July 28th, 2009

Sheep Shop Savings

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WEBS is known for not only terrific customer service and a great selection of all things knitting/weaving/crochet related, we are also known for our closeouts.  We buy a lot of closeouts most of which come in, get sold and go away.  I’m aware we have them, glad to be able to offer them to all of you and that’s about it for me.  Occasionally there is one that comes along that totally tickles me (and no, despite what Steve says they are not always just the cashmere closeouts).  Then there are the rare few that make me just a bit sad.   That is how I feel about the Sheep Shop yarns we are closing out.

We’ve carried Sheep 1 and Sheep 3 since they arrived on the yarn scene.  We added Sheep Feet too.  We loved the yarns, we loved the patterns and Sheep Shop’s founder and creative force is someone I truly like as a person.  She has other pursuits that are demanding her time and although once the inventory we have is gone, it’s gone, I would suggest you all stay tuned for the next iteration.  Although I know of no plans, there’s just something in my gut that says there will be another chapter to this yarn story. 

So here we go folks.  These are amazing yarns, gorgeous colors and the prices are just crazy.  This is one of those opportunities where you do not want to miss out.  This is stash-building yarn at the bare minimum.  I’ve photographed several different colors for each of the yarns, but please know there is more than what I am showing and that there are solids and multis for Sheep 1, 2 and 3.  I’m just partial to the multis.

Let’s start at the beginning with Sheep 1.  Sheep 1is a single-ply heavy worsted yarn that knits at 4-4.5 stitches to the inch. This refined and supple wool of highly consistent thickness knits and felts beautifully.  The colorways are gorgeous.  Each hank has 130 yards. Original price was $15.00/hank and it’s now available in both solids and multis for $8.49.


Sheep 2 is a lovely hand-dyed two-ply super soft wool yarn. These multi-hued colorways create a lovely effect with no chance of awkward pooling.   It knits at 3-3.5 sts per inch on a #10.5 or #11 needle.  This bulky gauge will be a fast and fun knit.  Original price was $17.60/hank and we now are offering Sheep 2 for $8.99/hank.  Again, there are a lovely array of solids and multis.


Sheep 3 is simply loverly.  I already have some in my stash and more is coming home!  Sheep 3 is a two-ply silk and wool yarn with soft round fiber takes the dye beautifully.  It knits at 6-6.5 stitches per inch on a #5 needle and each hank has a whopping 325 yards!  Original price was $25.20 per hank and you can now own Sheep 3 for $11.99/hank.


Sheep Feet is Sheep Shop’s answer to sock yarn.  It comes in two flavors – Sheep Feet and Sheep Feet 2.  The original Sheep Feet is made of 100% washable merino wool and each hank has 218 yards.  This means you need TWO hanks for a pair of socks.  It knits at 5-6 stitches per inch on a #4.  Original Price was $20.00/hank and it’s now available for $10.99/hank. 

 Sheep Feet 2 is also 100% washable merino wool but knits at 8 stitches to the inch on a #1-#2 needle.  Each hank has 328 yards, which means for a simple patterning sock you can probably get a pair out of one hank.  Anything with a lot of patterning or a longer length will require two hanks.  Originally priced at $20.80/hank, we are offering it at $11.29/hank so we suggest you buy two just to be safe. 

Last, but not least, we also have the pleasure of offering Sheep Spin.  Sheep Spin is 4oz braids of 100% merino wool dyed in some of the most gorgeous colors from the Sheep Shop palette.  Originally $15.00/braid, they now retail for $7.99. 

The Sheep Shop collection are truly special yarns and at these great prices, are absolutely not to be missed!



6 Responses to “Sheep Shop Savings”

  1. melissaknits Says:

    I bought two. Of, you know, everything…Sheep 3, Sheep Feet 2…maybe there will be some left Thursday…

  2. Katie Says:

    So sad! I love this yarn! I bought some of Sheep 3 on my first trip to WEBS a few years ago. Yesterday I ordered three skeins of Sheep 1 in that beautiful variegated pinkish color (43, I think) to make a scarf for myself. An Irish knitting wake for some beautiful fiber!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Wow, the yarn all looks amazing. Too bad I’m on a yarn diet or I’d help take some of these lovelies off your hands 🙁

  4. PassionateMind Says:

    I’m heartbroken that Sheep Shop has closed its doors. I wish I had paid more attention and gotten more while I could. Any ideas on what the next iteration might be? Or does the creative force behind Sheep Shop have a blog? I would love to keep up with him/her and see what’s cookin’. . . .

  5. Barbara Hafner Says:

    I’m trying to find the sheep shop 3 yarn on your website, but it doesn’t come up. How do I purchase some?? And see the colors you have left? Thx.

  6. IVickie Grogan Says:

    I just finished up a project with two skeins of Sheep Shop Number One and I must say, this yarn was awesome. I am truly sad. Now I know why I was savoring it.

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