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Free Pattern Thursday – Mindego Mitts

Thursday, January 20th, 2011
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Hi Everyone,

This week’s free pattern was featured in episode 310 of Knitting Daily TV. The Mindego Mitts come from the wonderful Cat Bordhi. There are three options – mitten, fingerless mitt, or wrist warmer.

They are knit in the incredibly soft Valley Yarns Valley Superwash.

I knit the mittens and the pattern was quite fun. I love that the mittens are long enough that you won’t get snow between your jacket cuff and the cuff of your mitten. (I hate that!) Even better, they only took a weekend to complete! I think I’ll have to knit a pair of the fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm while I type. Of course now the hard part – deciding what color!

Check out this great video of the segment Cat did on Knitting Daily TV. She explains how to knit on two circular needles.

Happy Knitting!


Kathy is Knitting Daily

Monday, August 24th, 2009
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Just a quick post as we’re on vacation with the kids – one last summer blast! 

I had the distinct pleasure to be a guest blogger last week on the Knitting Daily TV blog.  The third season of Knitting Daily TV kicked off at the end of July and I was lucky enough to be a part of yet another season.  In my post, I had the chance to talk about one of my favorite segments.  Our Valley Yarns Illusion Cube Blanket is one of my most beloved projects. 


Designed by Kirsten Hipsky, the blanket is stunning both in it’s beauty and ultimate simplicity.  Knit using our Valley Yarns Northampton, you can follow the pattern as is, reduce it for a super special shawl or scarf or super-size it for a coverlet.

So – how did I do?  I think it’s been well documented that tv is not my favorite platform.  What do you think of the blanket?


And Now a Word from Our Industry

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
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I have a few random items today to share with you so I figured I’d combine them all into one post.

First, the 2009 Stitch and Pitch schedule has been posted.  Stitch and Pitch is an effort between our industry association TNNA and Major League Baseball to promote the needlearts.  It’s a great way to get out an enjoy a baseball game with your family and fellow stitchers while hopefully attracting new knitters, crocheters, needlepointers, etc.  What’s great about this effort is that Stitch and Pitch has branched out to minor league teams as well!  Take a look at the MLB schedule and see if your favorite team is participating. 

I’ve never been to a Stitch and Pitch event as our beloved Red Sox have not stepped up to participate in this partnership (boo Red Sox).  I’m going to finally get the opportunity when I’m in Columbus in June!  Our trade organization TNNA is sponsoring a Stitch and Pitch for all of us retailers and wholesalers!  It’s going to be a great event so if you are a shop owner or a wholesaler and plan to be in Columbus, be sure to come out to the ballpark on Saturday evening, June 13th.  Info is on the TNNA website and in your TNNA brochure.

Interweave Press, publisher of Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet and Handwoven magazines (just to name a few) is embarking on a large-scale industry-wide survey of artists and art materials users in the USA.  It’s open to anyone who uses art materials—from casual crafters to serious artists, and everything in between—spinners and weavers who dye, polymer clay artists, quilters who paint, etc. Everyone who participates will get a copy of the survey’s executive summary.  Here’s an excerpt of the official press release with the relevant links:

New York, NY – April 27, 2009: The International Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA) and “American Artist” magazine are pleased to announce the launch of a new industry study and are asking all artists and users of art supplies in the United States to take part. Completing the survey is easy online at:

In addition to collecting valuable data, NAMTA is donating $1.00  for every completed survey (for the first 2,000  completed) to visual-arts scholarships through the NAMTA Foundation for the Visual Arts.
Survey participants will be eligible to win one of five $100 gift certificates to an art materials store. Participants must register to receive the executive summary and to enter the sweepstakes by clicking on the link on the thank-you page after submitting their completed survey. The sweepstakes and
executive summary sign-up is separate from the survey to keep the survey anonymous.

Last, most of you know that I have made several appearances on the first two seasons of Knitting Daily TV.  One of my segments was featured on Knitting Daily   yesterday.  In this segment, I talk about blocking large lace pieces.  I’ll be honest, this is not one of my most memorable segments but I’m tickled that Sandi liked it – Thanks Sandi!


