susan Bates G hook, and I still feel most comfortable with Susan Bates hooks. How nice it would be to have a della Q Crochet Roll!

  17. Joanne G Says:

    My mom taught me to crochet when I was 6 years old–this craft gave me the confidence to explore knitting and quilting–Thanks Mom!

  18. Joanne G Says:

    oops I forgot to follow all the instructions! Mom, I am working on it! I prefer bamboo needles (My mom taught me to knit at about 6 yrs old—a confidence builder to explore knitting and quilting!

  19. Nan Says:

    Love Della Q, and would love to add this one to my collection! Thank you for having this contest, Webs and Della Q!

  20. ArtsyVettech Says:

    My first hook was plastic. It was given to me by my Grandma, who taught me to crochet when I was about 6 years old. These days I prefer metal hooks and I use a plastic pencil case to hold them. It makes quite a racket when I’m looking for a particular size!

  21. Sierrapelonacrochet Says:

    I’ve been crocheting since the 6th grade, when my best friend showed me how. I still have the very first granny square afghan I ever made. Over the years crocheting has become an especially soothing and centering activity during my battles with chronic illness. The gentle rhythm of the stitches often creates a meditative state for me where I am able to focus solely on the little world unto itself taking shape under my fingers in each individual piece I make.

  22. Jean Ashley Says:

    I was taught to crochet by my mom (I think I was 7 or 8). I still have the aluminum hooks I learned with, though now I use provo craft ergonomic interchangeable hooks to reduce the pain in my hands when I crochet. I probably knit more than I crochet now, but I still think crochet (and my new passion, tunisian crochet) is more relaxing than knitting.

  23. Kimberly R. Says:

    Crochet is my first needlework hobby and I love the Boye metal hooks 🙂
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  24. Kate Says:

    That hook roll sounds perfect! I just love the colour too.

  25. Mimi F Says:

    Hi, I’ve been a longtime knitter but am starting to get interested in crochet. I’ve started incorporating on my knitware. would love to win the case.

  26. Hooked2thehook Says:

    Crochet for me is an outlet! I am so addicted to it when a hook is not in my hands I am thinking about it! I taught myself how to crochet 2 1/2 years ago and I am at the point where I am pushing myself to try patterns that I believe will be too hard for me. For instance, right now I am crocheting my first doily! 🙂

    I prefer boye hooks and I have bamboo hooks that my husband gave me for my birthday. I have tried others but I am so used to the way the boye hooks feel I can’t change.

    I love your crochet roll!! So beautiful!!

  27. CarolynEll Says:

    Mmm, lovely case!

    I learned how to crochet last winter when I took Sara’s Crochet I class at Webs and I love it. Seeing how much I love Addi needles, I had to try the Skacel hooks. They’re fantastic! I have to say that I’m a fan of crochet hooks without the thumb rest.

  28. Momtomm1 Says:

    My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 10. 40 years later I still find it relaxing

  29. Laurie_Dro Says:

    What I love about Crocheting: it is something my mom taught me to do, I have gained so much more confidence in what I have done & what I am willing to try – through Sara Delaney (all knowing Crocheter) and it began my love of yarn & being proud of what I have made.

  30. carla Says:

    Love this!

  31. Purlil Says:

    Have crocheted much longer than knitted. Use the good ole metal hooks.

  32. Michelle-Nicholle Calareso Says:

    I began crocheting when I found my great grandmother’s yarn and hooks in my grandmother’s storage room. I asked her to show me how to crochet, but she had never learned how from her mother. So she brought me to the library and we checked out a book on how to crochet and we sat and tried to figure out the instructions together. It meant so much to me for her to take the time to help me learn. I still crochet for her and now I knit for her too. I love the roll, it is beautiful and would be a great organization tool also!

  33. Leslie Says:

    My cup (crochet holder) overfloweth. I can never find the hook I need. I love finishing knit sweaters off with a neat trim of crochet. I need a new way to organize my hooks.

