October 5th, 2010

Tahki Yarns Fall Pattern Collection – Seaside Tweed

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Hi Everyone

Seaside Tweed is Tahki’s 4th Collection of patterns for their tweed yarns.  In addition to the timeless Donegal Tweed, Tahki has added two new yarns for Fall 2010 – Coast and Tara Tweed.

Coast is a 55% wool/45% cotton blend with a slightly heathered look.  The palette of 14 colors are beautiful and earthy.  Coast knits at 4.5 sts/inch on a US 7, features 126 yards and is super affordable at $6.95.  This gorgeous cardigan is one of Steve’s favorites and he lobbied hard for it to be the cover of our Fall Catalog:


It’s one of the more complex patterns in the booklet which features a total of 12 designs.

Tara Tweed is a blend of 80% wool/20% nylon and is very soft.  The nylon “lightens” the wool and the knitted fabric is lofty yet warm.  Like it’s counterpart Coast, Tara Tweed knits at 4.5 sts/in on a US7 and has 122 yards per 50 gram ball.  Also priced at $6.95, Tara Tweed is a great value.

The Wainscott Vest immediately caught my attention.  This is a less challenging knit than the Waves Jacket but it’s simplicity adds to it’s versatility.


This is a piece I would easily wear 8-9 months out of the year here in the Northeast.

Finally we come to the tweed that all others hope to be someday.  Donegal Tweed.  This is a workhorse yarn that has been around forever.  It’s a traditional tweed in that it’s crisp and a bit crunchy.  If you lived on the coast of Ireland or in Newfoundland where my  mother is from, this is the kind of yarn you’d want your sweater made from.    Honestly, it’s the yarn you want your sweater made from if you live in Western Mass!

Donegal Tweed is made of 100% Irish Wool and comes in a gorgeous 100 gram hank.  It knits at 4.5 sts/inch on US8 and has 183 yards for $14.95.  There are several patterns in Seaside Tweed for Donegal Tweed but my two favorite are Fisherman:


and Lily Pond:


Check out Tahki’s Seaside Tweed pattern book next time you’re online or in the shop!



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