October 2nd, 2007

Socks, Sweaters and a Contest

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Everyone was very excited this morning as Sharlene unpacked the day’s deliveries and came out from the back with the latest limited edition Tofutsies color:

It’s color number 741 and is quite lovely. I had to remind the staff that we needed to leave some for all of you! Remember, this is a one time onlly color so don’t wait! It’s yummy shades of green with a little black in it. Makes me think more of fresh cut grass than fall, but I guess cutting grass is still prevalent in most parts of the country, especially in Arizona where SWTC is based! (Note, this color is at the bottom of the Tofutsies page).
As the excitement about this yarn was spreading through the store, Karen, our store manager popped into my office with this lovely sweater:

It’s Filatura Di Crosa Multicolor, which was introduced last fall and has not only some new shades for this season, but has also been packaged into a kit that will create either this stylish sweater or a scarf and hat set.
Our knitter used one needle size larger to make it a tad bigger and it also resulted in a slightly looser fabric that will be perfect with a shell or cami underneath. I am not a big mohair fan myself, but I do like this sweater. The kits can be ordered here and the pattern is included. If not for yourself, this could make a great gift. The holidays are coming (sorry, we’re going to have to face that fact sooner rather than later my friends).
Next, I am tickled about a new project. As many of you know, Storey Publishing introduced the book One Skein Wonders last year. The book was a hit and we were especially thrilled to have several of our staff members’ creations included. Storey is about to release the follow-up, 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. Once again, there are several projects from our talented staff included. I’ve had a chance to preview the book and it’s another must have.
To support the introduction of this book, Storey is launching a GREAT contest. You can go to the website http://www.oneskeinwonders.com/ and register to win a skein of yarn per month for all of next year. Just simply click on the “contest” circle on the lower right side of the page. There will be an enclosed patterns and probably some other surprises. The catch is that only 101 winners will be chosen! That tells me the yarns that will be included must be pretty special. Storey and I talked about the contest and we both agreed that although there will be 101 very happy people, there will be many other very sad non-winners. So, beginning in January, WEBS will be offering our own Skein-of-the-Month Club to not only the non-winners but to anyone who is interested in signing up. We haven’t worked out all of the details yet, but stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, be sure to register to win at the website above!

2 Responses to “Socks, Sweaters and a Contest”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Could you bring some of the kits to stitches along with the Ultra Alpaca worsted and dk weight yarn? I love the yarns you bring

  2. "Dorn ohne Röschen" Says:

    i’m just getting caught up on the podcast.

    re. felting. if given a choice, a top-loader is definitely better; but i am able to felt successfully in our large lg brand front-loading washing machine without water going all over the place. it takes a long time, but the front-loader does work, and it’s still better than felting by hand. the water level on our machine remains pretty far below the level of the door for the entire cycle.

    exception: if set to ‘sanitize’ or whatever they call the super-clean setting, the machine will lock, and i don’t think it’s unlockable until after the load is finished; maybe on account of the high temperature achieved by a heating coil in the drum? anyway, the time i did that, i ended up with a really cute, itty-bitty pair of mittens. very warm for a child with extremely strong hands…

    – thorn

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