June 25th, 2010

Sparkling Distraction

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Hi Everyone

It has been well documented on this blog that I am a great started but not the best finisher when it comes to projects.  I’ve made promises to myself, I’ve publicly stated that I shall not start a new project without finishing at least one existing project and I’ve sworn off learning to spin or anything else knowing it would be just another distraction.

We’ve owned our lovely bead shop for a little more than 2 years.  I’ve been to bead shows.  I even have a small bead stash.  Yet I have resisted the temptation to learn to bead.  I knew what would happen if I gave in.  I mean, about the only thing that can tickle me more than a few lovely skeins of cashmere is sparkle-y beads.  I knew if I went down that road it would be a VERY slippery slope.

Well, about a month or so ago I gave in.  I decided to string just one, little necklace.  I mean, what harm could a few Swarovski Crystals do??  Here’s my first creation:

Nothing super complicated – just basic stringing.  I’ve proven I know how to count 🙂  It’s also reinforced my almost obsessive joy in symmetry.  I’ve strung three other pieces but of course they are sitting on my desk at WEBS waiting to have the crimp beads and clasps put on – I still need supervision with that part of the process.  I’ll scoop them up tomorrow and post the pics.  For one of the pieces I used chunkier seed beads and focal beads and it’s like knitting with super bulky yarn – FAST!

Here’s my stash to date:

And look how compact and unassuming it appears in my della Q project bag:

(Note:  Sorry the pics aren’t the best.  It’s evident that I need to work on my photography skills with beads)

Some of the beads are from the shop, some I’ve picked up at the buying shows I’ve attended.

Not to fear, the knitting continues as well.  This is a hat I designed for a book and was able to retain rights.  The original yarn has been discontinued so I’m reknitting it in our Valley Yarns Northampton, the color is Jade.  The pattern is my Vintage Baby Hat from Luxury One Skein Wonders.  I’m knitting it in adult size this time.

I also have yarn for two other design projects pulled and I’m in the beginning planning stages for those.  One in Valley Yarns Deerfield is beginning to take shape while the other which will be in Valley Yarns Sheffield still hasn’t come together quite yet.

What is on your needles these days?


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8 Responses to “Sparkling Distraction”

  1. Susan Says:

    I LOVE WEBS–the yarn and the beads. I come as often as I can. But now I am sooooo jealous of you. I have a bead stash that fills a small cabinet. Most purchased before you opened the bead store. But not the beads I need. I’m in the middle of a swap project using beads and yarn I got at WEBS and I’ve run out of beads. Been trying to order them from WEBS but they aren’t available. Presumably they’re on back order (for the last several months). The woman I spoke to at the bead store said she would call me when it comes in but it’s been months. I want to finish this project and send it to my Rav friend in Germany. Kathy- your stash seems to have the beads I need! The third tube from the left in your picture. My tube says 1563 6-0283 NOIR-Lined Crystal. I’ll buy it from you or trade –twice the price or 2-for-1. I’ll be indebted. And I’ll be your best friend. 🙂 I’m SageRiver on Ravelry. Thank you.

  2. KathyElkins Says:

    Susan – I just emailed you. I am so sorry this has been so difficult for you – not okay and as I think you know, not how WEBS usually operates. I’ll wait to hear back from you via email or in comments – whatever you prefer is fine – it all shows up in my email either way.

  3. DonnaB Says:

    Beautiful necklace. You should be a pro by the time my birthday comes around – hint, hint!

  4. sungardner26 Says:

    Very pretty necklace!

  5. Gina Says:

    I got inspired after making a Multnomah Shawl and realized I could add any lace edge to the beginning. The JoJo Land fingering weight you sell is beautiful and I’m knitting a shawl with an edging I’ve chosen from a stitch dictionary. Simple, but I feel like I’m really doing something!

  6. SS Pipe Fittings Says:

    Hey, I have gifted all these pictures to my lovable fried!! A nice collection of necklaces. A beautiful colorful creation.

  7. Psorensen14 Says:

    Beautiful necklace – I love it! I’m going to check out your bead shop now!!

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