October 8th, 2009

The Joy of a Gift

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There are officially 89 knitting & shoppping days left until Christmas.  90 if you count Christmas Day.  My sister is already emailing me about gift ideas and getting lists together.  I haven’t even resolved what the kids are wearing for Halloween and although I have a plan for Thanksgiving, I cannot even begin to wrap my head around Hannukah (which is early-ish this year) and Christmas.

What I have been pondering this week is the magic of a gift.  Not just in terms of the holidays but in general.  Gifts are very powerful things – no matter how big or small.  Especially when they are unexpected and not related to any special occassion.  I’m not discounting major holidays or birthdays.  Trust me – I get as excited as can be with anticipation on my birthday and Christmas morning.

There is just something special about the unexpected gift.  It’s even more magical when it comes from someone you wouldn’t have thought would give you a gift.   Someone who would take the time to think of you and think that something that catches their eye in a store might just tickle you.  Take it a step further and consider that someone thinking of you and picking a project to knit (or crochet) for you.  For no reason.  Just because.

Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?  I know first hand because I went into my office on Monday morning and found this on my desk:

It was a gift for me from the lovely, thoughtful Guido of Its A Purl Man, Common Cod Fiber Guild and million other things he has going on.  He and his lovely wife came by the shop on Saturday to visit and despite my best efforts, I was unable to connect with them.

Guido knit me a hat.  Guido is ridiculously busy and has a gazillion friends and family and yet, he knit me a hat.  The Elkins/WEBS clan have been operating at warp speed lately with with barely a second to breath.  The hat stopped me dead in my tracks.   I’m sorry life got in the way last Saturday and I wasn’t able to meet up with Guido.  I am grateful for his friendship.

And I love my hat.

It also reminded me that taking the time to make simple gestures to those around you is really important and not just at the holidays.  Especially those that simply don’t expect it from you.  Something to keep in mind.

For those who are interested, the hat is Quincy  from Jared Flood’s Made in Brooklyn pattern book, published by Classic Elite Yarns.

It’s knit in Ariosa and took two balls.  It’s soft and cuddly and I love it.

Guido also just posted his latest podcast that includes and conversation he and I had over the summer.   Check it out when you have a minute – you’ll also hear about some of the great things Guido  has going on.

During our conversation I mention a 5 projects for 5 people endeavor I was considering at the time.  It never materialized for me but I think I may just revive it.  I may not create “five” items but even just one – a small little gift for someone for no special reason.  What do you think?


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8 Responses to “The Joy of a Gift”

  1. Aik Says:

    Hi, I came via Knit Purl Gurl! An unexpected gift is heart-warming!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Love the gray hat. I’ll look around your site, do you have free patterns? Off to find out.

  3. Traci F Says:

    Yes, Kathy, I can’t agree more – life is way too busy! What a special gift to make you stop and remember to enjoy the journey, not just race through it. (Now if I could just follow that thinking)
    Make sure you post pics of you wearing the hat – in your free moments, of course!

  4. Kathy Says:

    Rachel – we have a few free patterns available. We are in the process of getting LOTS more prepped to be uploaded to our site so be sure to check back! I’ll most likely do a post when they are up! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Kathy Says:

    I tried to take a picture reflecting back in a mirror (like the cool bloggers do) and failed miserably 🙂 If I get a good one, I’ll definitely share!

  6. Barbara Says:

    Hi…I came from Knit Purl Gurl….What a lovely thing to get an unexpected gift. It seems to stop you and bring you back to a time when most contact was not electronic and “virtual”. It’s a lovely reminder of the giver whenever you see or use the gift.

  7. Katie Says:

    This is a good reminder to me to start considering what knitting projects I can do for some certain special people for Christmas this year. There’s something about a handmade gift that usually is useful in some way that store bought presents can’t be. Btw, I found your site via Knit Purl Gurl.

  8. Gina Mitchell Says:

    Hello Kathy,
    I was sent to your blog by KnitPurlGurl. While reading through the posts, I was truly moved by this one. We are all so guilty of getting in such a hurry that we miss out on some very special moments in life.

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