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WIP – Flicker Scarf

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
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Hi Everyone

Back at the beginning of January, I was having a mad love affair with Berroco’s new yarn Flicker.  Flicker is a blend of 87% Baby Alpaca/8% Acrylic/5% Other Fiber (the sparkle).  I was nervous about going to  TNNA and how my yarn ADD might take over and make me forget all about Flicker.  I was tempted, as you’ll see in the coming days – REALLY TEMPTED.  Yet I have stayed true to my Flicker, which pleases me to no end.

Flicker is super soft and because of the acrylic content and its construction, its lofty, light and has a wee bit of stretch or “memory” to it.  I knew I wanted to knit a simple scarf that would be squishy and cozy and warm.  I initially thought of a rib pattern but then took to my stitch pattern books for further inspiration.  I couldn’t shake the ribbing out of my head and finally decided to go with my gut.  I cast on for a 4×4 rib – big and chunky-ish – I knew it would fit my criteria for this project, even if it’s not the most inventive or challenging pattern.  I was so right!  Yay me!  Here’s my progress to date:

blog020111 140

I’ve got about 25″ knit and I’m nearly through my second ball.   The first ball got me 15″ so I’m figuring 4 for this project.  The yarn calls for a #9 needles but because (a) I’m a tight knitter and (b) I wanted as much squish and loft as I could get without having a sleazy fabric, I am up on a #10.5.  I have not question I could have gone to a #11.  Look at my loft and squish:

blog020111 142

I’m using my WEBS Interchangeable Needles and they are a dream with this yarn.  No snagging or anything and the stitches are sliding seamless over the joins.  This yarn is a dream to work with.  For the record, my width is about 6.5″ unblocked and relaxed.

I’m not as far along as I would like to be – story of my knitting & crocheting life isn’t it?  But I am staying true to the scarf until I get to the 45″ mark or 3 hanks knit.  Then as a reward I will allow myself to add another project into the mix.

Had I been smart, I would have opted to make something a bit less time consuming.  The lovely Andra designed the Grey  Quartz Cowl using only 2 skeins of Flicker.


(Photo courtesy of

She’s a faster knitter than I to boot.  Oh well, I am going to love my scarf and it’s all mine.  Of course, given the freezing cold, snowy weather we’re having, I am guaranteed an early spring if I get this project finished by March 1st 🙂

Next update at the 45″ mark!



Parts & Pieces

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
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When we introduced our new Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Set we were also excited about being able to offer the parts individually. 

Like any new product launch, the parts & pieces sometimes take a bit longer.    Fortunately, the wait is over!  Cables, needle tips, jumpers and knobs are now all available individually!

What is most exciting is the “surprise” we received from our mill.  We had requested #3 tips to add to our set and prioritized those over larger size additions.  Well, our mill partners are just the best and they were able to produce not only the #3 tips but also #13 and #15 tips!  We figured we wouldn’t have those until early 2010.

Here is the pricing for the individual parts & pieces:

  • Pair of tips in sizes #3 – #15  are $6.99/pr
  • Pair of cables in lengths 16″, 24″ and 32″ are $3.99/pr
  • Adaptors (or jumpers as I call them) are $1.00 each
  • Pair of knobs/stoppers are $2.00/pr

Timing couldn’t be better for holiday for those of you who already own a set.  Now you can add the extra parts & pieces you need to your wishlist!

For those of you who have wanted to try our needles, but the whole set is a bit intimidating, now you can order cables and tips and give them a test drive!



P.S.  If you become sick with the flu, get a prescription of Tamiflu asap.  It really works.  I came down with the flu yesterday and took my first dose of Tamiflu within 4-5 hours.  Although I am not fully recovered, I feel MUCH better now than I did 24 hours ago.  (note:  I am not a medical professional so please consult your doctor)

Ready, Set, Knit #149

Saturday, October 17th, 2009
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This week on Ready, Set, Knit, Steve & I talk about several new yarns , a few gift ideas and some of the newest Valley Yarns Patterns!

Schafpate Sock Yarn from Opal
Los Angeles from Wisdom
Cashmere Scarf Kits for Her from Jade Sapphire
Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Set from WEBS
Knitting Bags from Namaste
Christmas Stocking Kits from Judy’s Colors

Thetis Pullover knit in Valley Yarns Colrain

Selene Striped Cardigan knit in Valley Yarns Superwash DK

Hampshire Tweed Cardigan knit in Valley Yarns Williamstown

Soft Cables Afghan knit in Valley Yarns Amherst

Pixie & I continue the 3-button Jacket KAL from Classic Elite  featuring one of their great new fall yarns, Chesapeake.

You can listen to Ready, Set, Knit! via our website or you can download the podcast on iTunes.



NEW Bamboo Interchangeable Needles

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
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That’s right everyone!  We FINALLY have Bamboo Interchangeable Needles again! 

Steve & I have been working on this project for what seems like forever!  Many of you may remember that at one time we did carry a bamboo interchangeable set but had to discontinue it for a variety of reasons.  We’ve searched long and hard to find a partner to produce the set for us at the level of quality we expected.  Needless to say, we saw a lot of crappy needles along the way, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with our new set.  Let me give you tour:

Included in our set is the following:

Nine sets of tips in sizes #4 to #11.  We will also have size #3 available seperately.  The tips are made from high-quality, hard bamboo and won’t split or splinter.  Sizes #4-#6 have a gold-tone base while sizes #7-#11 have a black base, which indicates which diameter of cable should be used.

Four sets of cables in three different lengths (16″, 24″, 32″) – that’s two cables in two diameters in each of the three lengths are included.  The cables themselves are soft and flexible.  Our joins are smooth and secure and do not require a tool of any sort.  Just simply screw on your tips and start knitting!

The set also includes two adaptors (one in each diameter) that allow you to combine cables up to 64″.  There are also two pairs of knobs so you can remove your tips from any active project and use them on a different project.

We’ve also included a Knitter’s Gauge made from durable plastic that will assist you with tracking your gauge and determining needle sizes.  It also has a handy cutting edge!

The set is presented in a gorgeous silk case that folds up for easy storage or travel.  It’s light weight and the construction ensures that everything has a place and stays in their place securely.

Our Bamboo Interchangeable Set, with everything I’ve listed here retails for $109.99.  We think this is a dynamite price considering all of the parts and pieces included.   Additional tips ($6.99) , cables ($3.99 for a pkg of 2), adaptors ($1.00 each) and knobs ($2.00/pair) will also be available separately, along with the #3 tip.

We’re taking preorders now for the sets.  We’ll have some advance sets shortly and will have significant stock within 2-3 weeks.  Open stock will follow later this fall.

I hope you are all as excited as we are.  I know there are many of you who lamented over the demise of our previous set.  We think this one is even better and well worth the wait.

I’d love to hear what you think or answer any questions in the comments!


P.S.  It appears that the software I use for comments and WordPress are having an issue.  I was wondering why nobody was commenting!  I was feeling very sad.  I’ll be looking into this and will post back as soon as the glitch is fixed!