June 5th, 2010

Show 179: Interview with Claudia Segal and Kirsten Hipsky Talks New Valley Yarns Patterns

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Want Kathy & Steve to check something out at TNNA – leave a comment to let them know!

Louisa Harding will be here June 15th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. To sign up, please email customerservice@yarn.com.

Our weaving catalog is now available online. Flip through it today!


Guest: Claudia Segal, co-founder of Weavolution.com. Weavolution is celebrating its one year anniversary. It is a social network for handweavers. It is a great site where weavers can meet and discuss successes, challenges, projects, and more. Claudia discusses the exciting changes that have occurred on Weavolution over the past year. Weavolution will be at Convergence in Albuquerque this year! If you’re headed down to Convergence, check them out at booth 329.

We are doing a contest with Weavolution in honor of their anniversary! We will have two gift baskets. One will go to new sign-ups of Weavolution. Head over to weavolution.com and sign up and leave a comment that you signed up. If you’re already a member of Weavolution, leave a comment here. For each group, new members, and existing members, we’ll have a drawing for a gift basket filled with WEBS weaving and Weavolution goodies.

Guest: Kirsten Hipsky, our Valley Yarns designer extraordinaire! Kirsten chats with Kathy about how she became the designer at WEBS. She also talks about some of the new designs debuting in our Valley Yarns catalog, out in a few weeks.


Hi Everyone

I am excited to announce the winners of our contest with our friends from Weavolution!

The winner from my blog & existing Weavolution member is DorothyS. from Scotland!

The winner for signing up for Weavolution is Melissa Weaver Dunning!

I will need both winners to email me at kathy DOT elkins AT yarn DOT com with your mailing information.  (Please note that the “DOT” and “AT” should be symbols in my email address – I just spell them out here on the blog to preventing spamming of my inbox.)

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to enter the contest and for listting to Ready, Set, Knit!



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91 Responses to “Show 179: Interview with Claudia Segal and Kirsten Hipsky Talks New Valley Yarns Patterns”

  1. Janet Finch aka Aunt Janet Says:

    I’m a Weavolution member from the beginning. I love the site, and visit nearly daily. My favorite forums are: Backstrap Weaving, Yay Laverne, Weaving 101, Inkle weaving, Fearless Scissors (a very quiet forum, because we aren’t really fearless.), and the Countermarche list. I love meeting the weaving luminaries on Weavolution, and meet-ups are great, too! I got to meet Laverne, Franco, and Tien to name a few, at CNCH. I am hoping to go to the east coast next year to Maryland, hoping to meet some of the east coasters.
    Thanks for interviewing Claudia!

  2. Laverne Waddington Says:

    Congratulations Weavolution on your one year anniversary. My internet connection is not generally podcast friendly but I will try to download and listen. I know you will have done a great job Claudia having had the opportunity to see you present Weavolution “live”.

    Thank you for giving a home to backstrap weaving in particular – a place for us to weave along together, learn and share.

    Laverne-bolivian warmi

  3. Tracey Says:

    I love the Weavealoution site and have been a member for about 8 months. I didn’t realize it was only a year old. I am a new weaver, of the past year, and I am hooked!! I happy to see it getting more attention.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Weavolution is a great way to network with other weavers. Thanks to Webs for their support!

  5. Jean Christensen Says:

    I just signed up for Weavolution.com and would like to be entered in your contest. I’m not sure whether this is the right place to leave this comment, but it’s the one I can find.

    Jean Christensen

  6. jeannine Schoonaert Says:

    Thank you Webs for supporting Weavolution.
    My weavo name is Jeannine and I learned a lot about weaving since i am a member of Weavolution.I am an overseas member but i enjoy all the pictures of the meetups. Many thanks to Claudia and all of the Weavolution staff.

  7. Angela Natcheva Says:

    I’m a current member of Weavolution.

  8. Laritza Taft Says:

    A gift basket from Webs! that would be a dream come true!

  9. Ruth MacGregor Says:

    I loved your conversation with Claudia! I’m a relatively new member of Weavolution, but I’ve been following the project’s progress with great interest ever since the subject first came up on the WeaveTech list. This podcast was a wonderful idea — and I hope it brings a lot of new weavers into this exciting new online community!

    Thanks for being part of it. (And now I need to go do some more yarn shopping….)

  10. Diane de Souza Says:

    I’ve been a member of weavolution since early on – it is evolving – the backstrap group/forum is a great resource.

