April 1st, 2007

Swatching and Planning and Procrastinating

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So here it is, Sunday afternoon. Both kids are off at playdates, Steve has been grocery shopping and tending to a few other chores. I’ve been working on catching up on the show notes for the podcast (sorry everyone – not sure how they got so far behind). Can I tell, I am really sick of listening to the two of us talk! I just listened to the last four shows, which now means I’ve prepped for the show, recorded the show, listened to it air on the radio and listened again to put together the notes. AAAHHH!! I know, this is not terribly efficient, but it’s impossible to do the notes as we record and our “prep” is very loose. We don’t have a script, just notes/outline and sometimes things come up/out when we record that we didn’t plan to reference. I often listen to the show on Saturday mornings in the car, so I can’t make notes then, so that only leaves listening again via iTunes. So, I’ve jotted the notes, just need to type them up for our IT person and send them off. I think I’d rather have a tooth pulled at this point. So, I decided to blog instead.

All in all it has been a productive weekend. Lots of laundry/house chores, some knitting and other “work”.

On the knitting front, I have three projects that I am under deadline to finish. Two are for the next catalog and the other is the knitalong sweater for the podcast. I have to try to stay a week or so ahead of all of you!

For one of the catalog projects, I did this swatch:

Which turned into this:

I compared my before and after measurements and based on the ultimate size I want, calculated the number of stitches to cast on and number of rows to knit. I did a second swatch to test a possible edging, which is in the washer as I type.

I started the other catalog project while on vacation, but I am not happy with it and need to rethink it. This is not good news as my deadline is approaching.

As for the top-down sweater, I think I have overcome my issues with Silk Garden. I love the color – I am hooked. I will therefore overlook the “untwisted” sections and the sections with “stuff/fluff” attached to the yarn as best I can and just move forward. I guess I am now officially a Noro groupie.

Once the little blue swatch is out of the washer and blocked to dry, I will get moving on the sweater. (Notice, no mention of getting those show notes typed up. . . . . way too busy knitting.)

I have to say, for the small blue swatch, I put a single crochet edging on it and you know what? I REALLY miss crocheting! I have been focused primarily on knitted projects these past few months, other than the Brooks Farm Scarf I made and I am starved for crochet. I need to get through these projects and then I’m going to crochet something – anything!

Well, I guess I’ve procastinated enough. I do want to add one last photo – one of my favorites from our vacation:

It was a day Steve was off to golf on his own and the boys and I went to Clearwater Beach. I love how Jonathan is quite content to have his picture taken, but Jackson’s face reads “Am I done yet? I am waaay to cool for this. . . . . “

P.S. Don’t forget, our 33rd Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow! This link will bring you there in the morning 🙂

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  1. Dena Says:

    I am not really a crocheter. I don’t really like what crochet looks like much. But I just bought the new Interweave Crochet Mag. I couldn’t help myself. There are some really nice things in there. And Sharlene has got to stop bringing in such beautiful crocheted things. There might be a crocheter in me.

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