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When Simplicity and Stupidity Collide

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
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I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We thoroughly enjoyed our getaway and we’re grateful beyond words to our staff for taking care of things while we were away.   Although it was a bit strange to not be home for Thanksgiving I have to admit I did not miss the prep or clean-up.  How could I when instead of peeling potatoes, basting birds and ironing napkins, I spent the day here:

Granted, I didn’t play very well and I did miss my stuffing terribly when it came time to dine, but I can make stuffing any old time.  Golfing in November is a gift.

While away I of course had a knitting project with me.  I actually took two (I know – must of you are probably shuttering thinking how could I go away for a week with ONLY two projects).  I never even started the second as I was focused on completing the first.  I never claimed to be a fast knitter and I’m not a very good “on the fly” knitter either.

The project has been in the works for awhile and was intended to be a blog post the week before Christmas – a little last minute gift inspiration from me to you.  Nothing fancy, nothing difficult, just a little something in case you found yourself short a gift.  I’ve been working on it off and on and here and there for a few weeks, knowing I had plenty of time.

I stopped at the store on the way to the airport to grab another ball.  I was using two colors and needed another ball of one color.  I had only a few minutes as we were tight on time – we had to play/watch one last hockey game at 8am before catching our 11:30am flight.  Please, I know, it’s insane.

I ran into the store to grab the yarn and the color I needed was not there.  Crud.  I did not have time to go out to the warehouse, turn on the lights and locate the yarn.  I decided I would do as much as I could and if I ran out of yarn, I’d start the third part of the project and circle back when I got home.

Because of the hockey game, we went to the airport in two cars – a parent and a boy in each.  I called Steve after leaving the store to let him know we were on our way.  I casually mentioned the yarn was not stocked in the store and off-handedly stated that there was more of that color in the warehouse.  Steve sort of said “yeah, I think so” and that was that.  Sort of.

See, I knew right then and there from his tone I was in big trouble.  It’s not that he was lying or trying to avoid upsetting me before we left.  I know he really thought we had more inventory – at least on the surface.  We really didn’t discuss it again until we were home.  I asked him again if he thought we had more stock in the warehouse and he said “we may be out”.  Now he was trying to spare my feelings and let this sink in gradually.

I spent yesterday at home with the boys – they didn’t start back to school until today.  I called Steve and asked him to physically go into the warehouse to look for the yarn in the color I needed/wanted/counldn’t continue without.  He called and confirmed my fear – it’s gone.  The worst part?  I set myself up.  It’s absolute stupidity on my part.

Why you ask?

I’m using a  Valley Yarn.

Yup – my very own yarn that I am in charge of.  I cannot blame a wholesaler for being out of stock or discontinuing the yarn.  Nope.  I did it to myself.  This is a Valley Yarn that we knew and planned to be in and out of.  When it’s gone, it’s gone as the saying goes.  Well, it’s gone – of course only in one of the colors I was using – and my project is out the window.

The yarn you ask?  Valley Yarns Springfield.  How could I do this to myself?

I was so meticulous with this very simple project – that’s what really stinks.  I checked my gauge, I took nice notes so I could write up my pattern(s) – I mean, you would have thought I was designing some incredibly intricate garment with the time I took on all of this.   I never bothered to check the most important thing.  Inventory.

That’s right – I have the last ball in this colorway and in order for my project to work I personally need one more ball and then those of you who decide to make the project would proably like two balls of  your own in that color too.

So, what’s this great project that has caused me so much pain and suffering?  Are you ready for a good laugh?  This:

Yup – washclothes.  I’ve been stymied by squares – simple, stupid squares.

Now, you could say that I could choose another color, but the sand and the olive just worked so nicely together.  They’re soothing and spa-like and perfect.  None of the other remaining colors work well with the olive.  I brought home this, trying to convince myself it could work:

It doesn’t.

I mean, the colors themselves aren’t bad together, but not for this project.

I’ve lost all of my enthusiasm.  Why is it the simplest of projects can cause us so much anguish?

More importantly, how the heck did I let this project get the best of me?  How did I NOT check the inventory?


I know you’ll all survive without this coming to fruition.  It’s not like it was some incredibly inspiring, innovative design.  Honestly, it wasn’t meant to be.  It was just meant to hopefully bridge a bit of a gap for a last minute present if needed.  Heck, you probably all ohave plenty of yarns in your stash that would work – this wasn’t about selling yarn – it was just suppose to be a gift.

Well, time to move onto bigger and better and more interesting projects.  Any ideas?  What are you working on?


P.S.  Here’s one more picture from our trip that makes me smile:

I’m thrilled I caught the moment AND that I remained dry 🙂