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PowerReviews is now on

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
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Some of you may have noticed that we’ve recently upgraded our product review system on our website to PowerReviews. In the past, customers could give a product a star rating and write a review. But with PowerReviews, customers can now provide more information with their reviews. Plus there are some nice features that allow customers to get a quick summary of all the reviews of a product to help them with their shopping decisions.

Here are some PowerReviews highlights to look for while shopping on our website.

Product Browse Star Ratings

When you’re browsing through our categories, you’ll find the average star rating for each product. If you see a product with 0.0 star ratings, no reviews have been written yet for that product.

Facebook Like Button

If you like a product and want to share that with your friends and family on Facebook, click the Facebook Like button to spread the word. A link will appear in your Facebook newsfeed saying that you like it.

Review Snapshot

Some products will have a Review Snapshot which will summarize the Pros, Cons, Best Uses, and other information of the reviews written for that product. This is a great way to see quickly what others are saying about the product. As more and more reviews are written in PowerReviews, you’ll see more of these Review Snapshots showing up for our products.

Review Faceoff

When a review has at least 10 reviews written, you see a Review Faceoff. This will show you the most liked positive review vs. the most liked negative review.

Write a Review

The best part about PowerReviews is that you can include a lot more information with your review.

  • Who’s writing the review? – Look for review badges such as Verified Reviewer and Staff Reviewer. Also you can find more information about who’s writing the review such as ‘beginning knitter’ or ‘Malabrigo junkie’.
  • Pros, Cons, and Best Uses – Pick from commonly used attributes or add your own.
  • Recommend Accessories – List other products you’d recommend to use with the product, such as a good yarn for a pattern.
  • Add Photos or Video – You can even upload photos or a video with your review. This is a perfect opportunity to include a photo of your finished project. We love to see your work!
  • Service Comments – You can leave service comments separately from your product comments. Maybe you love the yarn you just got, but there was an issue with shipping.

Chime in on Other’s Reviews

If you read a review that was particularly helpful or not, you can click on the Yes or No at the end of the review. Also, you now have the option of commenting on a review by clicking on the Facebook Comment link at the bottom of the review.

We hope you enjoy this upgrade to PowerReviews. Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you read reviews when shopping online? What do you find helpful in a review? We encourage all reviews, the good, the bad, and everything in between. A negative review of yarn because it’s scratchy may be just the rustic yarn someone else is looking for. Thanks to all of you who have already left reviews on our site. We truly value them.