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Just For Fun

Thursday, August 28th, 2014
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Usually, I am a “color inside the lines” kind of person. I don’t use glitzy yarn, or fluffy yarn, or even much bulky yarn. But recently, Tahki Poppy made itself known to me and I was absolutely captivated by just how different it is from anything I’ve ever used before. For one thing, it’s enormous. The skein barely fits in my hand. But the best part about this yarn is:

Moveable Flowers.

moveable flowers and soft squishy yarn

Yes. Not only are there adorable flowers with a little bead stamen in the center of each flower, but you can position them along the yarn in any configuration that works for you. Make a line of flowers along the cuff of a mitt, or arrange them in a circle around the crown when you make the FREE hat pattern that you’ll find inside the label of the skein. It’s a cozy blend of wool, mohair, and acrylic, and at $11.95 a skein for 43 yards, you’ll get at least a hat or a pair of cuffs to keep you warm (and smiling) all through cold-weather season. What’s a chance you recently took with a yarn or pattern?

Try something new once in a while. It’ll spice things up!

The Buzz at WEBS – June 24, 2011

Friday, June 24th, 2011
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This week the staff is buzzing about…

1. Pagewood Farm Glitterati is a new yarn with a lot of personality! It may be a bit over the top for some, but I love the colors and all the ribbon & sparkle! > Kathy E.

2. Buttons by Malea’s Pottery – Our Office Manager, Malea, makes these wonderful hand made porcelain buttons that are available in the store. They range from $6-$14 a card which is super affordable for hand made buttons and they have the most beautiful craftsmanship. As with all of the buttons we carry, these are only available in the store and not on our website.

3. Noro Aya – I like the soft, summery fiber content, and deals on new Noro yarns don’t happen every day. I’m stashing a bag of color 5 for a simple all-seasons cardi. > Kirsten H.

4. Valley Yarns Ruffled Socks – I know it’s my pattern, but I have to buzz about the Valley Yarns Ruffled Socks. I’m so excited to have finally finished my own pair so I can wear them…except it’s now June. I’m glad I discovered this heel technique (found in the Encyclopedia of Needlework) because I think it will be my stand-by for all my future socks. It was lots of fun to design and knit. Kristin L.