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Altering a Hand Knit Garment

Thursday, August 4th, 2016
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Many of you know Marthe – one of our store team members.  Last summer, she decided to knit a sweater as a gift for her daughter, Lilah.  Standing nearly 6 feet tall, Lilah can never find garments, particularly sweaters, that account for her height and long arms, so Marthe took up the challenge to knit a sweater that fit her daughter’s shape.  Marthe chose to knit a cardigan in Sweet Georgia Superwash DK in the Cranberry colorway.  After lots of knitting to accommodate the 29 year old’s frame, Lilah’s beautiful sweater was shipped off to her. She was thrilled but found the upper arms to be a bit too loose which made her feel frumpy (photo).  There was too much ease in the upper arms. She asked her mother if anything could be done without reworking the sweater altogether.

Marthe altered her daughter's Custom Fit sweater, details on the WEBS Blog at

Marthe’s solution was a three-step process. She began by removing the mattress stitched seam from the forearm to the armpit,  folding over the excess fabric, and pinning it to create a new line for seaming.  She then re-seamed the sleeve to the more accurate dimension, along the folded edge, using mattress stitch.  Finally, Marthe used her serger to remove the excess fabric and secure the yarn ends. She did say, however, that a serger is not essential. The same result may be achieved by using a sewing machine to straight stitch, and then trimming the excess knitted material – just like doing a steek.

The alteration was successful!  Lilah was thrilled and immediately asked her mother for another handknit sweater. Her next request?  Could Marthe knit the sleeves a half inch shorter next time!

Tuesday’s Knitting Tip – Keeping the Facing of a Sweater Flat

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
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Thank you to Theresa, our Customer Service Supervisor who shared this fantastic tip with us!

I love the look of stockinette stitch, but it will roll if it’s used alone as an edging. The solution: knit in stockinette for the public side of your work, and ribbing for the inside of the work.

Here, Theresa worked stockinette, then a purl row, then ribbing. She tacked the facing down with a few stitches and it lays flat beautifully. This technique will give you the clean look of stockinette without the headache of rolling edges!

The sweater featured in the photo is the Knitbot Featherweight Cardigan.