February 22nd, 2013

The Buzz at WEBS – February 22, 2013

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The Buzz at WEBS

This week, the staff at WEBS is buzzing about…

After years of sharing our lives with big dogs, in December we welcomed little Rosie, a chihuahua rescue, into our family. Immediately I knew I would be knitting for her! A friend recommended Doggie Knits by Corinne Niesnner and I have knit several sweaters for our ‘little bit’. I love the patterns in this book and she gives a lot of information about sizing and custom fitting. Knitting ranges from basic to intermediate and includes options like adding holes for either a leash or harness attachment. This particular purple sweater on the left is sweater is called Astro and I knit it in Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere color 509. The edging is Charlemont scraps I had around (burgundy & purple passion). Yes, it’s a bit indulgent for a dog, but for me it’s about the process, too, and I wanted to indulge myself in a bit of luxury. Plus, I’ve got leftovers to use for some fingerless mitts! The blue sweater is in Dream in Color Classy color 170 Some Summer Sky. > Leslie Ann B.

I absolutely couldn’t resist making the Love Socks by Devon Clement. The bright colors Spud and Chloe Fine has to choose from are absolutely perfect for striped socks. I love their color selection. The hearts in the heel are subtle and easy to make, and make these socks an extra special gift. I might have missed my Valentine’s Day deadline, but it’s always a good day to tell someone you love them with a nice pair of socks. > Grace H.

When we got the Manos del Uruguay Alegria yarn in and I saw the hot, gorgeous Locura Fluo colorway I knew I had to try it! I have a teammate on my Roller Derby team and her derby name is Neon Stiletto, and she takes her name very seriously, so this cowl is for her! This yarn was wonderful and soft to knit with and I really like how the colors worked up in the finished product. You can click here to see the pattern I wrote up. > Greta S.

(Left) I’ve had this skein of Swans Island Fingering for over a year. I fell in love with the color last gloomy February. This gloomy February, I finally decided what I was going to do with it. My neck gets cold all the time at home but I am often painting or sewing which makes wearing a long scarf awkward. I love long cowls, but sometimes there’s too much material around my neck. So, I decided to knit a handy short cowl in fingering weight. The pattern is the Swans Island Cirrus Cowl. It is knit back and forth with a broken cable pattern for 30” then joined together. I just shortened mine to 21”. The best part is, I had enough to make my daughter one too! I wear this cowl ALL the time. The yarn is wonderfully soft and the color is stunning. I’m having a hard time not scooping up skeins in red and orange too! > Amy S.

(Right) When my friend and coworker Ashley F. made these amazing hand spun yarns for me I wanted to do something simple that would really let the beauty of the yarn shine through. I decided on the Simple Beret pattern from Knitbot, a basic hat with instructions for 4 different weights, and had really great results. The hats are gorgeous and they fit great! > Greta S.
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3 Responses to “The Buzz at WEBS – February 22, 2013”

  1. Pat Says:

    So many things to like in your post! The dog, her sweaters, THE SOCKS!!!, and more.

  2. Laura Says:

    Hello – I have been trying to get the Alegria cowl pattern here but with no luck – any chance that you have it stored somewhere else and could share? Thanks!!!
    I bought some Alegria yarn to make a cowl and love this design!

  3. Sara Says:

    Hi Laura,

    Unfortunately we don’t have that pattern anymore but here is one that is very similar.

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