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Valley Yarns Style Guide: 3 Ways To Style the Harkin Pullover

Friday, July 7th, 2017
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Do you ever see something that you really want to knit, but aren’t sure how you would fit that style into your current wardrobe?

Me too. All the time.

We all want to get as much use out of our handknits as possible. Making your own clothing is time consuming and can get very expensive.

When I’m looking at a potential new project, I ask myself these four questions:

1. What fiber will I knit this in and realistically wear?

This is really a two-part question. What is the original garment made out of? Was it designed for a cotton and silk blend, so it will have lots of drape and movement? If so, would  I be willing to invest the time and money into that particular yarn or something similar? Will it look as good in a superwash Merino? Will I have to take special care when laundering the garment? If you’re looking to make an aran sweater with a turtleneck, choosing a cotton is probably not the best idea – even if it has the same stitch gauge. The same goes for a summery linen top. The fabric won’t act the same if knit in a bouncy superwash Merino as it would in a linen fiber.

2. What color do I want to knit it in vs. what color will actually work with what I have?

This can be a really tough one, especially if you’re like me, and tend to be interested in knitting only with a few different shades. So, if the sample garment is knit in a bright yellow, can I envision it in a different color? Would the stitch pattern disappear if I used my favorite hue? Would I wear that trendy neon green speckled color next season? How many tops do I have that will go under that sweater and will I have to buy more to coordinate? Sometimes you just can’t tell until you’ve actually knit it. My advice would be to buy a skein of that color and swatch it. Hold it up against your skin in natural and unnatural light. Drape it over clothes you already own. If you can still envision yourself wearing that color, then by all means, use it!

3. I like the shape of this garment – but will I like it on me? 

Another tough question. If you’re petite, maybe you’re not comfortable wearing something long and oversized without  changing the length a bit (or quite a bit). If you’re busty with wide shoulders, you may need to choose a pattern that can accommodate your frame. A taller body may need to edit where the waist shaping is on a sweater as well as the length. The list goes on and on. All of our bodies are sized differently and a lot of patterns are only written for a handful of sizes (although most designers are getting much better about expanding their sizing options). For me, if I have to change more than three things about a pattern to feel comfortable in it, I’m out. Pull out some of your favorites and decide what you think looks best on you, and try choosing a pattern that has similar qualities.

4. How many outfits can I make out of things I already own? Will I have to buy something to go with this?  

If your wardrobe is more jeans-and-a-tee, maybe you won’t get as much wear out of that gorgeous cable-knit skirt as you would a top-down raglan. If you live in Hawaii, you might not have the same need for a closet full of Lopi sweaters as someone in Alaska might.

Ok, so maybe that was more than four questions, but I think you get the gist of it. Of course, we support making what you want, when you want, but we also want you to get as much wear as you can out of your handknits, and to make something you’ll cherish!

Today, we’re taking the Harkin Pullover, by Kirsten Hipsky, knit in Valley Yarns Hatfield, and styling it three different ways. Harkin is an oversized pullover, knit in a lace weight alpaca on size 8 needles. It’s roomy and comes in several sizes. It’s very lightweight, but adds a touch of warmth to almost any outfit, which is perfect for all seasons, and definitely easy to mix and match with what you probably already own!

For our Valley Yarns 2017 catalog, we styled the Harkin Pullover with medium-wash skinny jeans, brown riding boots, and a chunky necklace. It’s a simple outfit that definitely has an autumnal feel. Since we’re still a couple of months away from Fall here in the Pioneer Valley, I styled Harkin three ways that could work in the summer, using items pulled from my own wardrobe.

valley yarns knit sweater harkin 1

The first outfit is a summery recreation of the original look. When late summer mornings start to get cool, I often throw a lightweight sweater over a tank. I used medium-wash jeggings with a black cami to pair underneath. Instead of tall boots, I chose these colorful, faux-leather flat sandals that were a steal at Target. To top it off, I grabbed a small cross-body bag.

valley yarns knit sweater harkin 2Do you wear your knits to work? We do at WEBS!

