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Tent Sale and Fleece Market This Weekend!

Friday, May 18th, 2012
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This weekend at our store, we have the event everyone looks forward to – our Tent Sale and Fleece Market! It’s a great time with great deals, and one of the rare times we’re open on a Sunday. Come see us Saturday, May 19th 10:00am-5:30pm, or Sunday, May 20th 10:00am-4:00pm (or both days!)

Check out our tents going up for this weekend!

If you’ve never been to our Tent Sale, it’s a pretty spectacular event – both in huge yarn savings and in the amount of fun. We set up a huge tent in front of the store and Steve packs it with incredible yarn savings – amazing prices on full bags of yarn. So, you can get a whole sweater of yarn at a price below even what you find in our closeout section!

As you know, we’re moving our shipping and Customer Service departments just a few miles down the road to Easthampton soon, and we’re not going to want to move all of this yarn, so I have a feeling there are going to be some pretty impressive savings.

There will also be discounted books, patterns, and accessories that are definitely worth a peek!

They’re predicting spectacular weather for this weekend, so if you’re within driving distance, hop in the car and take a trip to enjoy some outdoor (and indoor) yarn shopping!

Not only will you save on yarns in the tent, we also have all of our May Anniversary Sale yarns, so you can shop them in person. Need to stock up on some stash staples? Now’s the perfect time!

There will be registers set up in the tent and in the store, but you don’t have to pay for your purchases separately. Browse the tent, head into the store for Anniversary yarns, and pay in the store, or the other way around. Or, you can pick the shortest line! There will be lots of staff members around to assist you too.

Another helpful tip: If you have reusable shopping bags, they’re super handy for carrying your purchases around. We do have our regular shopping baskets, but they have a tendency to get scooped up, so if you bring your own tote, you can get right to the browsing!

Are you a spinner? Are you looking to get a wheel, some equipment, or some fiber? All of our in-stock spinning wheels, supplies, and fiber will be 20% off for this weekend only (and only in the store).

As if all of this weren’t enough, on Saturday we have our annual Fleece Market! We have 18 vendors coming with fiber, yarn, bags, and more.  This year, joining us we have:

From Fiber to Fashion
Jean Willmann
Red Barn Alpacas
Barberic Farm
Sojourner Design
Foxfire Fiber & Designs
Leyden Glen Lamb (Kristin Nicholas)
Galloping Jester LLC
Brook’s Bend
Tassawassa Ridge Fiber Farm
Artemisia Ink Studio Arts
Rag Hill Farm
Moonshine Design at Keldaby
Whispering Winds Alpaca Farm
Stitched by Jessalu
The Celadon Studio
Kama Suutra Fiber Arts
Winterberry Farm

They’ll be located around our parking lot, so make sure you stop by and check out their amazing products.

We hope that you can join us for this fun, fiber-filled weekend!

It’s Been 22 Days

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
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Yes, that’s right, 22 days since I blogged.  Where those 22 days went is a mystery.  The store has been busy, we did have the Tent Sale, we celebrated my b’day, we had the photoshoot for the next catalog, the boys’ spring sports schedules (baseball and lacrosse) are in full swing which means most nights there’s at least a game or a practice – sometimes both and neither are in the same town but usually at the same time.

I’ve had plenty of things to share with all of you and I often think, “oh, I need to share that on the blog” and I’ve been filing interesting tidbits in my blog folder as well.  I guess the best thing to do is to just get going again.  I won’t give you the complete update of everything all in one post.  I’ll give you a few select highlights and fit the rest in the coming days.

