November 29th, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time. . . . .

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Yes, I love this time of year, but what I love even more is having cool stuff to share with you. Steve and I like happy customers, we love it when you find just what you wanted/needed and we love being able to “surprise” you every now and again.
Today my cherished blog readers, today you have hit the jackpot. We do our best to bring you fresh and new and exciting products and events and today, today is the Perfect Yarn Storm. What is most magical is that this is traditionally not a time when we get much “new” in. This is partially the nature of the industry and partially our own design, given how busy it is.
First up is new, gorgeous luxury – meet Artyarns Ensemble:

I am rarely at a loss for words, but this yarn, there are no words. It’s beyond yummy, it’s beyond faboo, it’s beyond every Kathy-ism I have for the best of the best yarns. The ones that make my little ole heart go pitter-patter. This yarn makes me twitchy and for those of you that know me, when something makes me twitchy, well, it’s something beyond words.
Now I realize, this yarn is on the high-end. It’s 75% silk/25% cashmere and it’s $50.00/hank, discountable. It’s put-up in 100gm hanks, with 256 yards and knits at 4 1/2 sts = 1″ on #7. It is the holidays folks and this is the time to splurge a little – whether you are getting the yarn to create a most special gift or are ASKING for the yarn from your non-knitting-shopper, this has the WOW factor.
Next up – I need all Noro Fans and Sock Knitters to sit down. I want you take a deep breath – hold it for 3 seconds and exhale. Please repeat. I give you. . . . . . Kureyon Sock Yarn:

Breathe, remember to breathe folks!
Kureyon Sock is 75% wool/25% nylon and is put-up on 100 gram balls (one ball makes a pair!) and has 471 yards for $18.95. There are twelve incredible colors. I nearly fainted when I realized color 40 was among the selection.
Here’s the deal. This yarn is NOT HERE YET. We are taking pre-orders. Go to the website or call customer service (800.367.9327) to place your order. We are expecting the yarn to arrive in early December, barring any issues coming through customs. The website indidcates our inventory on each color is OUT OF STOCK. Please ignore this and go ahead and place your order. We will not charge your card until we ship the yarn. If you order additional items, we will hold those until the sock yarn comes in.
This last yarn is one that there has experienced tremendous chatter on blogs, forums, etc. It’s been one of those elusive, yet coveted yarns. The folks on the WEBS group on Ravelry are the ones that really got the ball rolling for this yarn, so to them I say thanks and all of you should do the same. Because of their enthusiasm, insistence and shear will, we will now be carrying Kauni Effekt from Denmark. This is the 100% wool, fingering weight yarn that has extremely long color repeats and is truly like nothing else in the marketplace today. This yarn is not without it’s quirks. The skeins are “approximately” 150 grams – some a bit bigger, some a bit smaller. The approximate yardage is 660 yards and we will be selling it for $17.99/skein, discountable. There are two IMPORTANT points with this yarn. First, like the Kureyon Sock Yarn, it is a PREORDER. Ignore the “out of stock” and order today! Second, our order has been broken into two shipments based on availability. The first shipment should (and I do emphasize SHOULD) be here in a couple of weeks-ish. It will contain the following Kauni colors:
The second shipment which should follow approximately two weeks later will have Kauni colors:
We’ll see how we do, reorder or add where we need to.


Changing gears a bit, I want to mention this week’s Ready, Set, Knit! podcast. We will be featuring an interview with Melissa Morgan Oakes, friend of WEBS and to me personally. I’ve mentioned before that her FIRST book, 2-At-A-Time-Socks is debuting later this month. We’re having a big party on December 16th (click here for details, to register for the event and PREORDER the book). Check out the podcast this week to learn more about the book and about Melissa.

Next, a wee bit of show and tell. Our own Leslie Ann Bestor was definitely “Queen” for the day today. Leslie Ann works in the store, teaches, designs, does just about any fiber art you can imagine and does them exceptionally well. Today, she brought in her latest weaving project. It’s a blanket for her daughter for Christmas. What is extra special about this blanket is she used Tahki/Stacy Charles Mosaic. It is a stunning piece:

Also, the latest issue of Interweave Crochet arrived today and in it is one of LA’s designs! Be sure to check out the darling Chevron Bag she created!
Finally, a few special moments over the last week that I’d like to share. The first picture is from Thanksgiving Day:

Although Jackson insisted on eating his turkey once again with ketchup, it appears everyone ended the day quite satisfied. They are cuddled under a Malabrigo woven blanket 🙂
Then, on Monday morning, Steve and Jonathan noticed this outside:

And this:
We were in awe and I was a fright to see in my robe and penny loafers in the yard taking these shots. It was well worth it though! The rainbow was to the west and stretched from behind one neighbors house over the street and down behind another house. It was gone in a matter of minutes as a cold front was moving in.
Last, but again, far from least is Freddie:

Freddie is a neighborhood cat who hangs out at the store. He is a love to the “nth” degree. He cuddles, he purrs, he lays on our desks and keyboards to prevent us from working. He flops on the floor of the store in front of customers. On this day, he cuddle with our Blue Sky Alpaca critters and was a bit annoyed when I disturbed his nap.
Well, that’s it everyone, I’ve got nothing left. I’ve given you all I’ve got and I’ve gots no more.
Plus, it’s almost time for Grey’s.




8 Responses to “The Most Wonderful Time. . . . .”

  1. Cirilia Says:

    FIRST of all–holycrapNorosockyarn!! When I saw the “out of stocks” I thought “well that was fast…” Yeah. I clicked over without even finishing your post. Way to induce knitter’s ADD, talk about twitchy!

    “I was a fright to see in my robe and penny loafers in the yard taking these shots,” is the mark of a true blogger. Getting daylight for photos in the winter unfortunately means that my neighbors get to see me in my PJs more often than they should. Taking pictures of pretty little balls of yarn…it all adds up to a general picture of insanity.

    That Bobby Bear has been loved with a capital L…I should probably make a new one of of these days.

    Lastly, I like Steve’s striped sweater, very Noro!

  2. KrisW Says:

    Thanks for spoiling us with the new yarns. Now, I’ve got to convince hubby that I “NEED” these yarns! 🙂
    Or, just order it…hmmm…devious wife wheel is churning in my head…
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the yarn news, and great family photos. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. MelissaKnits Says:

    I wish I could focus on the noro but I am stuck on…ummm…


  4. Kathy Says:

    Ketchup on everything animal related. He is going to be a vegetarian – in a house of serious carnivores.

  5. tina Says:

    I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttttttt…

    this of course comes as no surprise.

    I second the “ketchup on turkey”?? Wow. Kids are just so great!!!

  6. Amber Says:

    I got some noro, and some ensemble. I was hard to convince! 😉

  7. Diane Roeder Says:

    The sunrise from here (the north side of Northampton) looking over toward Amherst was spectacular that morning. I’m continually in awe of Connecticut River Valley sunrises!


  8. Miss Sandra Says:

    Have you heard about the retirement community being organized for the back room there at Webs? Better check out Yarn Harlot’s blog….

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