For a casual office, the unstructured and oversized Harkin Pullover would look great over the same black camisole, and with a flouncy patterned skirt. Cute, shiny, and comfy, these flat sandals add texture and shine.

valley yarns knit sweater harkin 3

For the final outfit, I wanted to dress Harkin up a bit. I chose an ultra-short, strappy sundress, with chunky wedge platforms. The colors of the floral print compliment the sweater’s deep red color, and because the knitted fabric is sheer, a bit of that print will peek through! It’s the perfect cover-up for a summer date night!

valley yarns knit sweater harkin 4


How do you style your handknits? We want you to show us! Tag us @websyarn on Instagram, or share them in our Ravelry group!

July pattern wrap up

Monday, August 8th, 2016
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We released 3 beautiful shawls and a bold, modern cowl this past month!

july patterns


The Poet’s Corner Shawl with it’s rich deep purple and delicately ruffled edge, the Crisanta Shawl with it’s gentle crescent shape and botanical lace border, and the Anthemis Cowl with it’s bright, gradient stripes, all knit in our ethereal Valley Yarns Hatfield. And the Shenandoah Valley Shawl, a stunning rectangular wrap with geometric cable and lace in one of our favorites, Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk.

august preview

In August we’re gearing up for all new designs from our Fall 2016 catalog and two new patterns just for our Valley Yarns Northfield. Fall knitting is right around the corners and we’re ready!

The Anthemis Cowl

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
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We have one more fantastic new pattern in our sumptuous Hatfield yarn for you. The Anthemis Cowl, designed by Tian Connaughton, is soft as a cloud and light as air!

The Anthemis Cowl from Valley Yarns. Learn more about the yarn and where you can get your copy of the pattern on the WEBS Blog at

Knit in the round from the bottom up, in an easy to memorize arrow lace pattern, the Anthemis Cowl gets extra oomph from a gradient of colors. Use the soft, greyish blues show in the sample or go bold with reds and oranges, frosty with pale purples, or perfectly neutral with greys or beautifully heathered browns.

The Anthemis Cowl from Valley Yarns. Learn more about the yarn and where you can get your copy of the pattern on the WEBS Blog at

With more than 2 dozen colors to choose from there’s no reason to pass up the chance to get Hatfield on your needles. With a quick and easy project like this you’re sure to have the knitting done before the cooler weather settles in, and this way you’ll be prepared for it with a striking accessory that keeps you warm while staying stylishly on trend.

Valley Yarns Hatfield

Monday, July 18th, 2016
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Hatfield is one of my top 5 yans from Valley Yarns! 100% super soft, baby alpaca in a sturdy, yet lofty,  2-ply laceweight with 437 yds, means you have a versatile yarn with almost endless possibilities.

Get to know Valley Yarns Hatfield! On the WEBS Blog at

We already have some incredible pattern support for this yarn, with more planned! It’s perfect for lightweight, yet incredibly warm garments and accessories, and with that extensive yardage you’ll only need a few skeins. Pictured clockwise from top left: Lina Shawl(just 2 skeins), Fruits of the Forest Scarf (also only 2 skeins), Poet’s Corner Shawl – NEW! (2 skeins!), Traversina Shawl (1 skein in each of 6 colors, but only 2 skeins in yardage), Breezeway Pullover (2-4 skeins depending on size), and the Crisanta Shawl – NEW! (only 1 skein!)

Get to know Valley Yarns Hatfield! On the WEBS Blog at

This is an amazing yarn for summer knitting. It’s lightweight nature means you won’t have a bulky project heating up your lap while you enjoy some beach time, but you’ll finish with a great piece to ward of the chill come Fall. Do you have Valley Yarns Hatfield on your needles?