1.  One cool piece of news that is actually pretty current is that we FINALLY launched our new podcast blog.  You can check it out at .  I’m pretty tickled about this.  I despised our old page.  When we relaunched the website it was one of the last pieces to be finished.  For anyone who has ever built a house or undergone a major renovation you can relate – the podcast page was our landscaping.  It’s common in a house build that by the time it’s all done and the landscaping is all that is left, folks tend to run out of steam or money or both.  We were out of steam and needed to launch the site and although we weren’t out of money, we had spent enough.  You always say “oh, we’ll get back to that project and finish it up” and the WOOOSH – a bunch of time passes and what was once a not so big project turns into a huge one – like migrating 170+ podcast episodes and show notes, etc.   It’s got a few kinks we need to deal with.  The Disqus comment software needs to be added and there are a few other things but all in all, it’s done and I’m really pleased with it.  Be sure to check it out!

2.  Our home computer has been dying a slow, painful death.  I can honestly say that it contributed to my lack-o-blogging.  It was sooooo sloooow and froze often and was just a big royal pain to deal with.  I hit the wall with it while Steve was at Stitches South.  I emailed IT and said “I don’t care what you get me, it just needs to be fast, smokin’ fast, lightening fast – fast, fast, fast”.  I have no idea of the technical specs, nor do I care.  It’s fast.  REALLY fast.  I am happy.

3.  My new super fast computer does not have any ports in the front for my camera cards (but it’s fast and I bet when those get added my pictures will load really fast).  I finally found my thumb drive thing that works with my card so I can now upload pictures again.  Which means I can talk about the Tent Sale!

4.  Tent Sale was awesome.  The weather was picture perfect!  We kicked off Saturday with our traditional live broadcast of Ready, Set, Knit!  It’s the only “live” show we do all year and when I say live, I mean it.  Our show originates as a radio broadcast on WHMP so from 9:00am-9:30am on the Saturday morning of Tent Sale we are 100% broadcasting live.  It’s always a great show.  Be sure to check it out at – it’s show #176.

Saturday of Tent Sale also features our annual Fleece Market.  I think we had a total of 14 or 15 vendors this year.  We sorely missed our dear friend Barb from Foxfire Fibers.  She was dealing with a serious health issue with one of her beloved dogs and a joint infection in one of her lambs.  The good news is Mishka and Mistral are both doing better which is a huge relief.

We had great crowds all weekend and at times on Saturday we were walking a very fine line between control and chaos.  Thanks to everyone who came out to shop!  A big thanks to our amazing staff who were simply awesome!

Don’t let this shot fool you.  We have a 10 x 2o and a 10 x10 tent side by side set-up.

Thanks for your patience in my absence!  Did you make it to the Tent Sale?  Let me know in the comments what your experience was like!


Video from Tent Sale

Thursday, May 21st, 2009
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Just a quick post – we did a short video of our live broadcast of Ready, Set, Knit! and thought you’d enjoy seeing a clip!

Don’t forget – the Anniversary Sale ends on Monday (Memorial Day)!


We Have Alpacas!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
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Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend for our 7th Annual Tent Sale and Fleece Market.  What a grand time we had!

Saturday was just a perfect day – partly sunny, warm, but not too warm.  As the Fleece Market vendors were arriving and setting up, Steve and I did our weekly radio show live!  Once we got on the air, it when smoothly, but our poor producer Jaz and AE Julia were a bit frazzled up until the very last second with a malfunctioning tent (which we didn’t need anyways) and one plug that wasn’t plugged.

The thrill (and fear) of a live broadcast is you never no what’s going to happen.  I mean, who could’ve predicted we’d see these beautiful alpacas literally hopping out of the back of a Suburban?

Before going on air, Jonathan informed me we had baby alpacas and asked me to walk over to visit them with him.  They were adorable:

Seriously adorable:

They made the sweetest baby alpaca sounds.  I just loved them:

Once the show was over, the parking lot was filling and the shoppers were completely disregarding our 10 am official start.  We love that about our customers – no fear!

That’s the last of the pictures I took for the day.  I didn’t move from my register at the tent except to run and inhale on piece of pizza.  I think it was around 1pm and I seriously could not navigate my way across the store to the kitchen.  It was that crazy.

