April 1st, 2011

The Buzz at WEBS – April 1, 2011

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The Buzz at WEBS

Listen to what some of the the WEBS staff are buzzing about this week.

The Buzz at WEBS - April 1, 2011

1. Abstract Fiber Matisse – I’ve been hoping for a Bluefaced Leicester sock yarn for a long time. It’s super soft, and has a great hand/feel to it. I get the impression that this weight is going to be a workhorse…I will be getting a skein myself soon and casting on for socks right away. > Kristin L.

2. Schacht Sidekick – Imagine a workhorse spinning wheel that is also collapsible and portable…Enter the Schacht Sidekick! And it’s beautiful looking too! I cannot wait until it is in the store. > Liz A.

3. Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen – I love this e-book. I have a lot of sock yarn and have been knitting socks like crazy lately. The patterns in this book are stunning with great texture and stitch patterns. Plus, I love that the e-book is stored on my computer and I can always have it with me on my iPad. > Mary K.-H.

4. Knitcellaneous Shawl Sticks – I love the new leaf and teardrop shapes. The wood is very lightweight and grips knitting well. I’d like to use some for a few new cardigans! > Kirsten H.

5. Skacel Addi Comfort Grip Hooks – I roll my hook when I crochet, so these are the most comfortable hooks for me! They are also perfect for picking up dropped knit stitches, and the color coding makes it easy to grab the size I need quickly. > Tina M.

6. Harrisville Designs Combo Threading/Sley Hook in Brass – Gail C. turned me onto this combo hook. I love the way it feels in my hand and has a great angle. The wide end makes sleying the reed so much easier, but also works great for threading your heddles. > Leslie Ann B.

7. Cascade Ecological Wool – This is my go to yarn for a quick gift. From winter socks, sweaters and wedding afghans, whether it is knit or crocheted, it always comes out beautifully. The natural colors work beautifully together and leftovers can always be used for smaller projects. > Lise G.

8. Abstract Fiber Alto – I fell in love with this yarn while visiting the Abstract Fibers booth at TNNA in January. First, it’s a 100% Bluefaced Leicester blend, which is a fiber that doesn’t have the fan club that alpaca or some other animal fibers have but it’s among my favorites. It’s super soft and provides lovely warmth. What makes this particular yarn special is the hand dyed colors the Abstract Fiber team creates. I’ve seen a lot of hand dyed yarns along the way and the Abstract Fiber colors make me swoon. I am particularly in love with Laurelhurst. Alto has 328 yards and knits on a US 6. > Kathy E.

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