  11. Cathy Bowman Says:

    I’m an existing member of weavolution, and first time listener to your show. I am also a Webs customer via your website. My name on weavolution is Cathy, and I’ve been a member from the first day, June 8, 2009. Thanks for the show. What fun!

  12. SpiderBesideHer Says:

    Wonderful collaboration between WEBS and Weavolution. I’m a happy customer of one and a happy participant in the other.

    As for requests from TNNA – I hope you see someone selling dyed 20/2 tencel. I still love to weave with it, but it seems to be harder and harder to find.

  13. Tina Says:

    I’ve been listening to Ready, Set, Knit for about a year now, but I haven’t actually listed to this podcast yet. I just got it downloaded and will listen to it when I go weaving again in a few minutes. I’m a long-time WEBS fan and customer and have been with Weavolution since before the beginning, helping with testing and such. I hope to win a gift basket!

  14. marie Says:

    It’s always fun to hear Claudia speak! Happy Birthday Weavolution, and thank you Webs!!

  15. Cindy Jo Says:

    As a not new, new member, but a fairly new member of Weavolution it was wonderful to come here and listen to what Claudia had to say. It’s a wonderful website and I hope many more people join.

  16. PattyAnne Says:

    Gonna go listen to the interview NOW!! Thanks!!

  17. Jolly Says:

    Congratulations Weavolution on your first anniversary!! As a member I have always been drawn to the sharing community that greatly enriches the fabric of my life and the world of fibers.

    Many thanks to Claudia for her many talents and to WEBS for enthusiastic and continued support.
    Weaving catalog….terrific idea!!!


  18. PattyAnne Says:

    OOOhhhh….I forgot to mention that I am already a member of Weavolution. :)

    I enjoyed hearing Claudia’s voice…nice to put a voice with a picture!

  19. Susan Sarwinski Says:

    I am glad to see Weavolution here on your WEBS site. Here’s to another 20 or so more years for Weavolution, a must-be-on site for everyone.
    Hugs to Claudia and to everyone else on Weavolution for all their hard work and commitment.

  20. Doreen Kelly Says:

    Happy Anniversary Weavolution. I love your web site with such great information, and the friendly, helpful members.

  21. Sara von Tresckow Says:

    Congratulations to Claudia and WEeavolution on their first anniversary.

  22. Gail Gondek Says:

    Dear WEBS, Thank you for helping Weavolution to celebrate their one year anniversary!! Congratulations to Claudia, Tien and Alison on Weavolutions one year birthday- it has been a wonderful year of learning! XO Gail & Fog

  23. Alison Says:

    Happy anniversary Weavolution!


  24. Tracy Griggs Says:

    I’m excited to have found your podcast and have just joined Weavolution (kaytebugs). Thanks for supporting them and adding my name to the drawing.

  25. Ruth Temple Says:

    Nice to hear Claudia on the show, thank you! I’m a Weavolutionary from the alpha testing on out; love the forums the best.
    Ruth Temple
    Redwood City, CA

  26. Beth Jupena Says:

    Cool podcast- enter me in the contest please!

  27. Laura Benjamin Says:

    Congratulations to Weavolution! I joined partway into the first year and have learned a lot. Thanks for your help!

  28. Restless Knitter Says:

    I signed up for Weavolution when it was still in beta. My username there is Dragonfly. And received my Webs order yesterday :)

  29. Larry Novak Says:

    Hi. Please put me in the drawing for the Weavolution basket.

    BTW – I love your weaving catalogs – good job!

    – Larry

  30. Sandy Hart Says:

    I really enjoyed the show. I had never listened to a broadcast being more of a weaver than a knitter but thought the interview with Claudia from the Weavolution Site was great! I am going to check out the new online catalog now!


  31. Hazel Says:

    Never listened to a pod cast before. An interesting way to share info. Very chatty. Thanks.

  32. Robyn Josephs Says:

    thanks for the great podcast, and the weavolution anniversary contest.

  33. Jan Hayman Says:

    I’m not sure where to leave the comment about the contest. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I’ve been meaning to sign up for Weavolution, and the contest spurred me to finally do it.

