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Valley Yarns on Ravelry Issue #9 – Sweaters

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
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In this edition of Valley Yarns on Ravelry, I’m highlighting some sweaters I’ve seen lately that have caught my eye. All of them do a great job of showcasing our Valley Yarns.

1.Valiant knit in Valley Yarns Berkshire available in Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt

2. Anisette Cardi knit in Valley Yarns Amherst available for free from Stitch Nation

3. Bamboo Diamond Shell knit in Valley Yarns Southwick available in Boutique Knits

4. Catch the Wave Tee knit in Valley Yarns Longmeadow available for free from Cascade Yarns

5. Harmonia’s Rings Tunic knit in Valley Yarns Stockbridge available for purchase on Ravelry

6. Acer Cardigan knit in Valley Yarns Northampton available for purchase on Ravelry

7. Vitamin D knit in Valley Yarns 8/2 Cotton Linen available for purchase on Ravelry

Valley Yarns on Ravelry Issue #6

Sunday, August 7th, 2011
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Inspired by Cara’s recent blog post Lace Boot Camp, I looked around and found some incredible lace projects on Ravelry in some of our Valley Yarns.

1. Shawl for Pelion knit by Chilicoco uses just a little more than 1/2 a cone of the Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk to make the Knitty free pattern Cold Mountain.

2. Spanish Moss knit by hlf in Valley Yarns 2/10 Merino Tencel makes a lovely shawl with great drape. The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry from Designs by Romi.

3. Rosalind Shawl knit by Fyreball in Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk Hand Dyed has a stunning center cable strip that really stands out from the cable pattern. Amazing! The Sivia Harding pattern is also available as a Ravelry download.

4. Wedding Stole for Megan knit by sunfishknitter in Valley Yarns 10/2 Bamboo is a great example of what you can create with a yarn normally intended for weaving, making a delicate lace fabric perfect for an extra special event. Ann Hanson’s Twinings Stole is available as a Ravelry download too.

5. Birthday Marrowstone knit by knittinggolfer with just one skein of Valley Yarns Charlemont Kettle Dyed, shows off the subtle variation you get with a kettle dye yarn. The Marrowstone Shawl is a Marcy Vandale design available for purchase on Ravelry.

6. Graphite Remember Me crocheted by CraftyCSW in Valley Yarns Huntington displays how sock yarn is not just for feet. Great pattern from LilyGo available on Ravelry.

7. Willow crocheted by herbivore100 in Valley Yarns 5/2 Valley Cotton is another good example of what else you can do with our weaving yarns.

8. Down by the Sea knit by donnabriz in Valley Yarns Colrain is a slightly heavy shawl than the others, but equally gorgeous with the oversized scallop edge detail. The Captiva Wrap pattern by Carol Feller is available for download on Ravelry.

Valley Yarns on Ravelry Issue #5

Monday, July 11th, 2011
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Look at some of the great finished projects people have been posting on Ravlery using some of our Valley Yarns.

1. Ocean Heather Lavalette Shawl knit by Oshelle in Valley Yarns Northampton – Great free pattern from Kirsten Kapur found on her blog Through the Loops. Though she does offer the pattern for free, she suggests that you make a voluntary donation to Alzheimer’s and dementia research. Details on her blog.

2. Cotuit Sands Scarf knit by knittinggolfer in Valley Yarns 2/10 Merino Tencel – Designer Marcy Vandale offers the pattern for this light and airy scarf as a Ravelry download for $6.00.

3. Easter Stripey Rugby Sweater knit by shutterhoney in Valley Yarns Southwick – Love Stacy’s stripe color combination in this sweater from Barefoot Knits.

4. Something Blushy knit by fanciepants in Valley Yarns Southwick – Wendy Bernard‘s Something Red pattern has great drape in Southwick. Available for purchase on Wendy’s blog Knit & Tonic.

5. Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi knit by bestitched in Valley Yarns Goshen – How cute is Lily in this fun pattern from Melissa LaBarre.

6. Joseph’s Blankie of Many Colors knit by JessicaP in Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 10/2 – Normally Valley Cotton 10/2 is used by weavers, but here Jessica doubles it in this log cabin blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting.

7. Sally Cardigan knit by cupcake in Valley Yarns Sheffield – So many interesting details in Nikol Lohr’s pattern available for free on the Craftzine blog.

