February 3rd, 2016

Sharing your love of crafting

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I’ve spent the last decade or so teaching lots of strangers to knit and crochet. And while I’ve also done a bit of that with my family, teaching my daughters to crochet when they were little, I’ve never crafted with my Mom. When I was growing up she wasn’t the crafty one on the family, I had a plethora of grandmothers of different generations for that! Now that life has slowed down a bit for her she’s itching to spend some time making and crafting. We’ve talked about what we can do together, and work on while we’re apart, and she’s intrigued by the possibilities of weaving.

Choosing yarns for a first weaving project. Read more on the WEBS Blog at blog.yarn.com

I happen to have two rigid heddle looms, a 20″ Flip and a 10″ Cricket. So we’ve planned to spend a weekend day together this winter so I can show her how to warp the Cricket, as I warp my Flip, and we can both start weaving a scarf. I want to make sure that this simple starter project keeps her interest so I want to use a yarn with lots of great color play for an interesting finished fabric. I’m loving the new Scheepjes Invicta Color and the Louisa Harding Pittura, both of which will create interesting fabric in plainweave.

Once she’s gotten through that first project I’ll let her borrow my copy of the Weaver’s Idea Book, and then I might get her a copy of Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom just so I can borrow it from her!

Who will you share your love of crafting with this year?


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