June 1st, 2012

The Buzz at WEBS – June 1, 2012

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The Buzz at WEBS

Now that June is finally here, the staff at WEBS is buzzing about our new Valley Patterns, summer knitting, and more!

I’m excited to finally buzz about my Mountain Nettle Shawl pattern in the newest issue of Knitscene, Accessories 2012! It uses Fibre Company Acadia, which is super soft, lightweight, and has a unique slubby texture. The shawl is a great quick knit, worked from the center top outwards with diagonal rib bands on a stockinette stitch background and finished with a lace edging. Of course, if you’re an accessory lover like me you won’t want to knit just my shawl–the issue is full of gorgeous projects and my Ravelry queue has already grown! > Emma W.

Valley Yarns 480 Proclus Vest – This top is playful and unique, which is why I love it. The asymetrical shape and nice drape pair well with skinny jeans and a tank top, or would look great with a summer dress. The Goshen yarn is nice and soft, and the color is universally flattering. Now I need to learn to crochet! > Katie C.

Valley Pattern #468 Veranda Tam – Hot off the presses! This sweet, quick little hat is the perfect project for the beginning of the hot summer months. I’ve always liked this quirky, cable and lace stitch pattern but didn’t know where to put it.Then I realized that the crown shaping of a tam could work right along with its structure. I love the resulting star/flower shape it makes! > Kirsten H.

Spin Art: Mastering the Craft of Spinning Textured Yarn – One of my favorite yarns in the universe was spun up by Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit, an incredibly strange artyarn that incorporated hand felted “eyeballs”, and I knew then that the spinning world would never be the same. This book, with gorgeous photos and clear instructions, offers spinners willing to think outside the box and experiment a little, a chance to expand their horizons and make uniquely textured yarns that ‘wow’. It even includes a DVD for the added benefit of video to make instructions clearer and well worth checking out for anyone looking to dive deeper into the endless possibilities of spinning non-traditional yarns! > Ashley F.

I absolutely love my GoKnit pouch. It’s perfectly light, so it can hang right off my wrist so I can knit while I’m standing. The last time I went to Disney World, I knit an entire pair of socks while waiting in lines or for shows to start. I take it to the beach too, since it’s so easy to clean! It’s water resistant to keep my project dry, and it closes up nice and snugly to keep the sand out. I even use it when I’m in the car. I’m always dropping my project and losing my needles in the car. This keep it right on my wrist so if I need to stop what I’m doing to help with directions or pay the toll, I can pick up right where I left off really easily. It’s a simple accessory, but the GoKnit pouch is definitely one of my essentials. > Grace H.

Do you have any summer travel plans? What kinds of projects do you knit during the summer months or while you’re on the road?

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