November 23rd, 2007

So What’s on Your List?

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I’m sure there were many of you braving various shopping venues today, be it the mall or your LYS. Nice to see so many faces at WEBS today as well – thanks for finding the time to stop in!

It was interesting to see what people were buying – there’s definitely been a shift to holiday projects. At the same time, I was tickled when a couple of customers said that they were buying yarn for themselves. I got to thinking that as knitters, crocheters, even weavers and spinners, our time is dominated with creating gifts for friends, family, co-workers, school teachers over the next few weeks. Most of us have probably overestimated what we can accomplish. So when it’s all said and done, what are you hoping for this holiday season? A pair of needles? Maybe a set of crochet hooks? A few skeins of that yummy yarn that is just a little more than you want to spend on yourself? Maybe a gift certificate for a class?

For me, there are two things that are interrelated. The first is time. Granted, this is something that I need to control as much as anything, but I would love to feel I have the time to go to one of our drop ins and just hang out and knit or crochet. I’ve made attempts to do this, but it just never seems to pan out. Gail, the Kangaroo Dyer is determined to get me up to her house to do some dyeing – again, it’s simply a matter of making the time. I know some of you will say that if it was important I’d “find” the time. To a certain extent, I guess I can’t argue that point but it’s not as if I”m wasting time or making excuses.

The second thing, dependent on the time issue, is to continue to build my skills. Pixie and I will be talking about this towards the end of the year on the podcast. We had some goals in mind this year for our KAL’s and the skills we wanted to tackle. I’m pretty pleased with our accomplishments and want to make sure we build new skills into next year’s KAL. If it works out that my own personal goals can be incorporated then that is the best of both worlds.

I would love to hear your thoughts and what it is you are hoping to unwrap over the next few weeks of celebrations.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a lovely celebration and the food turned out great. After three years there is no doubt, brining is the only way to prep a turkey.


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  1. Diane Says:


    Sounds to me like you need to set aside a weekend in February and join several hundred of us at the SPA in Freeport Maine!


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