  34. Heather Says:

    Recently joined Weavolution and am learning so much from all the experienced weavers. Its a great source for weaving insight, knowledge, and suggestions. Thanks! Happy Anniversary!!!1

  35. Suz Says:

    I'm a existing member of Weavolution…would love to be entered into your contest! Thanks for the opportunity and fyi, this is my first “listen” to your podcast ; )

  36. Kim Says:

    I am already a member of Weavolution, and have been for one year!
    Happy anniversary, Weavolution! And a BIG thanks, WEBS, for this exciting anniversary celebration!
    Please enter me in the contest.

  37. Angela Says:

    I am a current (existing) member of Weavolution and would like to enter the contest.

  38. Debbie Says:

    I am a member of Weavolution. A great thank you to WEBS and Claudia for this contest. I really like the new weaving portion of the WEBS website and am excited to see separate issues of Vav listed for sale.

  39. Sandy Says:

    Happy anniversary weavolution. I have been a member since the get go. Enjoyed listening to my first podcast on the Webs site.

  40. Heather Says:

    I've been a member of Weavolution for a few months now. I'm want to learn to weave, and oh my goodness, there is so much to know! The site is great, and thanks to all of you for doing the contest.

  41. Cyndi Says:

    thanks for celebrating the one year anniversary of Weavolution.

  42. Karin Nelson Says:

    Enjoyed the podcast, the first one I've listened to..would like to be entered in the contest and am a current member of Weavolution! Love it!

  43. Bonnie Inouye Says:

    I've been a member of Weavolution from the beginning, a year ago. I have been weaving since 1967 and I love Webs. My first visit to Webs was in 1998 when I taught a weaving workshop there. I did not know about this podcast before. It is well done! I usually listen to WeaveCast on WeaveZine, another good one.
    Weavolution is a nifty way to connect with weavers all over the world.

  44. Grethe Says:

    I am a existing member of Weavolution and would like to enter the contest.

  45. Ginny Lawlor Says:

    I've been a weavolution member almost from the beginning. Thanks to this link I have begun listening to your podcast too!

  46. Allison Says:

    I joined Weavolution a few months ago after acquiring my first floor loom – I was so pleased to find this great group of weavers. Thanks for the podcast, which will undoubtedly spread the word about this great site! Happy anniversary Weavolution, and wishing you many, many more :^)

  47. Carrie Says:

    I'm already on weavolution as zinniz! This was a great way to celebrate weavolution and also to spread the word about your podcast. I hadn't known about it but now I'll be able to subscribe!

  48. Tracie Amsden Says:

    I just signed up on weavolution – thanks for letting us know about this great site!

  49. Alison Says:

    Happy anniversary Weavolution!

  50. Lisa Says:

    I am already a member of Weavolution – hope this gets lots more members! Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. Heather Says:

    I signed up at weavolution. It looks pretty interesting. Thanks for pointing it out

  52. Megan Says:

    I just signed up for Weavolution a couple of days ago.

  53. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks to Weavolution for the great community and thanks to Webs for telling even more weavers about it!

  54. Cally Says:

    Happy Anniversary Weavolution – can it really be a year already? And thanks to WEBS for sponsoring the contest :-)

  55. Robin Murphy Says:

    I am also a member of Weavolution, since the beginning, and I have enjoyed doing business with Webs for a great many years. This is a nice contest to celebrate the importance of both to the weaving community.

  56. Kim Douglas Says:

    Hi. I am a member at weavolution too. New to weaving, so contests are awesome!

  57. Cathy Says:

    I listened to your podcast saturday and commented, but do not see my comment, so I am commenting again. THANKS! What great advertisement.
    My weavolution name is Cathy, and I have been a member since June 8, 2009

  58. Doreen Says:

    Happy Anniversary Weavolution! I've been a member for a few months and have learned so much. Thanks for a great weaving site, and thanks for the contest Webs.

  59. HLF Says:

    I am so glad weavolution is out there! I signed up the day it opened to the public, and have enjoyed the focused weaving conversations.

  60. Beth Says:

    I signed up at Weavolution when it first started up. Sign me up for the contest. Thanks

  61. Kay Says:

    I'm a member of Weavolution and also a regular listener to your podcast, which is great. Thanks for all the good information and encouragement.

  62. Elisa Says:

    Congratulations to Weavolution on its first anniversary! Here's to many more!

  63. Maggie Carn Says:

    I am a member of Weavolution. Please enter my name in contest.