Thanks to everyone for their patience in line and waiting for help and especially to our incredible staff.  They were absolutely amazing and we are truly grateful.

Our Anniversary Sale continues through next Monday, 5/25 (Memorial Day).  You won’t see savings and deals like the ones we’re offering for another year!

I know many, many posts were made on Ravelry, but if you were at the sale, I’d love to know how the day was for you!  If you blogged about it, be sure to share your link!

I also have some video of our live broadcast that I will be posting later – just need to see how good of a videographer the fabulous Miss Julia is!


Tent Sale & Fleece Market Weekend!

Friday, May 15th, 2009
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That’s right folks!  It’s the third weekend in May and it can only mean one thing – it’s time for our 7th Annual Tent Sale and Fleece Market! 


This is one of the craziest sales of the year and it’s what we call an “all hands on deck” weekend.  Tomorrow – everyone is required to work (unless they are graduating from college, getting married, etc.) 

Oh – don’t worry, there will be yarn under the tent in the morning – it’s all being staged and prepped:

Saturday is super special because (a) we broadcast our weekly radio show live from the tent and (b) the Fleece Market will be in full swing – more on that in a minute.

I know you are all dying to know about yarns – what’s on sale, what’s under the tent.  Let me give you a few highlights.  Sorry, no linkage because the tent sale prices are only available at the tent!

Kureyon Discontinued Colors – $47.50/bag of 10.  Folks – that works out to $4.75 per skein and it normally retails for $8.95!  Steve has obviously lost his mind.

Adrienne Vittadini – $27.50/bag of 10 (you can do the math) – normally $8.95.

Dive Zenith (great worsted wt superwash yarn) – $25.00/bag

Rowan Bamboo Tape – $35.00/bag

Fiesta Kokopelli – $7.49/skein – that’s crazy!

Oh – here’s something super special.  Steve bought a HUGE lot of closeouts from Universal.  All 100% wool, all 100 GRAM BALLS – $30.00/bag.

We have an amazing selection of accessories and bags at an ADDITIONAL 25% off (now’s the time to be thinking about gifts for teachers, holiday gifts, birthdays, etc).

We have a great selection of larger size Colonial Rosewood needles at $9.99 – savings of 75%!!

Now, this last tidbit is what really makes me think Steve has gone off the deep end.  He’s GIVING AWAY YARN.  That’s right folks – we’ll have free yarn.  It is not junk, it’s not leftovers, it’s not a big tangled mess you need to deal with.  It’s some really decent yarn from a yarn company YOU KNOW AND LOVE.  Please – don’t let your eyes be bigger than your belly as my mom used to say.  Share the free yarn love.

Okay – onto the Fleece Market.  Fleece Market only runs on Saturday.  This is one of our favorite aspects of this weekend.  We invite local shepherds to bring their fleeces, handspun and hand-dyed yarns and it’s like our own mini-festival.  We are so privileged to be here in Western Mass among an incredibly rich fiber community.  We love being able to give these folks yet another opportunity to share their passion.  We’ve been told there  will be Llamas and we are also confident about Alpacas (I’m really hoping they bring them this year).  Buddy the herding dog will be with us again – we love Buddy.

You can check out a complete list of the vendors here.  Also, Barb Parry of Foxfire Fiber will be vending again this year an in addition to her beautiful yarns, she will also be selling and signing copies of her new book Teach Yourself Visually Hand-Dyeing.

Finally – don’t forget WEBS – America’s Bead Store!  They are participating in the festivities and will have their own tent full of great bargains and specials throughout the store!  Our Store Manager Barbara is just back from a show and we have tons of new pearls!

Now – a few tips:

We will have someone directing traffic and we have access to a large amount of parking.  Do not get discouraged.

We will have SIX registers running – 4 in the store and 2 in the tent.  Our strongest ringers are on register (including Steve & I) and every register has a dedicated bagger.  Trust me – no matter how long the lines, we will move them along.

