June 28th, 2008

Show 86: Interview with Barbara Parry

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New Yarns

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Barbara Parry of Foxfire Fibers and Springdelle Farm in Shelburne Falls, MA


Barbara shares with us the process of sheep to yarn and the advantages to spinning your own yarn.

Barbara feels that every spinner should learn on a drop spindle. She feels you really get the drafting technique down when doing it this way. You don’t have to worry about treadling, so you can really concentrate.
Knitalong with Pixie

You don’t have to use standard colors for your chart – Pixie’s will be pink!

CO 55 stitches, purl one row and begin following chart.

Row 1: (RS) Read chart from right to left. With first butterfly knit 27 stitches in Color A.Add second color (B). Place new strand of yarn under the old strand and hold a 6” tail to the left along the left needle. Knit next stitch with working end of yarn as close to the needle tips as you can manage, so you won’t stretch stitches. DON’T LET GO OF TAIL. This will interlock old and new yarn. Put tail of new yarn up and over left needle. Don’t pull it through with the stitch. Keep the tail on the left needle. It’s anchored by knitting one stitch with the tail up and one with it down.

You have completed the 4 stitches in color B. Cut yarn, but not too short. Add new butterfly of color A using same technique. Work tail up, tail down technique for about 1.5”
Row 2: (WS) Read chart from left to right. Using the color A butterfly you just ended with, purl 23 stitches. Drop color A and bring color B up under color A to interlock. Purl 6 stitches with color B. Drop color B over color A and purl remaining stitches.
Row 3: (RS). Repeat row 1, but knit 25 in color A, 8 in color B and 22 in color A.
Next time – notes, tips and Row 4.

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