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Tuesday’s Weaving Tip – How to Deal with a Sticky Shed

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
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This week’s tip comes from Barbara Elkins (founder of WEBS) as a result of a call from a customer who is weaving with mohair, but it applies to any sticky yarn.

When weaving with mohair or any fuzzy yarn, it is easier to get a clean shed with a direct tie-up.

Step on the treadle that lifts the first part of the shed, say, shaft 1. Keep that shaft up and then step on the second shaft you want to lift. It is easier to lift one-quarter of the ends in the warp and then join them with the second treadle rather than trying to lift half the ends at one time.

It may also be helpful to reach in back of the shafts from time to time to clear the shed and disconnect any ends that might be too friendly with each other.

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How do you deal with a sticky shed when you find your shuttle catching the wrong threads?

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