Pictures are welcome.

Bring your coffe and be sure to eat breakfast.  I suggest bringing a snack too :)  If nothing else, we’ll appreciate it :)

Play nicely and if you have questions we have PLENTY of staff on to help.  Everyone has an assigned area/job.  Even if you think the nice young man in the warehouse can’t answer your question -ask.  Even if he can’t, he’ll get you to the right person.

Spinning Wheels, equipment and fiber are on sale at 20% off throughout the weekend.  In stock items only, no special orders.

Saturday and Sunday 10-5:30.  Come early either day and we’re unlikely to turn you away – show up at 5:15 on Saturday, well, as much as we love you, we’ll be dead on our feet.  We’re going to do our best to bring the lights down at 5:30.  Sunday – we tend to wrap up between 4 and 5pm. 

Smith parents of graduating seniors – if we think you are going to miss graduation, we will send you on your merry way and hold your purchase.  Trust me – we know who you are – you’re the best dressed customers we have all weekend :)  Congratulations to you and your graduate!

Speaking of graduates – a special CONGRATULATIONS to our own Elisabeth who works in the store! Yay Elisabeth!  She’s graduating and coming on board full-time!

Steve will be running one of the registers in the store, I’ll be on a register in the tent so be sure to stop by and say hi!

Okay folks – here we go!  Tent Sale & Fleece Market 2009 is almost here!!


Berroco Goodies

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
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I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day this past weekend.  Whether you created new memories or enjoyed ones already made, I hope everyone was able to spend the day as they wanted.

For me, I got my first breakfast in bed.  I picked the kids up on Friday afternoon and out came Jonathan with a potted plant and note. 

Jackson had nothing.  Not a big deal to me, but to him – BIG DEAL.  He sad “I guess we’re just too busy in 4th grade to make gifts anymore”.  He didn’t say it in a superior way, honestly, he was sad.  I think it was one of those “hmm, getting bigger might not be as cool as I thought it would be” moments.    I told him not to worry, etc.

I woke Sunday morning to rustling downstairs – unusual rustling.  I knew it was Jackson rustling and I thought maybe he was hungry and rolled over.  It then became apparent he was up to something.  About 15 minutes later he appeared with an English Muffin, grapes and OJ.  It was a lovely 6:30am breakfast.  I later asked him about getting the English Muffin out of the toaster (ours can be persnickety).  He told me he unplugged the toaster before using a knife to get it out.  I was relieved and asked how he knew to do that and said “Oh, I saw a safety video on tv once”.  Thank you safety video.

After a few errands Sunday morning, I spent a glorious afternoon cleaning out my closet and bureau.  It was 3 1/2 hours of heaven.  Three bags for donation and one bag of trash later and I was one organized and uncluttered Mom.  Perfect. Day.

Okay, so now that you’ve all skimmed as fast as you can about my day, I’m sure you are wanting to know about the Berroco Goodies I refer to in the title of this post.  For those of you who listen to the podcast each week, you are already in the know!  See, it pays to listen to our little podcast each week – you never know what nuggets we might share and in all honesty, I could never blog about all of the yarn Steve talks about each week and all the special deals.  Just sayin’. 

We are thrilled to offer you a handful of discontinued colors in a few of Berroco’s very beautiful yarns at tremendous savings.  I”m not going to go through all of the specs of each yarn, just give you a bit of a tasting with a picture and link – the rest my friends, is up to you.

First up is Ultra Alpaca.  Yes, that would be THE Ultra Alpaca.  Five faboo colors:


Original price is $8.75 and our closeout price on these five colors is $5.19.  Not bad colors either, may I point out.

Next, Berroco Cuzco.  I love Cuzco.   It’s a beautiful chunky weight yarn,  50% superfine alpaca/50% wool and knits at 3.75 sts = 1″ on a 10. 

