November 18th, 2011

The Buzz at WEBS – November 18, 2011

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This week, the staff at WEBS is buzzing about…

1. These Weaving Journals are blank graph paper pages with a marbled cover in a hardbound format. The marbling and the book binding are done by a local company with one of our reeds! On the inside back cover is a description of how the marbling is done with credit to WEBS for the reed! These would be a great gift. We now also have a Knitting Journal and Blank Journal too. > Barbara E.

2. Great Adirondack Mulberry Silk Roving – This wonderful fiber comes in eight deeply saturated colorways that are a pleasure to spin. The roving drafts beautifully and works into soft, lustrous yarns. Add some to your fiber stash today! > Ashley F.

3. Katia Ondas and Ondas Lux – So last night I took home a ball of Ondas to try out and I’d have to say it is kind of fun! I think that it’s a great yarn for a beginner, like me, who can only knit and purl, and doesn’t care about luxury fibers but wants something that looks fancy. [Don’t miss our video tutorial on how to knit with mesh ruffle yarns.] > KA

4. The Knitter’s Book of Socks – With my ever-expanding sock knitting addiction, this book caught my eye as soon as it came into the store. Clara Parkes has done it again with this book, following the nearly indispensable The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. With thoroughness and engaging writing, this book is a compendium of sock knowledge, orienting one to all the techniques, fibers and tricks to making socks that will not only fit perfectly, but last through a lifetime of wear. > Ashley F.

5. I treated myself to a spinning wheel and a loom last year and both interests have converged in my favorite (so far) holiday gift. I spun the Abstract Fibers Targhee in the Bandon colorway into a worsted 2-ply. I warped my Schact Flip Loom with Valley Yarns Stockbridge in the dark grey and the Bandon became my weft. I used a simple pattern that I learned in Leslie Ann’s Weaving with Pick-up sticks workshop last winter. I LOVE how this turned out! > Sara D.

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