Valley Yarns on Ravelry Issue #1

Monday, January 31st, 2011
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Ravelry has been such a great resource for knitters and crocheters. I find that when I’m searching for information on a pattern or yarn, I’ll go to Ravelry before I Google it. I keep track of my stash, projects, and the patterns I dream about making some day. In addition to being a great resource and a place to organize all-things-yarn, I go to Ravelry for ideas and inspiration. It helps me answer the question, “I have this great yarn…now what?” Look up a yarn on Ravelry, and you’ll find hundreds, even thousands of projects other people have shared. It’s easy to lose track of time while jumping from one project page to the next, as your pattern queue grows and grows.

We’re starting a new feature on the blog this week where we’ll share some of  the great Ravelry projects that catch our eyes which use our Valley Yarns. Some are original designs, free patterns, Ravelry downloads…they come from many sources. But they’ll all be great examples of Ravelry users who have discovered our yarns and created something wonderful.

Here are some of the patterns that grabbed our attention this week.

1. Owls & Tigers & Zebras, Oh My! hats by Katy Wight knit in Valley Yarns Northampton Bulky.

2. ShanthiDragon’s Dark and Stormy by Thea Colman knit in Valley Yarns Northampton.

3. babknits’ Nereid Fingerless Gloves by Denise Sutherland knit in Valley Yarns Goshen.

4. Cecilia1’s Aase’s Shawl by Kristi Holaas knit in Valley Yarns Charlemont.

5. Sweetheart Socks by Nikol Lohr knit in Valley Yarns Northampton.

6. Zagzig sweater by Lori Puthoff knit in Valley Yarns Prescott.

7. Through the Years afghan by Betsy Coyne knit in Valley Yarns Northampton.

8. Zig-Zag Afghan/Throw by Dawn Seymour knit in Valley Yarns Southwick.

Hope this inspires you to pick up your needles or hook this week and create something wonderful too.



Steve’s Deal of the Day

Monday, October 25th, 2010
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Hi Everyone

For those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you already know that we have launched a great new daily deal – Steve’s Deal of the Day.  This is Steve’s chance to offer to all of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter a fun deal that lasts 24 hours.  It may be yarn, it may be a tool or book – knitting, weaving, crochet, spinning, felting – all areas are possibilities.

Don’t follow us on Facebook or Twitter?  Well, you should!  Feel overwhelmed by all of these new platforms?  Can’t fathom having one more place to check?  I totally understand.  You can either “check” Twitter without signing up or subscribe to the RSS feed – just go to  Of course we’d prefer if you were a follower or a friend or liked us but I also respect that we can all feel overwhelmed by all of the “places” we need to be on-line.

As a bit of a tease and gift all in one, today’s Deal of the Day is Northampton Bulky, normally $4.99/skein today it’s only $3.69!  Use Code FBNOHOBULK. I know I’m posting late today so here’s a preview of tomorrow’s deal: Itata Solid, Get the code on Facebook or Twitter – it will post just after midnight (EST) on Facebook & Twitter.

If you are a hardcore Ravelry member, be sure to join the All Things WEBS Group.  We’ve got some special things planned there too!



Bus Trip to Rhinebeck

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
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Hi Everyone

Fall is definitely in the air!  With Labor Day behind us and the first  day of school checked off the list, the amazing summer weather we had has disappeared and has been replaced with reasonably warm days and cool, crisp nights.  The official start of fall is only a week away!  Crazy, but also invigorating – even for this lizard.

Fall is a tremendously busy time at WEBS.  New classes are now starting and are posted on-line.  We have a great line-up of special events too!  One of our favorite events of the year is our annual bus trip to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY!  This year we have two buses reserved and we’re looking forward to a great time.

The buses will depart the WEBS parking lot on Saturday morning, October 16th at 7am sharp!  Bring your own coffee or morning beverage of choice and we’ll provide the baked goods.  The trip to Rhinebeck is always fun with trivia contests, giveaways and anticipation of the day to come.  Once in Rhinebeck everyone is welcome to enjoy the festival at their own pace.  Everyone should be back to the buses by 4pm for an on-time departure back to WEBS.   The bus trip is really the way to – skip the stress of driving, parking, etc and just sit back and enjoy the foliage (hopefully), some great camaraderie and especially your purchases on the trip back.

Cost of the trip is $45.00.  We are well into the second bus already so if you don’t want to miss the opportunity, it’s time to register!

If you are planning to make a weekend of it, two other items of note.  We are the official sponsor of three of the teachers who will be running workshops over the course of the weekend.  Our own Gail Callahan, aka The Kangaroo Dyer will be teaching on Saturday, the lovely Edie Eckman is teaching on Sunday and  the faboo Melissa Morgan-Oakes will also be teaching on Saturday.