Ready, Set, Knit! #122 – Interview with Eunny Jang & Kim Werker!

Sunday, March 29th, 2009
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This week I had the chance to talk with Eunny Jang Editor of Interweave Knits.  She was in Cleveland recording the third season of Knitting Daily TV.  We had the chance to talk about the spring issue of Interweave Knits, her Blooming Cotton Scarf (kits available on our site) and a sneak peek of the summer issue.  We also had the chance to catch up with former Interweave Crochet Editor Kim Werker

Steve had some new yarns to talk about as usual and even slipped in some info on our upcoming 35th Anniversary Sale.

Finally, Pixie and I are winding down the Chicken KAL.  We’ll finish that up next week!

Listen to this week’s episode or download from iTunes!



Friday Frolic

Friday, March 27th, 2009
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It’s Friday.  I’m home.  It’s warm (my car told me it was 70 just a bit ago).  I’m happy.

Lots to catch up on and a busy weekend ahead.  I came home from Cleveland earlier today and the taping of the third season of Knitting Daily TV.  More on that this weekend.  Because there are a couple of things more important at the moment.  First, is this:

Those are buds (I know, I’m sure you could’ve figured that out for yourselves).  Not just any buds mind you.  Those are buds on a plant in my yard!  Folks, I think we’re going to make it!  You have no idea the joy this brings me.

Next, there is a SUPER cool event happening this weekend in Northampton.  If you live in the area and/or are looking for something fun to do with the family tomorrow, I’ve got the plan for you!  Tomorrow is the first ever Meltdow – The River’s (as in WRSI 93.9) Family Music and Book Bash at JFK Middle School in Northampton (less than 10 mins from WEBS by the way).  From 10-4 there will be children’s musicians performing, authors doing book readings and lots of other fun things.  A certain little bead shop and a particular yarn store I’m familiar with will also be on hand 🙂  WEBS Beads will offering kids a chance to make a beaded project (they are bringing several options to accomodate boys/girls and a range of ages up to teens) and WEBS Yarn will be helping kids make felted balls out of wool and stringing them into a necklace!  There will also be food vendors and our favorite radio station here in the Valley, WRSI will be there!

The event is free (although I’m not sure that the food is) and it runs from 10-4pm.  I’ll be there for a bit in the morning and again later in the afternoon – tomorrow is little league skills assessment for the boys so I’m going to be zipping up and down the Valley most of the day 🙂

Also, if you are looking for a camp option for your kids this summer, we’ll have information regarding our Kid’s Fiber Camp!

Happy Spring!


Chickens, Contests and Catching Up Oh My!

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
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Getting back to the business of life is never easy after vacation.  It’s funny, I used to count the days until the kids went back to school after vacation but as they get older that feeling seems to be fading.  I wasn’t at all disappointed that they missed most of the first day back today due to poorly scheduled dentist appts.  In fact, I toyed with just hanging out with them for the afternoon too, but decided I should be a responsible parent and at least get them to school for a couple of hours.

So, first and foremost, how are the chickens coming along??  I haven’t heard a peep (no pun intended) from any of you!  I know you’re out there knitting them!  Post a comment with an update and if yours is finished, please be sure to send a picture to  I’d love to brag about your chickens here on the blog.  Be sure to tell me what size you made, what yarn you used and any modifications you made.  Also – what did you name your chicken and why.   I believe Pixie’s Bessie is pretty much done.  My Lily remains at a stand still as my vacation knitting involved items I needed to prep for the next segments of Knitting Daily TV that I have to shoot this week.  Plus, Lily isn’t exactly the easiest traveling companion.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting the video on the kitchener stitch which is how are chickens are trussed up 🙂


Remember, we have a wee bit of a contest going – the chicken Pixie and I like the best or feel has the most compelling story will win a limited edition chicken timer that only attendees of the last TNNA show got as a gift from Linda of Blue Sky Alpacas.  Plus, we’ll add in some yarny goodness, of course. 

