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Tuesday’s Tip – Keeping Track of Alternate Increase Rounds

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
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It’s National Crochet Month! To celebrate, we have some wonderful crochet tips to share with you. This week’s tip is from Sara, WEBS Marketing Coordinator and crochet designer.

I like to use 2 linked stitch markers in different colors when my pattern asks me to increase every other round. When I start a round with increases, I’ll use the green marker. This tells me that when I come back to that marker I can Go-Go-Go! No reason to stop and think about the work; just one stitch in each stitch.

When I do start that round with NO increases I’ll mark it with the orange one (better if it was red!), this way when I get back around to that marker I know I need to STOP and make sure that I’m working my increases in this round. This is a great tip for both knitting and crochet!

Tuesday’s Tip – Tame Unruly Yarn Ends

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013
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When Kristin knit Flow by Norah Gaughan, she was presented with a problem. The yarn, Berroco Seduce, is absolutely lovely but the slippery fibers made it hard to get the yarn ends to stay put.

To deal with unruly ends, Kristin uses crazy glue or super glue to tack then down after she’s woven them in for an inch or two. She also likes to use a patch of one sided fusible interfacing and iron it on to of the wiggly end.

Yarn made of slippery fibers like rayon and silk can be tough to keep in place. This tip will help keep your finished project looking clean and polished!


Tuesday’s Tip – Keep your Project Safe

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
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Scissors are a necessary tool to keep in our project bags, but keeping something so sharp and pointy next to our precious work in progress is just a disaster waiting to happen. They can snag on your knitting, or poke a hole through your project bag.

A simple way to protect your project is to just slip a point protector over the tip of the scissors. Press down a little for a snug fit and rest assured your project is safe from an accidental snip!



Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Keep Track of that Last Stitch!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012
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If you’re new to crochet, or a seasoned veteran that gets tripped up by that last stitch in a row, this tip is for you!

In crochet, it can be tricky to keep track of the last stitch in your row, especially when using dark yarn. Your first stitch in a row tends to be a little tighter than the others and can even curl a little bit. This makes us unsure if that last stitch in a row is really part of the row we’re working on, or if it’s the side of a stitch from the row below.

To keep track, I put a locking stitch marker at the beginning of each row I start. This way, when I turn my work and start working back across the row, it’s very clear which stitch is the last in the row. It’s a simple tip, but can come in really handy!