November 4th, 2014

Snow Family KAL! – Week 1

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We’ve had so much fun with our Hot Chocolate Run Polar Bear KAL that we thought we’d keep going with the adorable Snow Family and Evergreens that graced the cover of our Holiday 2014 Catalog!

#SnowFamilyKAL on the WEBS blog -

The pattern calls for 4 Valley Yarns: Huntington, Valley Superwash DK, Valley Superwash and Northampton. The great thing about this pattern is that you can make the members of the Snow Family with almost any yarn! Just knit with the recommended needles at the recommended gauge.

#SnowFamilyKAL on the WEBS blog -

This week you’ll want to get the body, or bodies, of your snow people knit. I’m making mine in Huntington and it’s only taking me about 2 hours per snow person, they work up pretty quick! Next week we’ll stuff and shape the snow people and add their adorable faces.


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2 Responses to “Snow Family KAL! – Week 1”

  1. erindipity Says:

    I want to place my order for the supplies to make these, but I haven’t seen anything that says what kind of yarn is needed for the carrot noses. I’m sure any old scraps of the right color would work, but I have nothing on hand that’s even close to the right shade – so I thought I’d ask here for some guidance. 🙂 thanks in advance!

  2. Sara Delaney Says:

    We used Valley Yarns Huntington for the smallest snow person and Valley Yarns Berkshire for the other two. If you happen to have a worsted weight yarn you can always split the yarn and use just one or two plies of the yarn to make the smaller snow person’s nose.

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