On Saturday night, the annual Ravelry party will be in full swing and we are happy to be a sponsor of this not-miss event!  More details to follow!



Garments & Video

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
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Hi Everyone

I’ve had several requests to post pictures of Pixie’s completed Summer Petals Cardigan which was our last CAL on Ready, Set, Knit.  My apologies for being remiss in doing so.  Here are the pics I took:

The pattern can be found in the summer issue of Interweave Crochet (it’s the cover sweater).  The pattern calls for Rowan Bamboo Soft but Pixie substituted Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy.  You’ll notice the picture of Pixie’s finished Cardi looks longer than the one on the cover.  That’s because it is.  Pixie opted to add a little length so that it would fit the way she wanted it to fit.  I know doing a full garment as a CAL on our podcast was a bit challenging for some of you.  Thanks for hanging in there with us!

One of our new patterns that we have debuted and you’ll see in our Holiday 2009 catalog which will be arriving in mailboxes over the next couple of weeks is Thetis.

Valley Yarns Pattern #288, Thetis is knit in our Colrain which is a 50% merino/50% tencel blend.   It knits at 4 sts = 1″ and each 50 gram ball has 109 yarns.  With Colrain priced at an affordable $3.99/ball – this lovely pullover is a great value costing between $35.91 and $51.87 depending on the size you make.

What I love about this particular pullover is it’s interesting construction.  Here’s a quick video clip describing exactly how Thetis is made:

I hope you enjoyed the video.  We have more coming with many of our latest designs.

It’s been a crazy week at the shop with New York Sheep and Wool last weekend and Stitches East this coming weekend.  It has meant a lot of visitors.  Yesterday along I had the pleasure to meet DarthKnitter from Twitter & Ravelry, Julie from Twist Collective, and my buddy Diane of Creatively Dyed Yarns among others.  I had to leave mid afternoon to pick up the boys from school which meant I missed Team Ravelry:

Posing as Bob is the lovely Ysolda Teague who just did a book signing at the store a couple of weeks ago!  Her Bob Head is priceless but best of all?  She knit it in Valley Yarns Northampton Bulky!  I love my boys but I am so bummed I missed seeing this (and of course them) in person!


Kitchenering a Chicken

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
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Hi everyone!  We’re getting close to wrapping up our chicken KAL and I wanted to get the Kitchener video posted.  Here it is (finally).

In the video, Pixie demonstrates the kitchener stitch, which is used to close-up the back of the chicken in our current KAL on Ready, Set, Knit!  The kitchener stitch grafts the two sides together and actually creates another knitted row which is then a “seamless” seam if you will.  Before the video, I’ve included a couple of picture of my chicken in process.  You’ll notice I used a binder clip to help hold the two sides together while I was grafting.  This was necessary because the chicken is fully stuffed at this point.


In this next picture you can clearly see on the right hand side where I’ve already grafted the two sides together:


Here is Lily – all trussed up!

In the video, rather than demonstrate on one of our chickens, we opted to use two bulky weight swatches with a contrasting color so that you could easily see what is happening:



As always, I love your feedback and know Pixie and I are continuing to work on our video skills :)


P.S.  Our 25th Anniversary Sale kicks off tomorrow!  If you haven’t received our flyer in the mail (which you should have) it’s posted in full in the WEBS Group on Ravelry (just scroll down a bit).

Seasons Collide

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
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Our annual Summer Sale is on! This sale is all about clearing out closeout inventory. There are some great deals and steals to be had this year – Steve took no prisoners and is serious about making some room out in the warehouse. For those of you who have ever shopped the store, you know we always have a $2.00 bin. This is where odds and ends land. Well, Steve has added a $2.00 bin to the on-line sale this year! Fun for all! Be sure to check out the great buys on some really nice yarns for knitters, crocheters and weavers. Just remember, when they are gone, they are GONE!
We received our copies of Vogue Knitting Fall ’08 a few days ago. I will readily admit that I don’t run to the receiving area to grab my copy like I do when Interweave Knits comes. Usually there are a couple of patterns I like, but that’s usually it. Well, Fall ’08 is a completely different story. It is a really, really, REALLY nice issue. Look at the cover – LOOK AT THE MITTENS:

Designed by Jared of Brooklyn Tweed fame, those are mittens – serious mittens.
Called Green Autumn, they are classic, beautiful, challenging – perfect. The entire mitten spread has some great designs, some a bit more out there then others (from my perspective, but that’s just me and my own personal aesthetic). Overall, very nicely done.
As I turned the page I was hit with this:

OMG – it’s stunning. Secondly, it’s designed by Robin Melanson, who I had the chance to meet briefly and is lovely and thirdly, she used Blue Sky Alpaca Melange.
Then there’s this:

I love this too! Knit in Torino Bulky means it will move along. It’s seed stitch surrounded by ribbing and knit from the top down. It’s rated as an “intermediate” pattern (whereas the other two are “experienced” so won’t be showing up on my needles anytime soon) so maybe I’ll take it on. We’ll see.
At this point, I am loving VK Fall ’08 and as I continue to flip the pages (liking other things along the way, not just the ones I’m mentioning here) I come to this:

Norah Gaughan design using Berroco Peruvia. What else needs to be said?
Last, there is this one by Elsebeth Lavold:

Another “experienced” knit so unlikely to be knit by me, but it sure is pretty.
So, hat’s off to Trisha Malcolm and her team – fabulous job one and all! Plus the editorial content is quite good too including articles about the Canadian knitting scene and our friends Jess and Casey at Ravelry. This is a nicely done issue.
Okay, what else? Oh, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail about a week or so ago from Iris at Artyarns:

It’s beautiful and I was very touched that she thought to send it to me. Cashmere and crochet – what more could I ask for? This will be some pretty intense crocheting since the cashmere is her single ply Cashmere 1 and the pattern calls for a “C” hook. All of the circles are crocheted separately and joined as you go-ish. It’s definitely going in the queue! Thanks Iris!
Last night, several of us went out to fete the lovely and talented Cirilia.
Many of you know her from the store and others from our catalog. She has been with us since she graduate 3 years ago and has brought so much to WEBS. Well, she is leaving and we are very sad. Fortunately, she is staying in the industry so I know we will still get to cross paths and such. I am not sure if I am at liberty to say where she is going (she wasn’t sure either) so I’m going to play it safe and say nothing other than “Go Get ‘Em Cirilia!”

Lastly, a Happy, Happy Birthday to Barbara Elkins! B – we hope you are enjoying your day – we enjoyed your cake!

I’ve Been Ravelry-ed

Sunday, July 8th, 2007
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This is so good and so bad all at the same time. I received my Ravelry invite awhile back but have not had much of a chance to really get going on it. Please – I know there are THOUSANDS of you out there waiting patiently all the while I’ve been doing other things. I know it seems wasteful, but since mid-May things have been non-stop action.


Well, I took sometime the past few days to really get to know the site and all I can say is I.AM.ADDICTED. Seriously, this is not good at all – but awesome at the same time. The site is truly amazing and Jess and Casey have really thought through the functionality and the ease of use.


I think one of the reasons I didn’t jump in full throttle is truly because it requires me to face some “issues”. Such as organizing my stash and the pure volume of needles that I have. I think as knitters we all tend to keep our stash and the idiosyncrasies of it pretty close. Although Steve thinks I have an outrageous stash both in volume and content, I have to disagree and I have another knitter supporting me on this (yes, I realize this sounds like we’re both ripe for Knitters Anonymous). Here’s some of my stash:

Now needles, that’s another story. My needle inventory is, how shall I say this – out of control? Even Melissa, GASPED when she saw a PORTION of my needle inventory. Please, be kind in your comments, I know I have a problem:

Ravelry is making me face all of these issues, which is ultimately a good thing. I have inventoried all of my needles and hooks, except those attached to projects, which I will add when I get to my WIPs. Today, I started to sort out my stash, truly inventory it and photograph it. This required that I set-up a Flickr account, which I can’t say I was thrilled at doing, but I did it.


The inventory/photograhy process is time-consuming and will be something I work on throughout the summer. I also want to start working in some WIPs and designs.


For those of you already on Ravelry – I hope you are embracing it as much as I am. For those of you on the waiting list, please be patient. They have some crazy number of people in the cue – something like 9,000 or 7,000. Both Jess and Casey are now full-time, 120% on nothing but the site, but this all takes time. If you have not signed up for an invite – I urge you to do so now!


Steve and I are off to the TKGA Show in Manchester, NH on Thursday. Show runs Friday, Saturday & Sunday July 13-15. The marketplace is open to the public. Click through the link to get all of the info. Lots of great yarn stores, designers, hand dyers, etc., will be there. There are classes and all sorts of fun things going on, so please be sure to come on by. We’ll have four booths (409, 411, 413, 415), primarily filled with our Valley Yarns. This is a great opportunity to not only check out the yarns in person, but to also see all of the great garments.


Lastly, I leave you with “The Boys of Summer”: