July 21st, 2007

Some Bunny to Love

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What a week! I’m not sure if the planets were misaligned or if it was the humid, gooey weather and daily rainstorms, but nothing seemed to go right this week. I am so happy it is Saturday, the weather is perfect and the opportunity to start fresh again on Monday lies ahead.

There were a few highlights:
Lisa (gosh, I hope I got that right and my apologies if I didn’t) and her gorgeous Bohus:

The level of detail is incredible and my shot does not do it justice (the color is definitely off – ugh). The yarn is so skinny and the needles so tiny! But it is oh, so, luscious! Can’t wait to see it when she’s done. She promised to bring it in to show us.
There was the shoot for our weaving catalog that will mail this fall. It was only for one picture – the inside front cover which will feature Barbara and my son (and weaver) Jonathan.

The actual shot we chose is, well, you’ll see. . . . . . .

Then there was new yarn. First, from Reynolds, their new kids’ collection:

There are four yarns in the collection and the palette is not your typical kids’ collection. Think “Gap” meets “yarn”.

The pattern book arrived as well and it’s oozing with cuteness and each pattern can be made using one of two different yarns.
(Note: I will add the links to these products on Monday once they are on-line. The product arrived late on Friday).
We also received the lab dips for one of our new fall yarns, Williamstown. I love this yarn. Steve and I developed this one from scratch and we are really tickled with it. More info will follow once it arrives, but here’s a sampling of the colors:

Then, last, but not least. I’ve often mentioned that we have a phenomenal staff and we truly mean that. We have great, great, people working with us at WEBS. Mike, who works in shipping walks part of the way to work and on Thursday morning, noticed a bunny in our parking lot. Now, this is not uncommon. Northampton is pretty built up be we still have our fair share of critters. He continued on towards our building, but decided to go back. Something just didn’t seem right. Sure enough, the bunny was moving towards the main road, so Mike scooped her up. Right there that tells you something – this was not your average, wild bunny. In fact, it was quite the opposite. He brought her in, a box was set-up, grapes were given and it was evident that this bunny belonged to someone.

So Mike took it upon himself to contact our local Animal Control. Somebody had reported a bunny missing 4 days earlier, but they lived quite a ways from the store. And it had been four days. Nevertheless, the person who filed the “missing bunny” report was contacted. She came over and sure enough, it was hers! You could see the difference immediately. Bunny (which is her name) perked right up and looked so happy to be going home. Big, huge kudos to Mike for taking the time to go back and do all of the work to get Bunny reunited with her owner.
I love a happy ending.


9 Responses to “Some Bunny to Love”

  1. Sunflowerfairy Says:

    What a great story. Most people- not just men, would have walked on and not taken a second out of their day for a bunny.

    So, tell us more about the new Williamstown yarn, please…hmmm?

  2. Megan Says:

    Actually, you have a fox that regularly goes through your parking lot. I know because I’ve seen him/her. So Bunny is particularly lucky.
    I wanna knit a Bohus. If I had a break from non-me knitting I would knit a Bohus. I even know which one I want to make. I have A Plan.
    Williamstown is wonderful. It’s amazingly soft for a tweedy, flecky yarn. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. somebunnysloveDOTcom Says:

    Wow! I am so glad Mike and your team helped Bunny. I know from my rabbit rescue work that most lost bunnies have much sadder endings. It was great seeing you at Manchester. I know we both missed out on BFY not being there, but I will be seeing your booth at the Weavers’ Seminar.

  4. Melissa Says:

    Bunny was too cute! It was so nice to see the owner not giving up hope! 🙂 It was a happy reunion!

  5. Dena Says:

    A fresh start on Monday sounds like a great idea.

  6. Shannon Says:

    Wow, I rescued a black bunny the exact same way! She was hanging out too close to the main road and I scooped her up and took her in. I took her to the vet the next day and nobody wanted her 🙁 So then she became the $700 free bunny ($700 to be fixed and shots and all that fun stuff).

  7. Calling Kahlo Says:

    What a great story! OMG, what a feel good moment. Nicely done!

  8. Leebot Says:

    bless you for helping an animal in need. I’m so glad all ended so happily! Those Williamstown colors look fantastic. Can’t wait to try it!

  9. Lisa Says:

    So glad Mike rescued the bunny! He’s a sweet kid – I’ve talked to him more than once. Always willing to help a poor befuddled yarn shopper (like for instance me) with some eccentric, esoteric problem. And now Hero to Buns!

    I have ten Angora bunnies and live in fear of a breakout. We live out in the woods – lots of predators around. If one of my buns ever got loose, it probably wouldn’t make it very far ;-(

    BTW, that’s my Bohus. Thank you for posting a picture of it! I am honored. And yes, you did get the name right 😉

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