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Valley Yarns Show & Tell: 419 Silverscape Cardigan

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
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Hi Everyone,

Today’s Show and Tell is 419 Silverscape Cardigan. It features art nouveau lace sprays on the front, back and cuffs. The shape of the lace is built into the neckline, and a simple single crochet edge creates a clean line.

It is knit in Valley Yarns Stockbridge. Stockbridge is a lovely worsted weight blend of wool and alpaca.

We tried on the 36″ size.

Height: 5’3″
Bust: 37″
Waist: 30″
Hips: 42″

“So sweet and flattering. I’d make the sleeves shorter, though.”

Height: 5’0″
Bust: 38″
Waist: 30″
Hips: 38″

“I love the color of this sweater, but I didn’t think the flare at the bottom was very flattering.”

Height: 5’4¾”
Bust: 35½”
Waist: 29½”
Hips: 40″

“This is a really comfortable cardigan to wear. I like the fitted sleeves, but would take off just a bit of the length of them.”

Height: 5’4″
Bust: 39½
Waist: 32″
Hips: 43″

“I really love this sweater! I love the eyelet lace detail the color. I actually knit myself a sweater in this color of Stockbridge a few years ago. I think I might try a different yarn though because I’m pretty sensitive to alpaca and I could feel it in this sweater.”

Height: 5’2″
Bust: 40″
Waist: 33½”
Hips: 43″

“This cardigan is a nice length, and the detail at the shoulders is lovely. I would knit the size larger for myself, so that there was a bit more ease, but I would shorten the sleeves, which could be easily done in the simple stockinette.”

Here’s a shot of the back of the cardigan so you can check out the lace detail there as well.

Next week, we’ll look at the last garment featured in the fall catalog – 422 Rose Tweed Cardigan.