November 11th, 2014

Snow Family KAL! – Week 2

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It’s time to stuff our snowpeople and give them some individuality!

In the pattern Amy recommends that you stuff thebottom portion of snow person’s body with a balloon filled with rice or plastic pellets to give your snow person some weight and balance. This way it will stand up on it’s own! Because I’m making a fairly small snowperson in Huntington, I was able to use just the finger from a latex glove filled with rice to accomplish this. Once you’ve finished stuffing you’ll close up the bottom and then shape the neck.

#SnowFamilyKAL Week 2 - join in at

For the face you’ll stitch the nose in place and then embroider the eyes and any other details, like buttons, in place. Have fun giving your snow people personality. Next week we’ll make the accessories!

#SnowFamilyKAL Week 2 - join in at

If you missed the start of the KAL you can go back to Week 1 here and join in the fun.


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One Response to “Snow Family KAL! – Week 2”

  1. Fred Lenz Says:

    Looks like a baby snow person. So cute, adorable and above all, if you feel hungry, can bake those rice as well. However, I’ll prefer not to make this on my own, somewhat lazy you know.

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