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Crisanta Shawl

Monday, July 11th, 2016
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Another wonderful new pattern this month, in our Valley Yarns Hatfield, is the Crisanta Shawl by Tian Connaughton.

The Crisanta Shawl from Valley Yarns. Learn more about the yarn, the designer, and where you can get your copy of the pattern on the WEBS Blog at

Knit on a larger than expected needle for this fine, baby alpaca lace, the Crisanta Shawl is worked side to side with a delicate, leafy lace border that ripples and moves like leaves in a breeze. The perfect little something extra for chilly summer nights, this shawl is just enough to keep you warm with a long sleeved tee.

We asked Tian to tell us more about how she designs and what she enjoyed about working with this yarn.

When did you learn to knit?
I was first introduced to the fiber world via crochet. I learned to crochet in September 2001 from an older co-worker to pass the hour-long lunch breaks. For years I was content just making blankets to give away for every occasion. But that all changed in 2006, when quitting my day job as a Credit Manager to stay home with my then 2-year old son. I discovered the wonders of knitting after watching HGTV’s Knitty Gritty. Knitting opened up an even wider world for me in the fiber arts.

What prompted you to start designing?
After discovering knitting, designing was soon to follow. The television show, Knitty Gritty, was the catalyst for my starting to design. I clearly remember the episode when Shirley Paden was a guest on the show, a talented knitwear designer creating fantastic patterns. I wanted to be like her. In her, I saw myself and a whole world of possibilities beyond my corporate life. Like many designers, I began by modifying existing patterns to fit my needs and then quickly evolved to creating my own original designs.

Give us a glimpse into your design process, where/how do you find inspiration?
Design inspirations come to me in many different forms and from many sources. I get inspirations on walks with my dog, Charlie, through the snow. It could be the texture of a tree bark or the canopy of trees over head in the woods. Or sometimes, inspiration strikes at weird times such as during Downward Dog at Pilates class while staring at the pattern on the map. Usually the idea comes first, inspired by my surrounding, then I search for the yarn that will best compliment the texture and drape of the design.

What did you love about the Valley Yarns Hatfield?
I’m not a huge fan of lace weight yarns, or so I thought. When I proposed this design to WEBS, I had resigned myself to the idea and to just grit my teeth as I work through the sample because I loved the design idea so much. After winding the yarn, slowly and carefully, I set off to cast-on for the Crisanta Shawl and immediately fell in love with the yarn, Hatfield. I thought I wouldn’t like the lace weight yarn because I don’t work with that weight of yarn often. And I don’t work with that weight of yarn often because I am an impatient knitter. But working up this thin yarn on bigger needles was a match made in heaven. The stitches simple flew off the needles. The yarn now has a special place in my heart. I can see so many more projects in the future.

The Crisanta Shawl from Valley Yarns. Learn more about the yarn, the designer, and where you can get your copy of the pattern on the WEBS Blog at

This yarn has a special place in our hearts, too! With over 400 yds per skein, warm and lightweight, Valley Yarns Hatfield is ideal for garments and accessories.

Introducing Valley Yarns Hatfield

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015
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We’ve launched some great New Valley Yarns this summer, and with even more arriving in the coming weeks we thought we’d take some time to introduce them.

Valley Yarns Hatfield now available at WEBS and

First up is our Valley Yarns Hatfield, a 100% Baby Alpaca, lace-weight yarn with over 400yds per skein. While it might seem a little early to talk about Holiday knits, who wants to think about winter when it’s 90+ outside, we only have a little over 20 weeks before the gift giving begins! This gorgeous yarn may be the perfect starting point. Light enough to be knit outdoors on a hot summer day without making you’re hands overheat, it will keep the wearer plenty warm when the cold winds begin to blow. Think shawls, lacy cowls, and even transitional sweaters!

Valley Yarns Hatfield now available at WEBS and

And we already have 2 patterns to get you started on that gift list. The Breezeway Pullover is knit at a loose gauge into a roomy, casually shaped sweater that makes a great multi-season layering piece. The Composition Cowl uses a classic lace stitch, combined with garter stitch, for great texture without tons of work, and the length is totally adjustable! Or choose your favorite pattern that calls for a laceweight yarn. I’m thinking that maybe the Hazel Shawl, or the Greenway Shawl, is going to end up on my needles soon in Leaf Green, it’s my sister’s favorite color! What projects will you plan in Hatfield?