Crisanta Shawl

Monday, July 11th, 2016
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Another wonderful new pattern this month, in our Valley Yarns Hatfield, is the Crisanta Shawl by Tian Connaughton.

The Crisanta Shawl from Valley Yarns. Learn more about the yarn, the designer, and where you can get your copy of the pattern on the WEBS Blog at

Knit on a larger than expected needle for this fine, baby alpaca lace, the Crisanta Shawl is worked side to side with a delicate, leafy lace border that ripples and moves like leaves in a breeze. The perfect little something extra for chilly summer nights, this shawl is just enough to keep you warm with a long sleeved tee.

We asked Tian to tell us more about how she designs and what she enjoyed about working with this yarn.

When did you learn to knit?
I was first introduced to the fiber world via crochet. I learned to crochet in September 2001 from an older co-worker to pass the hour-long lunch breaks. For years I was content just making blankets to give away for every occasion. But that all changed in 2006, when quitting my day job as a Credit Manager to stay home with my then 2-year old son. I discovered the wonders of knitting after watching HGTV’s Knitty Gritty. Knitting opened up an even wider world for me in the fiber arts.

What prompted you to start designing?
After discovering knitting, designing was soon to follow. The television show, Knitty Gritty, was the catalyst for my starting to design. I clearly remember the episode when Shirley Paden was a guest on the show, a talented knitwear designer creating fantastic patterns. I wanted to be like her. In her, I saw myself and a whole world of possibilities beyond my corporate life. Like many designers, I began by modifying existing patterns to fit my needs and then quickly evolved to creating my own original designs.

Give us a glimpse into your design process, where/how do you find inspiration?
Design inspirations come to me in many different forms and from many sources. I get inspirations on walks with my dog, Charlie, through the snow. It could be the texture of a tree bark or the canopy of trees over head in the woods. Or sometimes, inspiration strikes at weird times such as during Downward Dog at Pilates class while staring at the pattern on the map. Usually the idea comes first, inspired by my surrounding, then I search for the yarn that will best compliment the texture and drape of the design.

What did you love about the Valley Yarns Hatfield?
I’m not a huge fan of lace weight yarns, or so I thought. When I proposed this design to WEBS, I had resigned myself to the idea and to just grit my teeth as I work through the sample because I loved the design idea so much. After winding the yarn, slowly and carefully, I set off to cast-on for the Crisanta Shawl and immediately fell in love with the yarn, Hatfield. I thought I wouldn’t like the lace weight yarn because I don’t work with that weight of yarn often. And I don’t work with that weight of yarn often because I am an impatient knitter. But working up this thin yarn on bigger needles was a match made in heaven. The stitches simple flew off the needles. The yarn now has a special place in my heart. I can see so many more projects in the future.

The Crisanta Shawl from Valley Yarns. Learn more about the yarn, the designer, and where you can get your copy of the pattern on the WEBS Blog at

This yarn has a special place in our hearts, too! With over 400 yds per skein, warm and lightweight, Valley Yarns Hatfield is ideal for garments and accessories.

Poet’s Corner Shawl

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
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It’s time to introduce the first of our new designs for July! The Poet’s Corner Shawl designed by Jess Gagnon for Valley Yarns and knit in Hatfield is a surprisingly lightweight and warm triangle shawl with a delicate lace and ruffle detail.

The Poet's Corner Shawl from Valley Yarns. Learn more about the yarn, the designer, and where you can get your copy of the pattern on the WEBS Blog at

The 100% baby alpaca, laceweight Hatfield has a subtle lustrous sheen and slight halo that adds an extra layer of softness to your knits. With it’s mostly stockinette stitch body, a simple lace border and graceful little ruffle detail, the Poet’s Corner Shawl is a quick summer knit that you’ll love wrapping around your shoulders when the cooler air of Autumn settles in.

We asked Jess to tell us a bit about herself and what she enjoyed about working with Hatfield.