  64. Dorothy Says:

    Hi there – I listen to the Ready, Set, Knit podcast whilst I am weaving over here in Scotland !
    It was great to have a weaving related show and to hear Claudia talking about the first anniversary of Weavolution. Many congratulations to all concerned.

    Dorothy Stewart

  65. Charlotte Says:

    I met Claudia at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival in 2009 and learned of the soon to be Weavolution web site in the pouring rain that day. I checked the site every day and joined as soon as the site became official. It has become an important place for me to stay in touch with other weavers. Happy Anniversary!

  66. Spindrift Says:

    I just signed up. Now I need to try to remember the manufacturer of my nearly 50-yr-old loom. The site looks great. Thanks for the tip!

  67. tracey fucci Says:

    Already a member of Weavolution and would like to enter the contest

  68. Ellen Says:

    Wonderful that you interviewed Claudia again! I've been a member almost since the very beginning :) Well I signed up on the first day but wasn't a beta tester :)

  69. stashmuffin Says:

    Is this where I post to register for the (continued, monthly) Della Q giveaway? I'd LOVE one!

  70. Nina bilenkin Says:

    I am new to Weavolution (just signed up) but have been using WEBS for most of my yarn needs. I would like to enter the contest.
    Weavolution is a great site,, exciting projects and very inspiring artists!


  71. Nina bilenkin Says:

    I am new to Weavolution (just signed up) but have been using WEBS for most of my yarn needs. I would like to enter the contest.
    Weavolution is a great site,, exciting projects and very inspiring artists!


  72. SCZM Says:

    I'm a weavolution member and enjoyed the podcast. I'd like to be part of the contest drawing as well – who wouldn't ?? :) Just was at WEBS yesterday buying some new yarns for new projects.

    Thanks – SCZM (that's my weavolution user id.)

  73. Conchita Says:

    I'm a brand new Weavolution member and would love to be entered into the contest! Great podcast, too!!!

    conchita15 (on Weavolution)

  74. penny Says:

    I've been on weavolution for a year despite not really weaving much (pennys) and I just added an inkle to my life so I expect there will be lots more weavolution in my life. :)

  75. Susan Says:

    Hi, current Weavolution member, and WEBS customer! Please enter me in the contest

    Susan Johnson, Avalanche Looms

  76. Aunt Janets Says:

    I don't see my comment below. I posted it days ago. Oh well, here goes again.
    I have been a member of Weavolution from day one, and love it.
    Thanks for interviewing Claudia.

  77. Jan Says:

    Just signed up for Weavolution! Thanks for your podcast, great products and customer service.

  78. laurie S Says:

    I am already a member of weavolution.I would like to enter contest Thanks

  79. Cstegert Says:

    Weavolution is a terrific resource! Lots of inspiration and reasons to use WEBS products!


  80. Knitdesigns Says:

    I signed up. I've been interested in weaving for a while now… it's great to have such a resource for beginners.

  81. Julie Says:

    Hi! Existing member of Weavolution…. sign me up for the drawing!

  82. Lois Hawk Says:

    Love the Valley Cottonlin yarns–made some great overshot table linens with it. I am an existing Weavolution member and would like to enter the contest.

  83. Kristina Says:

    Hi I´m Weavolution member since August 2009. I `ve listen to this interview with Claudia here in Germany, and it was very nice to get a voice to the picture. Thank you for that.I´d like to enter the contest.

  84. Turtleknits (Vickie) Says:

    I am currently a member of Weavolution. Thanks for having this contest, and having Claudia on to tell us about upcoming features!

  85. Debmcclintock Says:

    Probably too late for the contest but here I am! Yay for Webs and Weavo! Welcome to all the new weavers, may you have MANY more looms and a huge SABLE accumulation. Deb Mc
    SABLE – Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

  86. Simonen Says:

    i have been a member of weavolution and would like to enter the contest

  87. spinningalpaca Says:

    Happy Anniversary, Weavolution! I've been a member of Weavolution since 7/3/2009 and would like to enter the contest.


    Renee C.
    spinningalpaca @ Weavolution

  88. Tobie Says:

    I'm a member of Weavolution and would like to enter your contest.

  89. Janet Says:

    I am an existing member of Weavolution! Congratulations on the one-year anniversary!

  90. Tammy Says:

    I signed up as a new member of Weavolution and would like to enter the contest if it's not too late.

  91. Lindaspins Says:

    Cool! Weavolution member wishing to enter…how could I have missed that you have a podcast for so long!

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