Speaking of contests, I had such a blast partnering with KnitPurlGurl a few weeks back, I jumped at the opportunity to connect with another blogger for a giveaway.  Shannon of is offering a WEBS Ball Winder & Swift Combo as a prize.  The contest runs through next Friday, April 3rd.  She has establish her criteria for entering on today’s post.  I would also encourage any of you that have not subscribed to my RSS feed to do so.  May not get you any further submissions in the contest, but you will have my enduring thanks and appreciation 🙂  As the icon on her blog states “Commnets are the new hug”.  Love that.  So true.   What do you all think?  Do you like these contests?  I’m having fun, are you?  I won’t be doing them all the time, just once in awhile to mix things up.  I think the chance to win something is always fun and I like being able to introduce you all to different blogs that you may not have known about previously.  It’s what makes our wonderful yarn community go ’round.

I’ll finish up with a couple of shots from our trip.  Disney World was awesome.  The kids are at such a great age and now that Jonathan has officially attained the 48″ marker, he can pretty much go on everything.  For anyone who hasn’t been recently, the new Toy Store Mania ride in Hollywood Studios is a must.  We rode three times and I get the distinct pleasure of having the single high score each time 🙂  We’re not competitive or anything as family, really, we’re not. . . . ..

We rode Tower of Terror and we all did Aerosmith’s Rockin Rollercoaster – we can now say we’ve done a loop 🙂  Check it off the list!

The boys all hit the water rides in a big way.  I love the rides, but I hate being wet all day so I usually opt out:

The single best moment of the trip – watching the Space Shuttle launch.  We were about 60 miles away from Cape Canaveral and although we could have driven in closer, we made the choice to stay put.  We were on the 5th floor of our hotel and faced directly east.  About 2 seconds after the launch on TV we saw this:



Then this:




Finally, this is what the sky looked liked for close to an hour afterwards:


It was truly moving.

So, tell me about your chickens, what you think of the contest and whatever else you have going on!


Knitting Daily TV – Season 2

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
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The second season of Knitting Daily TV has begun airing around the country  As a sponsor of the show, I had the chance to travel to Cleveland, OH last fall to tape my segments.  I can say it was much easier the second time around. 

Many more PBS stations have added the show to their offerings.  It’s still not available her in Western Mass, but we can get it vai the Connecticut PBS station.  Somehow I’m always busy at noon on Saturdays!  With that said, the folks at Interweave have been kind enough to provide me with clips of my appearances in season 2.   Today I’m going to share with you my appearance on episode #204.  In this segment, I demonstrate the Double Crochet Method for joining granny squares as you go:


Of the 14 segments I have taped over the two seasons, this is the first time I’ve watched one of my own!  Eek!

Want to know a little behind the scenes scoop?  The two granny squares I am joining were whipped up just minutes before we went into tape.  Using Valley Yarns Berkshire, Kim Werker created the burgundy square.  The other is the work of Eunny Jang.  What’s cool is that it’s the first granny Eunny ever made and Kim talked her through the steps as she was working on her own square.  Someday I will donate Eunny’s square to the Fiber Hall of Fame but for now, both live in my office as mementos.

Do you want to see some more sneak peeks?


Ready, Set, Knit! #116 – Interview with Gwen Bortner!

Saturday, February 7th, 2009
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This week on Ready, Set, Knit! we had the opportunity to speak with designer and teacher Gwen Bortner.  I’ve had the chance to not only take a class with Gwen, but spend some time with her.  She is a great teacher full of great knowlege and amazing energy.  She’ll be at WEBS on March 21& 22 teaching three different workshops.

Saturday, March 21 10am-1pm – Making Money From Your Hobby

Saturday, March 21 2pm-5pm – Flat to Circular and Back Again

Sunday, March 22 10am-5pm – Adaptations:  Customing a Published Pattern

Pixie and I also wrap-up the Beaded Scarf KAL this week.  Here are a couple of shots of Pixie’s finished scarf:

Next week we’ll be doing some informal book reviews – there have been so many new ones coming into the store!