When did you learn to knit? 
10 years ago, working as a children’s librarian, I was shelving books and noticed a children’s learn-to-knit book.  I figured if a child could learn to knit from a book, surely I could as well!  It worked, and I’ve been knitting since!  At the time, I was an avid cross-stitcher looking to broaden my crafty horizons.  Knitting fit the bill.  I’ve neglected my cross-stitch for years – might be time to cross breed the two.  Hmm…inspiration may be striking here…
What prompted you to start designing?
I continually want to learn new things, so I reached a point where designing seemed a good natural step to continue my learning process.  And designing helps me create a precise garment or accessory that I can’t seem to find elsewhere – I can satisfy my own need for a particular piece, and then refine it in pattern form for others.  Honestly, I used to be afraid (literally, afraid) of the idea of designing.  Math is not my forte, so was frankly intimidated by the idea of it.  Once I put a name to it, realized what I felt was fear, I make a conscious step to move past it.  I feel like the floodgates of creativity have been opened, and it’s so refreshing!
Give us a glimpse into your design process, where/how do you find inspiration?
Designs come at me from all angles.  Typically when I’m my most relaxed, and when I’m not trying for it, a concept will hit me (while hiking, doing yoga, going for a run, petting my cat, etc.).  Sometimes I’ll spot a design element out in public or on the news, and I’ll try to puzzle out how to take that element and translate it into knitting.   I try to keep a notepad handy so I can draft a quick sketch as soon as possible to keep the idea fresh.  I’ve been know to resort to using a sticky note and ball-point pen if those are the only resources available!
Tell us your favorite fiber related story.
In the 10 years I’ve been knitting, my husband has never asked for anything.  Never.  He will volunteer admiration, or ask about what I’m working on, but will never ask.  Finally, he asked if I’d make him a sweater.  He’s had a hard time finding a work-appropriate, comfortable, attractive sweater.  So, we picked out a yarn color, and worked together on design elements, and I made him his very own sweater.  Literally, his very own, as I designed it but haven’t written it up.  I love that he finally asked for something, and that we could collaborate on something to meet his exact needs.
What did you love about Valley Yarns Hatfield?
The softness.  It’s so important to me to have a yarn that feels good to work up.  For me, knitting is about the process, and the tactile experience.  The critical component to a fulfilling experience is the yarn touch.  Hatfield fit the bill, and then some – so soft, and delightful.
The Poet's Corner Shawl from Valley Yarns. Learn more about the yarn, the designer, and where you can get your copy of the pattern on the WEBS Blog at
Which color of Hatfield will you choose for a Poet’s Corner Shawl of your own?

June Pattern Wrap Up

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
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You’ve told us you love quick, portable and lightweight projects for summer. In June we released a stunning trio of accessories in our Valley Yarns Huntington and Charlemont.

New Designs for June 2016 from Valley Yarns - details on the WEBS Blog at

The Olivenhain Fingerless Mitts and Oblique Hat are fantastic projects to stitch on summer road trips and beach days, and the Sequoyah Shawl is perfect for cool summer evenings at music festivals or family picnics. Not only will you enjoy making each of these patterns but you’ll be filling your holiday gift basket as you do!

Fresh New Designs from Valley Yarns in July - details on the WEBS Blog at

The fun summer knitting continues in July with a trifecta of stunning projects! We’ll be releasing all the details for these new patterns on July 1st, but if you haven’t had the pleasure of knitting with our Hatfield or 2/14 Alpaca Silk you’re in for a treat!

And don’t forget to check out our Summer Valley Yarns Catalog for even more stunning new patterns!

FREE Shipping with a $25 Valley Yarns Purchase continues

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015
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I don’t know about you but I’m glad that there’s a little something for me in the midst of all this back-to-school shopping! I have a high-schooler and a middle-schooler this year and between the backpacks, notebooks, binders, new clothes and the equipment for Fall sports I was feeling a little left out of all the shopping fun. The good news is I can add a few great yarns to my stash, get a jump start on holiday gift projects and not have to pay for shipping!

