September 8th, 2015

Spinning Tips – making a gradient from a hand dyed braid

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This month we’ll be offering a few tips and tricks to make your spinning for Spinzilla, and the rest of the year, even more fun and interesting. First up, rearranging the colors in a pre-dyed fiber braid. You will need a braid of fiber with distinct colors and a set of hand cards for this.

Creating a gradient yarn from hand dyed fiber. Read more on the WEBS Blog at

I love the colors in this Gaston colorway on Targhee from Abstract Fiber but I wish they were more gradual, like an ombre, so I decided to make that happen. I unwound the braid and then fluffed the fibers at each color change before gently pulling them apart, don’t worry if you don’t get a clean color separation you can blend that out. Then I made piles with each major color. Once I had the whole braid separated I began laying fiber on one hand carder until it was full, but not so full that I couldn’t see the tines anymore, and used the other card to blend with a few strokes. Remove the fiber from the carder (pay attention to how the tines are bent and roll with that bend to get the fiber off the carders) and roll up your fiber into a rolag for spinning. If your fiber isn’t blended enough for you, or feels a bit rough, you can re-card it until you’re happy. Once I got halfway through carding and rolling I was able to layout all my little rolags in a clear gradient!

Creating a gradient yarn from hand dyed fiber. Read more on the WEBS Blog at

Now I just have to finish carding so I can get to spinning! I’m going to want to preserve the gradient that I worked so hard to make, so I’ll navajo ply the single into my finished yarn. Keep an eye on the blog later in the month and I’ll show you how it’s done! You can now see the finished yarn here!

Are you planning on any special preparations or different spinning techniques to try out during this year’s Spinzilla?


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4 Responses to “Spinning Tips – making a gradient from a hand dyed braid”

  1. lilirious Says:

    love this! I’m going to try this for my next spinning project! <3

  2. Elena Says:

    I was thinking of trying to do just this with a couple of the braids I have, but wasn’t certain. Thanks for the instructions on how to do it – just wish I was more skilled at getting rolags off the cards.

  3. Astra Says:

    I use a pair of knitting nedles to roll them off the catds 🙂 saves the fingers.

  4. Marykate Says:

    I’ve done that too! Works like a charm! 😀

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