November 2nd, 2010

Talkin’ Turkey

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Hi Everyone

I am so tickled that the penguins & polar bears on our holiday cover have had such a great response!

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It’s always scary to release a design that we *love*, not knowing if you will all love it too.

Even though we were feeling a wee bit of trepidation, our own enthusiasm pushed our worries away.  In fact, I was so downright excited I went immediately back to Kirsten, our ValleyYarns Designer and Penguin Creator Extraordinaire for this:


Can you stand it?  He’s so adorable.  He’s been sitting on my desk since he was completed and every time he catches my eye I can help but smile.  You can get the pattern here.

Our only problem is that our turkey doesn’t have a name.  I think he’s a “he” and not a “she”.  Not sure why but that’s where I’m at.  Tom is the obvious choice but seems so, expected and the one thing about this turkey and his holiday buddies is that they are not your average cute critters.

Leave your suggestions in the comments and if there’s a name that strikes us as the right one for Mr. Turkey then that person will win a lovely prize from us.



P.S.  I’ll be posting the winner of the della Q contest tomorrow!


51 Responses to “Talkin’ Turkey”

  1. Stargzr Says:

    How about Mr. Gobbles since he looks like a gobbler.

  2. ccr in MA Says:

    Oh, that’s so cute!

    He’s a wee little fellow, so though it mixes holidays, I would call him Tiny Tim Turkey.

  3. Gynnab Says:

    Don’t have a name but a cute little song, ” Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, fat turkeys are we, we’re here for a living and not for Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble Gobble, fat turkeys are we.”

    GynnaB =)

  4. Beiandfinch Says:

    looks like a butterball to me. he’s really cute

  5. Blueflyingpig1 Says:

    Knitkey instead of Turkey

  6. Megan Says:

    “Too Cute To Eat” would be a fitting pattern name!

  7. Lucybw Says:

    I would call him Tucker 🙂 Tucker the Turkey

  8. Jen @ Wife, "Mom", Knitter Says:

    He looks like a Terrance.

  9. deidre Says:

    He is too cute! Our family’ vote for his name is Mr. Turkeykins. Is there a pattern for the penguins and bears? My daughter is obsessed with penguins. Thank you Deidre

  10. Theweaver Says:

    How about naming him Webs-ter.

  11. Mary Fran Says:

    My kids have named him Mr. Wurkey Burke (don’t ask). I would name him Mr. Turkle.

  12. Miche Says:

    Love him! Are there patterns available for the penguins & polar bear too? perhaps I missed them.

  13. Kristen Says:

    Webster was my first thought, but I see someone else beat me to it!

  14. Julie Says:

    He looks like Pilgrim to me. Pilgrim the Turkey. Aren’t I just a cut-up? 😉

  15. Anotherdebbie Says:

    He is sort of shaped as a ball so I would call him “Bob the Turkey Ball”

  16. Kat Says:


  17. Denise Williams Says:

    Mr. Yarnball Turkeytrot

  18. Ashley W Says:

    Allow me to introduce Mr. Reginald Cole Yarnball III. He is quite pleased to make your acquaintance.

  19. Rachel Says:

    Turkle McButterball. 🙂

  20. Annette Says:

    Turk ‘n Caico

  21. Liz Says:

    Theodore — Ted or Teddy for short. Teddy Turkey has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  22. pmack17 Says:

    I think his name is Tailfeatherz.

  23. Marci Says:

    He looks like a “Tomasso” to me.

  24. Jen Says:

    Timothy or Tiberius!

  25. K1w1 Says:

    Jethro – for no other reason than that’s what immediately came to mind!

  26. Michele Says:

    Tane the Turkey

  27. Crochet please! Says:

    How about some crochet versions, eh?????

  28. Lisa Says:

    Bobble the Gobble!

  29. iknitalone Says:

    Tumble the Turkey.

  30. Kirsten Says:

    Hah! These names are cracking me up. Keep them coming!

  31. Oz Knitter Says:


    Tick Tock?

  32. DonnaMB1223 Says:

    What do you think of Webster!

  33. Amanda Says:

    I second (or third, as the case may be) the vote for Webster. That is just perfect.

  34. Cjcook Says:

    Call the turkey “Dinner”

  35. jennifer Says:

    Plymouth, in honor the generally accepted first Thanksgiving in MA. His friends call him Plymmy.

  36. KathyElkins Says:

    Very cute! You realize it’s difficult for me to declare it the “winner” given that you are “family”.

  37. Sierrapelonacrochet Says:

    I was going to suggest Ben Franklin, because it was Ben Franklin who said that our nation’s national emblem should be a turkey instead of a bald eagle. He considered turkeys to be respectable and courageous, and eagles to have “bad moral character.” But Ben Franklin Turkey, or even Benjamin Turkey, or Franklin Turkey, just doesn’t sound right!

  38. DonnaMB1223 Says:

    It’s okay, I just couldn’t resist – I’m not often so clever! You can even use the name without declaring me the “winner”! I’ll donate my prize to someone you pick.

  39. Jean Ashley Says:

    How about “Tiny Tom Turkleton”?

  40. Kim Says:

    Mr. Caruthers 🙂

  41. Ddaugher Says:

    How about calling the turkey, Fluffy?

  42. Stephanie Kelly Says:

    Butterball Or…


  43. Aidan Gilbert Says:

    Kemal Atta. (Heh heh. Kemal Atta Turkey! Get it? No? The 1st President of Turkey? Well, I thought it was so funny, I made myself laugh!)

  44. Karen Says:

    I think Pavo should be his name 🙂 so stinkin’ cute!!!!

  45. Robinfremer Says:


  46. Annedbell Says:

    “Tiny Tom” — Tom, as in turkey, but also hints a bit at another holiday character Tiny Tim.

    oh – I see someone already suggested that.

    What about – Tom LaBomb, or Patuxet Phil (the Patuxet’s were the Indians that helped the Pilgrim’s survive.)

  47. Bettiegee Says:

    He looks like an Emmet to me.

  48. La Verna Says:

    How about John Wayne,pilgrim? or JW for short.

  49. Samantha Lynn Says:

    Pugsley. And now I’m going to have the “Eat Us” song from the 2nd Addams Family film stuck in my head all night… again.

  50. Richelle Says:

    Kinda seems like Webster would be a better name for duck. 😉

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