There are only 3 colors (please use the site for better color accuracy – I did these shots pretty quickly).  Cuzco normally retails for $9.00 but these three colors are only $4.99. 

We also have five Pure Merino colors that have been discontinued.  Pure merino is Berroco’s Extra Fine Merino Superwash yarn – superwash meaning it’s machine washable.

Pure Merino knits at a worsted/heavy worsted weight of 4.5 sts = 1″ on #9 needles and normally costs $8.00/ball.  These five discontinued colors are only $4.99.

Last, but far from least is Peruvia Quick.  Just introduced last fall, Peruvia Quick is a chunky yarn that knits at 3 sts = 1″ on a #11 needle. 

Only two colors available, so let’s show them some love.  Peruvia Quick normally costs $8.00/hank but again we’re able to offer these discontinued colors at $4.99. 

I haven’t had too many guesses on our “m”agical “m” closeout.  Malabrigo is out, Mission Falls is out?  Any takers?  You all know how I operate – first one in gets a prize :)

You also want to stay tuned to the WEBS Blog this week – Tent Sale preview is coming! 


Anniversary P.2

Thursday, April 30th, 2009
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NOTE:  Remember – to qualify for the faboo prizes in our latest contest you must comment here on my blog AND on Mimie’s at should be left on my post of 4/28 titled “New Contest”.  Entries will be accepted until 5/1/09 at 11:59pm.  Thanks!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I am baffled as to where the month of April went.  Not that it was a bad month, just a hectic one.  With today being the last, it’s also the last day for the April Anniversary yarns.  As of midnight-ish tonight, the April yarns will go back to regular price.  If there are any you have been wanting, time is of the essence!

But do not despair!  May not only brings flowers, but new sale yarns!  Yarns such as Berroco Comfort (the entire family) – chunky, worsted, dk, sock), Plymouth Happy Feet and Royal Llama Silk, Debbie Bliss Rialto DK, Tahki Torino, Kureyon Sock, Classic Elite Provence, Valley Yarns Goshen and Deerfield.  That is literally less than half the list!  How about some Fiesta Boomerang or Ballet?   Oh, I almost forgot Euroflax Sport!

Be sure to check out the website tomorrow for all of the May yarns.

Also, don’t forget, our Tent Sale & Fleece Market are May 16 & 17!  In addition to the Anniversary specials, there will be additional Tent Sale specials.  This is one of those times when Steve definitely loses control so you need to make sure you plan some time that weekend to make a visit to the store.



P.S.  For those of you inquiring about the knit chicken pattern – it’s Blue Sky Alpacas Knit Chickens.  Send pictures if you make one!

Wrap It Up and Put A Bow On It

Sunday, May 18th, 2008
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And let’s call it a Tent Sale! What a weekend! I mean, how else would someone like me celebrate a birthday? At Tent Sale! I’ve only got a few minutes to post – I’m in Florida for a conference. Never a dull moment.

We kicked off Saturday with a live broadcast of Ready, Set, Knit! So much fun, especially since we had the pleasure of Cat Bordhi joining us on air.

Then the staff decided it would be a good idea to sing Happy Birthday to me while we were on the air. I did score an adorable and delicious cake:

Then the shoppers came.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the event. Thanks to all of our local shepherds who came on Saturday for the Fleece Market. Finally, a great big thank you to our amazing staff. Once again, you all did an outstanding job!
The Anniversary Sale contines for another week o so, be sure to get your orders in before it’s over!


Tent Sale & Fleece Market Tomorrow!

Friday, May 16th, 2008
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Yes – it’s that time again! That crazy wonderful, let’s clear out as much yarn as possible time of year! The WEBS Annual Tent Sale! Our two day extravaganza kicks off tomorrow at 10am and runs until 5:30pm. We’ll be back open on Sunday at 10am for Tent Part Deux! Steve has put together some incredible deals and steals under the tent, we’ll have garments for sale, many books marked down 30% PLUS all of the anniversary sale yarns are still on sale!

