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Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – The Cordoba Shawl

Thursday, August 14th, 2014
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This simple but stunning, granny-inspired Cordoba Shawl is a perfect lacy crochet project. Worked in Valley Yarns Franklin from the center back with simple changes in stitch height for interest and a delicate border, this will become your go-to shawl for special occasions and quiet evenings on the back porch.

cordoba promo


Tonal yarns are great for shawl projects like this as the play of color changes over the open work sections and the more densely packed sections of granny stitches to create a dappled color effect. This shawl can easily be worked in any yarn weight, just be sure to switch to a hook size appropriate for your yarn choice.

Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – Bilateral Cardigan

Thursday, July 31st, 2014
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From looking at it, you’d never guess that this cropped Bilateral Cardigan is made from just two hexagons, but follow along and see how it works!


Alternate two different skeins of Valley Yarns BFL Worsted Hand Dyed by the Kangaroo Dyer for subtle, blended colors, or make each hexagon with different skeins for a two-toned effect. We even have a handy tutorial video to show you how this sweater comes together!

Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – The Hazel Shawl

Monday, June 30th, 2014
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The Hazel Shawl is a stunning, crescent shaped shawl in a delicate, knotted lace pattern that is just perfect for summer.

The Hazel Shawl from Valley Yarns knit in 2/14 Alpaca Silk available at

About the design Kirsten says, “The shaping is built right into the stitch pattern, eliminating any unsightly jogs between the increases and the lace motifs. The built-in rate of increase creates a more eccentric crescent-shape than traditional triangle shawls that fits better over the shoulders. The patterning is done on both sides with a garter stitch base, which means no purling and no long, boring plain rows! There’s plenty of yarn left over in the skein to make it larger if you like. A simple, knitted-on lace edging rounds out the piece.”

The 2/14 Alpaca Silk is available in 10 hand dyed colors and 25 solid colors. Which will you choose?

Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – Falling Leaves Shawl

Monday, June 16th, 2014
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This week’s featured pattern graces the cover of our 2014 Valley Catalog, the Falling Leaves Shawl. This has been one of our most popular patterns of the last few years. Originally knit in the soft Stone Blue color of Valley Yarns Stockbridge it has gotten a stylish update in the Fall Festival colorway of Valley Yarns Charlemont hand dyed by the Kangaroo Dyer.

falling leaves charlemontfalling leaves - stockbridge

The simple, biasing lace stitch works together with the vibrant hand-dyed colors to resemble a canopy of changing autumn leaves. Check out all the gorgeous completed Falling Leaves Shawls over on Ravelry.

The Buzz at WEBS – January 6, 2012

Friday, January 6th, 2012
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Check out what the staff at WEBS is buzzing about this week.

Our Valley Yarns Longmeadow is one of my favorite yarns. It’s a wonderful cotton/acrylic blend that behaves nicely when knitting or crocheting with it. We’ve added two lovely new colors — Winter Lake & Persimmon. There are also lots of pattern choices for this yarn as well! > Kathy E.

The Manos del Uruguay Molly Vest is a wonderful project. My daughter knitted it while she was home visiting for a week. She used the Wool Clasica and the finished garment was great. She wore it home. I have recommended it to many customers and have received only positive reviews. It is high up on my list of knitted projects. If only I can get the time! > Marion H.

I’ve fallen in love with the new natural yarn closeouts we’ve received. Plymouth Yarn Earth Homestead is buttery soft with a lofty twist. I’m toying with the idea of making a cabled jacket out of this. Something that I can run my hands over frequently. Fibra Natura Shepherd’s Own is begging to be made into a blanket, something I can throw across my lap while I’m working with it. Both worsted yarns come in a beautiful range of natural hues, with lovely stitch definition and generous yardage. > Cara S.

Just before Christmas, I found my copy of Tot Toppers Plaid Hatter by Kate Oates and decided to make my kids and grandkids each one. Thankfully I had already stocked up on Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage Limited Edition Short Skeins and they worked out beautifully. Hopefully all the hats will be done by Sunday when we get together to exchange gifts. > Lise G.

I’m so excited that we have Gail Callahan’s new The Kangaroo Dyer’s Colorgrid in stock! The Colorgrid is a variation on the color wheel that really demystifies color for me. It’s a great tool for seeing what colors work together and how to add in other colors for pizzazz. I’m giving them to all my sisters, even the ones who don’t do fiber arts — the flower arranger and scrapbooker will use it as well! > Leslie Ann B.

I’m having fun playing with the Harrisville Designs Potholder Loom. Yes, making potholders with the included cotton loops is easy, nostalgic fun. But I’ve also been using the loom to make small soumac tapestry pictures. > Kirsten H.

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
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Hi Everyone

I have a couple of industry tidbits to share with you all today.

First up is some exciting news from Artyarns.  Owners Iris & Eliot.  They were selected by American Express to participate in a brand makeover that was video taped.  There are three episodes that have been posted on Amex’s OpenForum and are described as follows:

“This video is part of our Project RE:Brand web series in which small businesses undergo brand makeovers from design experts. “

Below is the link to episode 1 of 3.  The other two are shown as thumbnails to immediately to the right – just click on them to see them as well:

As someone who has and MBA in Marketing and has spent the better part of 20 years in the field one way or another, I was completely intrigued by this.  Iris & Eliot recently visited and shared the link along with many aspects of the project.  They had mentioned this to us at TNNA but we really didn’t “get” what the project was about.  The insight from the design team they received along with the collateral materials are amazing.  What a tremendous opportunity for them.  Check out the videos and watch the process and learn more about Artyarns!  Also, be sure to check out Iris’ new blog at   There you will find out about her latest designs and escapades.  Plus there are a bunch of great FREE Patterns!  Congratulations again to them and we couldn’t be happier to carry their gorgeous, luxury yarns!

