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Unselfish Selfish Knitting

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013
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Greta is an experienced knitter who works in the store and on our website. She shares with us how even knitting a simple project is a great, relaxing thing for experienced knitters. Sometimes you just need a break from the complex and need to be refreshed with an easy project.

Goshen Hat knit in Berroco BrioYou may think that with me being an experienced knitter and all that I would only knit complicated, intricate things. Well, you would be wrong! While I am generally what we call a “process knitter” (someone who knits for the sake of knitting rather than being focused on the product) sometimes I find it really satisfying to pick a project that I can knit quickly and easily.

Case in point: We recently got a sample in the store of the Goshen hat, which is knit in Berroco Brio. I don’t know what it is about this hat but my coworker Katie and I simply adore it. We were all, “Oh my gosh, earflaps! Sparkles! Earflaps and sparkles!” That’s when we had an idea: instead of knitting it for ourselves, why not knit it for each other? All things told, this hat probably took me 4 hours to knit from start to finish. Plus, giving it to Katie (and her giving me mine) was so much fun! Now we are hat sisters with our wild, weird, sparkly hats! Also, with the holidays coming up, now I know where to turn if my holiday knitting comes down to the wire (which it usually does).

Getting back to basics like that was really refreshing for a knitter like me. I feel like it gave me a chance to breathe and then refocus on some of my other projects, re-motivated and restored. And that’s the way knitting should make you feel, right?