Tomorrow has some extra fun excitement built in. First, we’ll be recording our weekly radio show/podcast, Ready, Set, Knit! LIVE from the tent!! This will be the second time we’ve done a live show. If you live in the area or are on your way to the sale, tune into WHMP 1400 or 1240 at 9am! We’ll also be interviewing a SUPER special guest! We’ve got a knitting rock star in the house this weekend!

We have our entire WEBS team working tomorrow – we’ll have SEVEN registers running (5 in the store and 2 in the tent). In the store, the three regular registers will be running, plus three more in front of the windows. There will be ONE FEEDER LINE FOR ALL FIVE REGISTERS. Every register will have one person ringing and one person bagging. We should be able to keep up pretty well. We have staff on the store floor, in the tent and in the warehouse. We have a team of folks dedicated to just restocking the tent and the store.

In addition to the sale itself, Saturday always features our Annual Fleece Market! We have 12 local farmers/shepherds coming this year and they will be selling their fleeces, yarns, etc. I think we may even have a couple of alpacas in the house! I love alpacas, so this would particularly thrill me :)

WEBS Beads will also be participating at their location down the street. They have their own tent with special deals. Plus, we have a ton of new inventory! Alison and I attended a show last Saturday and brought back so many new items – more pearls, more semi-precious, more faceted semi-precious strands, wood, bone and porcelain. We also just added gorgeous lampwork beads from World Peas. We have beads and larger focal beads PLUS some goddesses! Be sure to stop into the bead store if you come by this weekend! They will be open both days as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!


Oh My

Monday, April 14th, 2008
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I knew it had been awhile since I had blogged. What I didn’t realize was that it had been THAT long. Ugh. I’m not quite sure what happened other than life and other work-related stuff. It’s been kind of nutty between travel (work & family), projects, beads. I’ve taken lots of pictures, it’s not that the blog hasn’t been on my mind. I just haven’t been able to fit blogging into the weekly routine lately.
So, with that said, the only thing to do is catch up and go forward!
Last I left you we had just returned from Stitches West, which was awesome. So great to see so many of you out there.
Once we got back, we only had a little bit of time before we headed out on our March vacation with the kids. Florida as usual, but this year, we had a surprise for them:

They were going to Disney. First.Time. We didn’t tell them until we were getting ready to head to the airport. They were stunned (we couldn’t ask for much more of a reaction, given that it was 4:30 am). It was an awesome trip.

Steve and I really made every effort to disconnect for awhile. It’s impossible to do so completely, but I think we did a better than average job on this trip. Which was great while we were away, but made things a bit harder when we got back.
First full weekend back was “Move the Bead Store” weekend. It went very well and we love the new space.
If you haven’t been by to visit, please stop in when you can. We’re offering a bunch of introductory classes and will be building upon that. We will be selling on-line, but not yet. You can check us out at
We also kicked off our 34th Annual Anniversary Sale. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now, but if not, be sure to click through and check out the amazing selection of yarns for knitters, weavers and crocheters.
Our event calendar is packed. This Friday night we have Louisa Harding at the store from 5-8pm. This event is FREE and will feature an informal talk by Louisa about her designs, yarn and everything that goes into creating her line each season. We’ll have light hors d’ouevres and beverages as usual.
Next up on April 27th is the Yarn Harlot herself. More details will follow, but we’re planning to open the store at 10am. She’ll be in around 11ish to start signing books. Then it’s over to the Calvin for the event at 2pm. Be sure to register here. We need a headcount! Then it’s back to the store for more additional book signings. We’ll be open until the last knitter leaves.
Then on May 17/18, it’s Tent Sale Weekend! Saturday also features our annual Fleece Market. It’s a fun and crazy time and something you don’t want to miss. More details to follow on that as well.
Hopefully I’m back on track now. Thanks for your patience!