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Tuesday’s Knitting & Crochet Tip – Don’t Forget the Sticky Notes

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
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Today’s knitting and crochet tip comes from Tina¬†McElmoyl and is so simple yet brilliant. After she suggested this tip, I’ve added sticky notes to my knitting and crochet tool kit and already found they came in handy on last weekend’s driving trip. My pattern kept slipping off of my lap, so I used a sticky note as tape and stuck the pattern to the dashboard. My pattern no longer dropped to the floor.

Sticky notes are one of the most important tools I keep in my knitting bag. I use them for everything. They are perfect for:

  • A non-permanent mark on a pattern or chart so that when I return to the project, I know where I left off.
  • Adding notes to a pattern if I make a modification on one mitten, for example, and want to remember to make the same change on the second mitten.
  • While working on a project during a car ride, I can stick the note to the dashboard or window and have a place to make tick marks to keep track of my rows that won’t roll around the car.
  • Quickly picking up spilled small stitch markers.
  • Marking the page in a pattern book that has abbreviations or special notes, so that I don’t have to fumble around while double-checking what the designer means in a pattern on another page.
  • If I want to focus in on a particular section of a chart, or just keep my eyes from wandering off the row of a chart, I can block out the symbols and rows I don’t need to see in that moment.

What other ways have you found sticky notes to be useful when knitting and crocheting. Share your ideas.