2nd Place Isn’t Bad

Friday, October 24th, 2008
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Great post over at Yoelknits this morning.  Interesting review of many cardi patterns. 

Our Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie  was a runner up, but at least we’re in VERY good company!

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


The Week+ In Review

Sunday, September 21st, 2008
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September has been quite the whirlwind. Last I left you all, I was off on a trip to St. Louis. I was gone for 3 days, which isn’t all that long, but long enough to unsettle the schedule. I was originally suppose to be gone longer, but Mom responsibilities called and Steve had to travel to Manhattan to speak at the Big Apple Knitters Guild Annual Luncheon. He didn’t take any pictures, but I sure would’ve liked to have been a fly on the wall watching him and 87 knitters!
I left again last Tuesday to head to Cleveland for the second season taping of Knitting Daily TV. I was pretty nervous when we went for the taping last April, but this time was much less stressful. Steve once again stayed home. We’ve been away so much this year we really felt we couldn’t leave the boys again unless it was necessary for us both to be somewhere. In this case it wasn’t.
I was met at the airport by the lovely Shannon Okey, who was kind enough to give me a bit of a lift. It was greatly appreciated given that I did not have time to ship all of the “stuff” for my segments in advance so I had one huge suitcase with yarn and props for seven segments along with a second smaller bag packed with seven different outfits. I was also carrying with me yarn that she was in need of for a rush project, so the helping hands worked both ways! Thanks Shannon – great to see you!
I went directly to the studios to prep for my segments and then the next day was taping day!
I did take a few snapshots to share. Here’s Liz Gipson and Eunny Jang prepping in the “Green Room” – it really is green.
Here’s Shay Pendray working a project in between segments. She is one of the loveliest people I have ever met.

Here’s Kim Werker on set prepping for a segment with producer Kathy.

It was great fun to do the TV thing again, but I was equally happy to head for home again.

The night before I left for Cleveland, the WEBS crew gathered for a surprise shower for Mary. I was in charge of carrying out the cover story and getting her to the restaurant on-time. She thought we were meeting our designer and one of our printers for dinner to discuss business. When we walked into the retaurant, she instead found this:

She was completely surprised and we had a lovely celebration. The wedding is only 3 weeks away and we’re excited to share in her special day!

I flew home from Cleveland in time to record this week’s podcast which featured Norah Gaughan! She was in town for a store appearance that night so it was the perfect opportunity to have her back on the show. I was a little delirious from the traveling and started out the interview by calling one of Berroco’s yarns by the wrong name. Consumate professional – yep, that’s me.

We finished the recording and Steve and I headed over to UMass to make a presentation to a marketing class. It was great fun but a little tough since Steve had written the presentation while I was gone. I think we muddled through pretty well.

Then it was back to the store to prep for the event with Norah. As exhausted as I was, the event was GREAT! We had many of the Fall ’08 garments on hand and most in two sizes.

Our sales rep Andra and Berroco Designer (and former WEBS staffer) Cirilia modeled:
I picked this picture in particular because of the garment. I apologize that the shot is a bit blurry. This is Assemblage from NGV3 (Norah Gaughan Book volume 3). Norah explained that initially she had envisioned this cardigan with a wrap that would attach. She brought along the piece and attached it for us to see the look. I love Assemblage as is, but I like it this way too! It’s knit in Pure Merino DK.
I am also including this picture of Portrait (knit in Inca Gold), also found in NGV3 for a reason.
The design inspiration for this garment is a knitted cable. Norah, with the help of Margery, pixelated what a knitted cable looks like and incorporated it into this design. When I first saw this garment, I did not see the cable. In fact, depending on the person, it has a sort of “hologram” effect as different people see different things. Now that we know what it is, it’s clear as day. That Norah, she’s a smart cookie.
I have video from both KDTV and Norah’s event, but that’s going to take a little more editing time. I will post them soon though!
The remainder of this week was uneventful. All I know Toto “there’s no place like home”.