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31 Days to Get Organized: Using and Reorganizing Your Ravelry Queue

Friday, January 18th, 2013
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As we’ve shown this month, Ravelry is a really handy tool for organizing your stash, patterns, and projects. The queue is a great way to organize projects you want to work on, but sometimes the queue can get a little out of control. I know my queue has projects in it that I no longer have interest in working on, or just too many for me to feel comfortable with, so it’s good to go through and reorganize things every so often.

Removing Projects from Your Ravelry Queue

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to remove things from your Ravelry queue. If you’ve completed the project, you’ll want to record that, or if you’re no longer interested in the project, you’ll want to remove it from your queue.

If the project is in your queue and you’ve already finished it, you’ll want to click “start project” and fill in all the project information so it moves over to your finished projects page.

Decide you aren’t interested in the project anymore? Simply click the “x” on the right side to remove it.

Resorting Your Ravelry Queue

Have you recently added projects to your queue that you want to move up to the top? That’s simple! Just change the number on the left to the position you’d like it to be on your queue and click “save new order.” If you mouse over the green arrows, you can grab the project and move it up or down in your queue. You can also do this from the “Organize” tab.

Adding Tags to Queued Projects

Another way to organize your projects is to add tags. You can tag projects with any word you would like. Use types of projects, like sweaters or shawls, construction notes, like lace or top-down, or even the name of the person you would like to create the project for. To go back and add a tag after it is in your queue, click on the “edit” pencil on the right side of the project listing.

Using Sets and Tags to Organize Projects

A handy way or organizing your projects is to use the Sets feature. If you click on “Organize” at the top of your queue, you can “Create a Set.”

A box will appear where you can name the set and add all of the tags you would like to be included in this set. This is especially handy if you tag some projects sock, but others socks and just have both in one set. You could also create a set called “gifts” and include all of the projects you’ve tagged with the names of people you want to gift items to, so when you’re thinking about holiday crochet or knitting, you can check that out and see what you wanted to make people earlier in the year.


You can see that once you create the set, it is added as a tab on the top making browsing your queue for something specific even easier.

Using Notes and Adding Yarns You Want to Use

Adding notes to your projects also helps with organization. Maybe you saw a tip about a particular project in a forum and you want to remember it. You can add the note here so you remember to come back to it.

You can also add the yarn you want to use for the project. Fill in the yarn you want to buy, or click the to add yarn that’s already in your stash and assign one of your stash yarns.

Hopefully this will help you organize the projects you have in your queue.

What pattern is at the top of your queue right now?