  34. judymma Says:

    I am really excited about this new roll.

  35. dina Says:

    My Dad (the burly truck driver dude!) taught me to crochet when I was 4 years old. Little did he know what he was starting! 🙂

    I love to crochet. I think lace is my fave. I love filet. I love edgings. I love – well – I just love crochet.

    My favorite hook is one that I got in a kit maybe 30 years ago. It’s the only survivng hook. It’s size D (3.00 mm)- it says Boye on the front, and I think it’s a metal of some sort – kinda a grey color. Crocheting with it is just sort of magical. If I could find the entire set of these again – I’d buy them in a heartbeat! I have yet to find a hook that I even tolerate compared to this!

    BTW – that case is *lovely*!

  36. jennifer Says:

    I think the crochet roll is wonderful. While I’ve tried to organize my knitting needles, I haven’t really done anything with my crochet hooks–they’re all in a jar. What a beautiful way to give them some attention!

  37. guest Says:

    I don’t crochet that much any more, but still have a big stash of different brands to use for various knitting project. My current favorite crochet hooks however are ones by Addi — they have a great ergonomic handle! And thanks for the contest!

  38. Tmgentry Says:

    Would be ideal to store all my hooks

  39. Priscilla Says:

    Beautiful. I have crocheted since I was about 5. I have quite a collection of hooks. Some were handed down from my aunt, my grandmothers, and even a couple from a great grandmother. I would love to be able to keep them is something pretty.

  40. Johanna Says:

    I learned to crochet when I was 15 and the first 3 projects I made were granny square blankets. Nowadays I enjoy combining crochet edgings with my knitted projects. What a great marriage!

    riordjo on Ravelry

  41. JudyAnn Says:

    I would love to add this to my collection—and organize my hooks, too!!!!

  42. ktcosmos Says:

    Like most of you who have commented, I learned from Gramma when very young. My favorite hooks are old hand-carved wooden ones she passed on but the ones I use most are Boye. I liked to use to embellish the edges of things I knit.

  43. Dahlin Says:

    I’ve got my extensive needle stash in 4 of these cases and they are ready to explode! Sure could use another one because they are the best case ever!

  44. Kelly Says:

    Love this!! I never seem to have enough room to store hooks!

  45. Deb Says:

    I only have metal crochet hooks and would love to have them organized neatly in this beautiful Della Q roll.

  46. Nan Says:

    this is what I wrote on Della’s blog:
    Most of the hooks I have are ones that I inherited from my Mom when she passed away 19 months ago. They are all different makers. I have no central place to put the hooks, so I never know where I’ll find one. Last night I found a hook in my silverware drawer!!!
    The crochet hook roll is gorgeous and I’d consider it an honor to be the recipient of it. Wow, all my hooks in one place. What a novel idea!!!

    as you can see, I need somewhere to put all my hooks so I’ll quit finding them in the strangest places.
    I taught myself how to crochet when I was 12. I saved up my allowance for a long time and was able to purchase a Betsy McCall how to crochet book, yarn and a hook. I’ve now been crocheting for 40+ years and now donate prayer shawls for my church. I feel a need to be productive and to give to the church in thanks for my life and it’s blessings.

  47. loopybiker Says:

    I just started to crochet (working on my second scarf) and have a collection of metal hooks given to me from my grandmother, plus some new ones, just sitting in a plastic bag. This would be a wonderful way to organize the hooks and certainly more attractive than an old plastic pencil case! I’ve been a knitter for years, but decided it was time to take on a new challenge. Besides … someone needs to keep the blanket-making tradition moving forward in the family. =)

  48. Scobkatt Says:

    I love crocheting. My mother taught me when I was young and it always reminds me of her.

  49. LynnCh Says:

    My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a girl, and when I crochet I often think of her. (After I wrote this I looked at the earlier comment–wow! I really wasn’t copying!) I have hooks of many different makes, but my favorite are probably the Skacel (though I haven’t tried wood or bamboo.)

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