Take advantage of our End of Summer FREE Shipping promo - now through Aug 30th. Details on the WEBS Blog at

I’m loving the new Hatfield from Valley Yarns, buttery soft baby alpaca in some gorgeous colors. The Fruits of the Forest Shawl would be just perfect for my Sister-in Law and I’ll only need 2 skeins!

Take advantage of our End of Summer FREE Shipping promo - now through Aug 30th. Details on the WEBS Blog at

Another great 2 skein project is the Tokudama Socks in Valley Yarns Huntington. I’m planning on making socks in my oldest daughter’s school colors for spirit days, orange and black! That right there is $25.56 in Valley Yarns, FREE Shipping is mine!

Take advantage of our End of Summer FREE Shipping promo - now through Aug 30th. Details on the WEBS Blog at

I’m going to add a Pepperberry Knits Fun Size Bundle to my order and make a stripey, chevron cowl just for me! And I might add some single skeins of Color by Kristin, and a few cones of the 30s Yorkshire Wool for some weaving projects I have in mind.

How will you take advantage of the FREE Shipping offer? Will you plan out a few projects, fill your stash with great workhorse yarns or take the leap with a few luxury splurges?

How to Wear It – The Breezeway Pullover

Friday, July 24th, 2015
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Summer is in full swing but that doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your warmer knits or that a few cool evening aren’t going to sneak up on you! The Breezeway Pullover from our recent Valley Yarns catalog is a great transitional wardrobe piece that works well all year long and in almost any climate.

How to Wear It - The Breezeway Pullover. Show us how YOU wear your Valley Yarns knits, more info on the WEBS Blog at #VYwearit

The loose, unstructured shape give this pullover versatility across multiple styles, and as a layering piece you can wear it in any season! We’re focused on summer looks here but you could add this over a great oxford with dress pants, or pair it with leggings, a cami, and some killer boots, topped off with a big statement necklace.

How to Wear It - The Breezeway Pullover. Show us how YOU wear your Valley Yarns knits, more info on the WEBS Blog at #VYwearit

Hatfield is a 100% baby alpaca yarn in over 2 dozen lightly heathered colors so you’re sure to find a color to match this season’s trends or your tried and true wardrobe favorites.

We’d love to see your finished garments! Anytime you’ve made a Valley Yarns pattern be sure to tag it with #VYwearit We may feature you here on the blog, highlight you on our Facebook page, or repost you on Instagram!

Introducing Valley Yarns Hatfield

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015
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We’ve launched some great New Valley Yarns this summer, and with even more arriving in the coming weeks we thought we’d take some time to introduce them.

Valley Yarns Hatfield now available at WEBS and

First up is our Valley Yarns Hatfield, a 100% Baby Alpaca, lace-weight yarn with over 400yds per skein. While it might seem a little early to talk about Holiday knits, who wants to think about winter when it’s 90+ outside, we only have a little over 20 weeks before the gift giving begins! This gorgeous yarn may be the perfect starting point. Light enough to be knit outdoors on a hot summer day without making you’re hands overheat, it will keep the wearer plenty warm when the cold winds begin to blow. Think shawls, lacy cowls, and even transitional sweaters!

Valley Yarns Hatfield now available at WEBS and

And we already have 2 patterns to get you started on that gift list. The Breezeway Pullover is knit at a loose gauge into a roomy, casually shaped sweater that makes a great multi-season layering piece. The Composition Cowl uses a classic lace stitch, combined with garter stitch, for great texture without tons of work, and the length is totally adjustable! Or choose your favorite pattern that calls for a laceweight yarn. I’m thinking that maybe the Hazel Shawl, or the Greenway Shawl, is going to end up on my needles soon in Leaf Green, it’s my sister’s favorite color! What projects will you plan in Hatfield?