Next up, I received a link to Amazon’s “Best Books of 2010: Crafts:

First and foremost, let’s all give our very own Gail Callahan, a.k.a. The Kangaroo Dyer a HUGE round of applause!  Her book, “Hand Dyeing Fleece & Yarn” was ranked #3!!!  Way to go Gail!  We all knew her book would be tremendously awesome, even when she was doubting the book.  Although it’s her baby, we are a proud group of aunties & uncles at WEBS!

What is even more exciting is that Gail is in very good company!  Congratulations also go out to:

Kari Chapin author of “The Handmade Marketplace“.  This is a great book.  We were fortunate enough to host a book signing with Kari and we are just tickled that she came in at #1!

Fellow shop owner Joelle Hoverson checks in at #4 with her much anticipated follow up to “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” with “More Last Minute Knitted Gifts“.  We all loved the first book and we all love the second just as much!

In at #7 is “Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders” from Judith Durant and the lovely folks at Storey Publishing.  We love the entire One Skein series particularly because there are many designs across the series that were submitted by members of our faboo staff!

Rounding out the list at #10 is Julie Turjoman’s acclaimed “Brave New Knits“.  Another fabulous author that we had the pleasure of hosting, Julie’s book has been a great hit!

We are thrilled for all of these authors and the success they have enjoyed this year.  Any of these books would make great holiday gifts.  Don’t forget that books count towards the WEBS discount!



Dyeing Extravaganza

Friday, June 18th, 2010
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Prior to heading out to TNNA, our Store Manager Karen pulled her staff together for a meeting and team building.   Prior to Gail’s incredible inclusion in Elle Decor Magazine, Karen had already decided to have her team dye silk scarves with Gail!  Here they are working in their dye baths:

Here are their amazing results:

I’m not sure what’s happening in this photo but I think it’s a tribute to Gail, The Kangaroo Dyer herself:

Nicely done ladies!

If you are interested in one of Gail’s scarves, you can find information here.  If you want to dye your own but not sure where to start, pick up a copy of her book Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece.


Elle Decor & The Kangaroo Dyer

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
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Hi Everyone

Late last week I received a lovely email from Gail, The Kangaroo Dyer.  It’s always lovely to hear from her and recently our paths have not been crossing as much lately as I would like in the store.  She wanted to share a link with me that she thought I would like:

Check out the url above.  Yes.  That is THE Elle Decor Magazine URL.  This is what you see when you click the link:

That is a hand dyed silk scarf done by Gail and featured in the “Trend” section of  I flipped out. This is HUGE!!!  Elle Decor is one of the leading home dec publications out there!

Over the weekend I had a chance to indulge in a little R&R on our back deck.  It was stunning lizard weather on Sunday and I enjoyed catching up on a variety of magazines and catalogs.  In my pile was this:

Yes, I am an Elle Decor subscriber.  As I perused the magazine I came upon page 64:

Trend Alert.  The top left corner caught my eye and THERE WAS GAIL’S HAND DYED SCARF!!!  Look at it up close:

That’s her scarf, her name and her url on page 64 of Elle Decor magazine!  That is huge!  That is cooler than cool!  Go Gail!  Go Gail!  Go Gail!!!

I realize my enthusiasm may be a tad biased but just stop and think about this for a minute.  Think about how many budding designers, established designers for that matter would kill for the opportunity for one of their products to be featured in a magazine of this statue, never mind on the “Trend Alert” page!  Having previously worked in marketing for a large footwear company, these types of editorial placements were gold nuggets.  Yes, of course in some instances there is a little quid pro quo going on but trust me –  Gail will not be running a full page ad or any ad or anything anytime in the near future in Elle Decor.

This is cool.  I have no idea what it means for Gail – maybe she’ll spend the next 6 months dyeing fabric for someone, maybe she’ll get a handful of orders for silk scarves.  Regardless of the metrics, I think it’s just awesome and I am absolutely thrilled for Gail.  Let’s give Gail some much deserved love in the comments!

I wonder if she could hand dye me some pom-poms?


Ready, Set, Knit #161 – Interview with Gail Callahan

Monday, January 25th, 2010
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This week on Ready, Set, Knit, Steve shared some new yarns and new closeouts that have recently arrived at the shop.  It’s a very busy time with all of the new spring yarns

New Yarn

Cotton Spring from Artyarns
Picaboo from Frog Tree Alpacas
Sari from S. Charles Collezione

Lace Ball from Schoppel Wolle
Cotton Classic Lite from Tahki Yarns
Mia from Tahki Yarns

New Closeouts

Alpalite from Filatura Di Crosa
Duchess from Classic Elite Yarns
Classic One Fifty from Classic Elite Yarns

I had the immense pleasure of talking with our own Gail Callahan, a.k.a. The Kangaroo Dyer.  Gail’s first book is about to be released and to say that we’re excited would be the understatement of the year!  Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece will be available in just a few short weeks.  I know I am biased when I say this, but the book is fabulous.  It’s chock full of great information that is organized in a very logical and readable way.  The pictures are glorious and to top it off – it’s spiral bound!

We are currently taking pre-orders for Gail’s book so be sure to order yours!  The cost is $18.95 and remember it’s part of our WEBS discount!

We’ll also be hosting the official launch party for Gail and her book on Sunday, February 21st from 12-4.  Yes – a rare Sunday opening!  It’s going to be a great party so be sure to plan to join us.  To help us be sure we have enough food, etc., please register for this free event by calling Customer Service at 1.800.367.9327.