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Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 467 French Vine Pullover

Monday, September 3rd, 2012
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In our final Valley Yarns Show and Tell from the collection in the Valley Yarns catalog, we have 467 French Vine Pullover. The simple shape of the bottom-up Valley Yarns French Vine Pullover lets you focus on the old French lace pattern on the bodice. The ribbed sleeves and saddle shoulders are both comfortable and charming.

It is knit in Valley Yarns Valley Superwash, so it’s easy to care for and it is incredibly soft.

We tried on the 36″ size.

A lot of us found the fit of the lace on the body very flattering and it made the body of the sweater fit well. Some of us would have preferred not having the ribbing on the sleeves, feeling it added a bit of bulk. We all agreed that Valley Superwash is an incredibly soft yarn.

You can check out the pattern here.

We’ll have another round of Valley Yarns Show and Tells with our next catalog. We hope they’ve been helpful for you. I also want to thank our awesome staff for sharing their measurements!

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 472 MoCA Cardigan

Monday, August 27th, 2012
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We have two more weeks of Valley Yarns Show and Tell posts for the Valley Yarns catalog, and this week we’re looking at 473 MoCA Cardigan. Easy garter stitch knit from cuff to cuff works brilliantly with a modern dolman sleeve shape and an unshaped, naturally draping neckline. Soft and cozy Valley Yarns Amherst will make this design one of your favorites.

We tried on the 36″ size.

We were a bit split on the design of this cardigan, but all agreed that Valley Yarns Amherst is a super soft, super cozy yarn. Many of us found the dolman sleeves to be too big and bulky for us, but the word “cozy” did come up quite a few times.

You can check out the pattern here.

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 473 Shadow Bolero

Monday, August 20th, 2012
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Today we’re looking at 473 Shadow Bolero. It is knit in Valley Yarns Greenwich. In the Valley Yarns Shadow Bolero, it just takes two small seams to turn a rectangle into a curvy, mysterious shape that fits and flatters all sizes and keeps your shoulders warm. The loose gauge plays off the unstructured cable stitch pattern to create spots of opacity on a semi-sheer background.

This project has one size.

A couple of us had trouble with the fit of this bolero and found that we couldn’t keep it on our shoulders. Others thought it fit well, and some suggested adding a clasp to help keep it on. We all agreed that the Greenwich was a super cozy, comfortable yarn!

You can check out the pattern here.

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 462 Hearts of Oak Cardigan

Monday, August 13th, 2012
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We’re showing off the latest addition to our Stitch Red collection with 462 Hearts of Oak Cardigan. This set-in sleeve cardigan has a wide shawl collar that can be overlapped and pinned closed, or folded over to show off the lovely wrong side of the Hearts of Oak pattern stitch.

We tried on the 36″ size.

We really liked this comfortable cardigan. The collar was a big hit, though a couple of us would shorten the sleeves. This sweater looks great open, or closed with a shawl pin. We also love that a percentage of the profits from this pattern, Valley Yarns Northampton in red, and 452 Hearts of Oak Hat are donated to Stitch Red.

You can check out the pattern here.

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 458 Stella Pullover

Monday, August 6th, 2012
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This week, we’re showing off 458 Stella Pullover. This pullover is knit in Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk and it creates a super light, super drapey, airy garment. This top-down, seamless raglan sweater is adorned with simple lace eyelets. The loose gauge makes this a light and sheer layering favorite.

We tried on the 36″ size.

Nearly all of us would knit the sleeves a bit shorter on this pullover, but since it’s top-down that is an easy adjustment. This top was really quite comfortable and warm, but super light. It’s a great layering piece that isn’t too warm, and it’s quite versatile. There are also great color options in the 2/14 Alpaca Silk.

You can check out 458 Stella Pullover here.

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 477 Lake Hitchcock Tee

Monday, July 30th, 2012
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For this week’s Valley Yarns Show and Tell, we’re trying on 477 Lake Hitchcock Tee. Lake Hitchcock once filled the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, and echoes of that ancient lake can still be found in the depths of the Connecticut River. This simple Valley Yarns Lake Hitchcock Tee, in the rich blue of deep water, is accented by swirls of color at shoulders and hem.

This tee is crocheted with Valley Yarns Charlemont Kettle Dyed with an accent of Valley Yarns Charlemont Hand Dyed.

We tried on the 36″ size.

Many of us really liked this garment, in fact, Emma is making it for herself. A lot of us were also surprised by how lightweight the garment was. Crocheting the tee a bit longer came up a few times.

You can find 477 Lake Hitchcock Tee here.

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 466 Hyacinth Cardigan

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
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This week in our Valley Yarns Show and Tell, we’re taking a look at 466 Hyacinth Cardigan. The Valley Yarns Hyacinth Cardigan is a reinvention of our ever-popular Oriel Lace Cardigan. This time it is knit in Stockbridge and has sleeves! This sweet cardigan is perfect for transitional seasons and overly air-conditioned spaces.

We tried on the 36″ size.

We all loved the stitch pattern, but some of us thought this would be better if it were a little longer. Katie suggested it would be adorable with a dress because of the length. Since this is a top-down project, you can adjust the length of the body and sleeves, and the placement of the lace. Some of us found the alpaca in the Stockbridge to be a little scratchy.

You can find the pattern here.

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 480 Proclus Vest

Monday, July 16th, 2012
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We continue our look at the latest Valley Yarns patterns with this crochet project. 480 Proclus Vest combines two skewed polygons as fronts to create a stunning asymmetrical modern shape.

It is crocheted in Valley Yarns Goshen, which is a wonderful blend of cotton, modal, and silk.

We tried on the 36″ size.

The design of this vest had many of us calling it quirky. It’s nice that there are different ways to wear it, but the sample was a little tight on many of us. We all agreed that it looked fantastic on Katie. In fact, she Buzzed about the project recently her on the blog.

Next week, we’ll check out another project from the Valley Yarns catalog. You can check out the pattern here.

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 464 Bittersweet Pullover

Monday, July 9th, 2012
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Thanks for coming back for another Valley Yarns Show and Tell!

Valley Yarns 464 Bittersweet Pullover is a long and lovely sweater knit in the round from the top down. Simple, elegant cables are worked into the round yoke. It is knit in Valley Yarns Sheffield.

We tried on the 36” size.

Almost all of us thought that this should be a lot shorter for our shapes. Katie suggested making it longer and wearing as a dress, or shorter to wear as a sweater. Ashley and Emma were big fans, but Emma would make the sleeves ¾. We all loved the cozy softness of the yarn.

Check out the pattern here.

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 476 Themisto Tunic

Monday, July 2nd, 2012
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Here is today’s crochet Valley Yarns Show and Tell!

476 Themisto Tunic is worked top-down in an easy-to-remember shell stitch with simple increases that form decorative raglan seams. The loose cap sleeves and slight a-line shape is flattering on many forms. It is crocheted with one of our weaving yarns – 10/2 Valley Cotton.

We tried on the 36” size.

All of us would have preferred this to be longer. Dena even suggested adding a lot of length and making it a beach cover-up. We all really loved the way the lightweight fabric draped. Some of us would go up at least one size, possibly two.

You can purchase the pattern here.