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In the Scene!

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
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In Knitscene that is!  Have you checked out the latest issue yet?  The winter 2008/spring 2009 issue has been out for a couple of weeks now and this is the first chance I’ve had to blog about it.


I was tickled to open it up, get all the way to page 7 and see this profile:


We *heart* Courtney and Kate and were so excited to see this article about them.  In case you don’t know they are the owners of Kelbourne Woolens, the exclusive distributor of The Fibre Company Yarns.  These ladies are not only smart, but the kind of people you just want to be around.  Check out the article to learn a bit more about them but also be sure to check out the yummy yarns from The Fibre Company.

Get to page 42 and there’s a book excerpt from the upcoming simpleStyle by Ann Budd.  Now, I’m going to be honest, page 16 and 22 had me pretty smitten when I first went through this issue so I really didn’t pay much heed to the excerpt.  Until today.  Today I received my advance copy of simpleStyle.  Trust me, I’ll be talking much more about this book.  It’s a keeper!

But I digress, back to page 16:


Not only is this a design featuring our very own Berkshire Bulky, but it’s the amazing work of Carol Sulcoski.  Yes!  THAT Carol! She did that gorgeous design with one of our yarns!  I feel like one of my kids just won some sort of competition! 

Not only that, the cardigan is featured as part of a story on buttonholes:


The beautiful shaping and the stitch pattern makes it seem that this cardigan was NOT knit in a bulky yarn!  We’re going to be reknitting it ourselves in a different color (just to mix things up and give options) and it will be featured in our next catalog!

My heartfelt thanks to Carol for choosing Berkshire Bulky.  We’re far from the only game in town when it comes to yarn and we love how she made one of our babies shine! 

One last tidbit.  For those of you who listen to our Ready, Set, Knit! podcast, you know that last week Jonathan celebrated his 8th birthday.  The boys had a couple of days off from school so we headed to Boston for some birthday festivities.  Here’s one of Jonathan’s best buddies shopping at Copley Plaza:


And a few others admiring the view:


Then, it was off to the Bruins game (the first for the boys):


Other than the Bruins losing, it was a great time!

One last picture.  Jonathan requrested that I post this.  His finished Lego Taj Mahal:

I’d love to know what you think of this issue of Knitscene and especially the Stacked Rib Cardigan!

I’m hoping to have a fun surprise for you all tomorrow.  Be sure to check in!


Interweave Crochet Fall ’08 Preview!

Friday, September 5th, 2008
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Just posted is the preview for the Fall ’08 issue! Check it out here

The designs are really beautiful and I have to admit to being partial to the Stepping Stones Cardigan by Kristin Omdahl. She used our Valley Yarns Deerfield and the finished cardi is really stunning! Can’t wait for the issue to arrive.

More updates from Twist are coming too!


Seasons Collide

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
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Our annual Summer Sale is on! This sale is all about clearing out closeout inventory. There are some great deals and steals to be had this year – Steve took no prisoners and is serious about making some room out in the warehouse. For those of you who have ever shopped the store, you know we always have a $2.00 bin. This is where odds and ends land. Well, Steve has added a $2.00 bin to the on-line sale this year! Fun for all! Be sure to check out the great buys on some really nice yarns for knitters, crocheters and weavers. Just remember, when they are gone, they are GONE!
We received our copies of Vogue Knitting Fall ’08 a few days ago. I will readily admit that I don’t run to the receiving area to grab my copy like I do when Interweave Knits comes. Usually there are a couple of patterns I like, but that’s usually it. Well, Fall ’08 is a completely different story. It is a really, really, REALLY nice issue. Look at the cover – LOOK AT THE MITTENS:

Designed by Jared of Brooklyn Tweed fame, those are mittens – serious mittens.
Called Green Autumn, they are classic, beautiful, challenging – perfect. The entire mitten spread has some great designs, some a bit more out there then others (from my perspective, but that’s just me and my own personal aesthetic). Overall, very nicely done.
As I turned the page I was hit with this:

OMG – it’s stunning. Secondly, it’s designed by Robin Melanson, who I had the chance to meet briefly and is lovely and thirdly, she used Blue Sky Alpaca Melange.
Then there’s this:

I love this too! Knit in Torino Bulky means it will move along. It’s seed stitch surrounded by ribbing and knit from the top down. It’s rated as an “intermediate” pattern (whereas the other two are “experienced” so won’t be showing up on my needles anytime soon) so maybe I’ll take it on. We’ll see.
At this point, I am loving VK Fall ’08 and as I continue to flip the pages (liking other things along the way, not just the ones I’m mentioning here) I come to this:

Norah Gaughan design using Berroco Peruvia. What else needs to be said?
Last, there is this one by Elsebeth Lavold:

Another “experienced” knit so unlikely to be knit by me, but it sure is pretty.
So, hat’s off to Trisha Malcolm and her team – fabulous job one and all! Plus the editorial content is quite good too including articles about the Canadian knitting scene and our friends Jess and Casey at Ravelry. This is a nicely done issue.
Okay, what else? Oh, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail about a week or so ago from Iris at Artyarns:

It’s beautiful and I was very touched that she thought to send it to me. Cashmere and crochet – what more could I ask for? This will be some pretty intense crocheting since the cashmere is her single ply Cashmere 1 and the pattern calls for a “C” hook. All of the circles are crocheted separately and joined as you go-ish. It’s definitely going in the queue! Thanks Iris!
Last night, several of us went out to fete the lovely and talented Cirilia.
Many of you know her from the store and others from our catalog. She has been with us since she graduate 3 years ago and has brought so much to WEBS. Well, she is leaving and we are very sad. Fortunately, she is staying in the industry so I know we will still get to cross paths and such. I am not sure if I am at liberty to say where she is going (she wasn’t sure either) so I’m going to play it safe and say nothing other than “Go Get ‘Em Cirilia!”

Lastly, a Happy, Happy Birthday to Barbara Elkins! B – we hope you are enjoying your day – we enjoyed your cake!

New KnitScene!

Sunday, July 13th, 2008
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The Fall issue of Knitscene is out!


It is now in a larger format, which I think it is great. There are several interesting projects in the issue, but there’s one that I am particularly fond of:


This is the Matryoshka Stole. I love the design, I love the beads, I love the size. What I really love is that it is knit in our own Valley Yarns Stockbridge! But what makes this even better is that it was designed and knit by Cirilia who works for us in the store, has designed for us and has model in our catalog!

Even more exciting – Cirilia is profiled in Knitscene’s “One Cool Knitter” feature.

If you haven’t picked up the fall issue yet, stop by the store or you can order it on-line.

Oh, and for those of you intrigued by that sweet capped sleeved sweater Cirilia is wearing in the article, I know where you can get it! It’s the Gallery Jacket, and it’s also designed by Cirilia. The yarn is our own Valley Yarns Sheffield.

Congratulations Cirilia! We are very excited for you!


Banner Day

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
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NOTE: This post was started on 7/31 and never finished. Rather than start a whole new post, I am going to finish off the two drafts I have and then get things current)

We have received in so much yarn the past few days, it is mind boggling.

Besides yarn, we have books, patterns and maga flying in at warp speed.

Two highlights – the two things that garnered squeals and general giddieness amongst the staff more than anything else. It has been hard to be focused, to say the least. The Vogue 25th Anniversary Issue is awesome and I suggest you get on-line or stop in the store asap to pick yours up. We had an out of town (really, out of country) visitor today and even that person, who is not a knitter, was thrilled to score a copy. THAT’s how hot this issue is.

We are very disappointed to announce that our event on Sunday, August 12th with Adina Klein, editor of Vogue Knitting has been cancelled. We will hopefully be able to host Adina at the store at another time.

Then, Rowan Magazine #42. I am particularly fond of the Kaffe Fassett design on the cover. For any of you planning to attend Stitches East, Kaffe will be in our booth on Thursday evening starting at 7:00pm to sign books, etc. He is giving a talk earlier in the evening, check out the Stitches schedule for more info at

More later.